Obama pushing for ‘largest gun grab in American history’: NRA
“The implications of this policy are too far reaching to fathom at present.”
by Jessica Chasmar
A Terrorism Expert's Secret Relationship with the FBI
The U.S. government has paid Kohlmann and his company at least $1.4 million for testifying in trials.
by Trevor Aaronson

DEA Gives Workers' Comp to Questionable Drug Informants
DEA used “over 240 confidential sources without rigorous review.”
by Melanie Batley
Police arrest US teen who built gun-firing drone
Stemmed from an incident last Sunday and a physical altercation with officers, police department said.
by AFP

Military exercise Black Dart to tackle nightmare drone scenario
“Even though we’ve been looking at [the small drone threat], it’s taken on a new sense of urgency.”
by Chuck Ross
Fiat Chrysler will recall vehicles over hacking worries
Days after a magazine report showed hackers could wirelessly take control of some functions of a Jeep Cherokee.
by David Shepardson

Report Predicts Drones and Supersoldiers Are the Future of Warfare
In the world envisioned, armed drones will patrol the skies searching for enemy targets to eliminate.
by Matthew Dunn
Google Hires Greek Ruins on Sicily for Top-secret Strategy 'camp'
Authorities are said to be banning unapproved access within 500 metres of the resort in the Valley of the Temples.
by Michael Day

NSA Is Destroying The Essence Of Humanity
No privacy = no freedom.
by The Alex Jones Show
NSA Whistleblower: This Is Minority Report
Former technical director warns of advanced surveillance capabilities.
by Infowars.com

Julian Assange: 'We Are Drowning in Material'
The conflict has made us much tougher, producing the WikiLeaks you see today.
by Michael Sontheimer
Big Brother Barack Wants You In A Race Database
Obama wants racial data on YOU.
by The Alex Jones Show

The DEA Just Cancelled Its Contract With Hacking Team
More customer defections likely in wake of massive hack.
by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
TSA sued over airport body scanners
Case comes on the heels of a scathing inspector general report.
by Fox News

Assange Offers to Release Unredacted List of German NSA Spy Targets
Assange claims to have full copies of lists.
by Sputnik
The IMF formula for taking over a nation
Now the oligarchs own everything.
by Investment Watch