ACLU sues TSA for airport ‘behavioral detection’ program
“System has never apprehended any individuals who pose a security threat.”
by RT
Kaspersky slams Bloomberg report on company’s alleged ties to Russian ‘spies’
“It’s been a long time since I read an article so inaccurate from the get-go…”
by RT

Senate Intelligence Committee Advances Surveillance Bill in Secret Session
This fatally flawed bill must be stopped.
by Mark Jaycox
NSA Engaging In Population Control
NSA wants to dominate society.

Feds acknowledge power to act on Web rates
Could allow the government to interfere with how much companies charge for Internet…
by Julian Hattem
Feds Planning Internet Tax
The FCC Chairman said that an Internet tax is possible.

Elon Musk: Human-Driven Cars Will be Banned in the Future
“It’s too dangerous”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Conspiracy Theories Damage British Democracy, says Douglas Alexander
Labour’s chief election strategist says the way conspiracy theories spread on social media is hampering efforts to engage with voters on real issues.
by Frances Perraudin, Andrew Sparrow

Google balloon crash alarms town
Veracruz authorities have notified Google to come pick up the remains of the balloon and the transmission equipment.
by Associated Press
The Orwellian Re-Branding of 'Mass Surveillance' as Merely 'Bulk Collection'
“Bulk collection” language fraud now being perpetrated with the eager help of the largest media outlets…
by Glenn Greenwald

Canadian Town Bans Spitting, Swearing And Gathering In Groups Of Three Or More
“No person shall yell, scream, or swear in any Public Place.”
by Tim Cushing
Your Car Is About To Control You
Self-driving cars controlled by government, not you.

Banned: FAA Says It Is Illegal To Post Drone Videos on Youtube… But Drone Striking American Citizens Is Authorized
You could soon be receiving a legal notice from the Federal Aviation Administration.
by Mac Slavo
Facebook to Collect Users' Conversations for Advertisers
Social media site already sent funeral home ads to man who announced he was battling cancer.
by Kit Daniels

Wikipedia feels 'targeted' by NSA, co-founder says
NSA’s mass surveillance programs violates privacy rights and makes people worldwide less likely to share sensitive information.
by Carolyn Cohn z Reuters
Woman who filmed Eric Garner death claims to be targeted, beaten by police
Filmed a video after Garner became unconscious.
by UPI