​US bans Intel from sending computer chips to China amid nuclear research fears
“Once we got the letter, we stopped shipment of parts.”
by RT
Holy Smoke: EPA wants to regulate BBQ grills?
We had better start hoarding lighter fluid and metal 55-gallon drums.
by Marty Roney

UK Mass Surveillance Is Facing a Ruling From Europe's Human Rights Court
Government’s regulations breached the human rights of people in the UK.
by Ben Bryant
Internet of Things Day: Time to Consider IoT Threats, Say Experts
Internet-connected devices pose major risk to consumers.
by Phil Muncaster

Sacramento Utility Warns Water Wasters Could Be Cut Off If They Don’t Cut Back
American Water Utility Sacramento may be forced to restrict or cut off water to people who waste it.
by CBS Sacramento

SSRIs And The Planned Drone Society
Gov’t uses Germanwings crash to promote autonomous jetliners.
by Infowars.com
Internet of things devices meant to simplify our lives may end up ruling them instead
Internet of things: a helping hand, or holding us back?
by Andy Tattersall

Eye-tracking technology aids research on infant behavior
Research studies ways in which infants’ eyes track their mothers’ faces…
Obama’s New Executive Order Banning Donations To Edward Snowden Challenged With 33 Cent Donation
Obama tries to create another “law” with his pen and phone.
by Jackson Marciana

Driverless Cars Are The Death Of Freedom
Government wants to control every aspect of your life.
by Infowars.com
The Most Shocking Claims in the Terrorism Indictment of Two New York City Women
Complaint stems from conversations between the two women and an undercover officer.
by Brian Resnick and Nora Kelly

UK 'spied on Argentina for five years' fearing new Falklands invasion
No formal response from either the British or Argentine government.
by Victoria Ward
Now, drones to be used to disperse mobs in Lucknow
“…can be used to shower pepper powder on an unruly mob in case of any trouble…”
by Times of India

Google secures patent for robots with customizable personalities
“The robot personality may also be modifiable within a base personality construct…”
by RT
NSA's Internet spying will cost US tech vendors $47 billion
Officially, the NSA wasn’t blamed for the financial losses.
by Larry Dignan