How the NSA Started Investigating the New York Times’ Warrantless Wiretapping Story
Spy agency provided no proof for claim that leaks caused damage.
by Cora Currier
Fearing a ‘Catastrophic Incident,’ 400 Federal Officers Descended on the Baltimore Protests
Company feared that security could be “breached by protestors” — so it alerted the FBI.
by Jason Leopold

Why the TSA May Stop Accepting Your Driver's License
Accepting the REAL ID Act would mean accepting outside intervention in state affairs.
by Smart Travel
Flashback: What Exactly Is ‘Racism’?
I know no one who hates entire groups
by Lew Rockwell

Rothbard Has The Last Word On The Confederate “False Flag” Issue
Although for twenty years Murray Rothbard’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave, his truth goes marching on. The Union was taken, by its Northern worshipers, from a contractual institution that can either be cleaved to or scrapped, and turned into a divinized entity, which must be worshipped, and which must be permanent, unquestioned, all-powerful. There is […]
by Charles Burris
Assange Calls for Legal Action After US Spying Revelations
Claims other important revelations coming…
by AFP

Privacy Group: Uber Tracking You 24/7
Uber’s hot on your trail.
by CNN
US embassy in Paris is 'home to secret spy nest'
French presidents spied on by US, Wikileaks states.
by The Local

DHS Admits to "Behavioral Detection" Video Surveillance Program at Airports
Program being conducted using “trained actors posing as passengers, as well as members of the traveling public.”
by C. Mitchell Shaw
Looking for a Longer Jail Sentence? Cooperate with FBI!
A few who failed to cooperate with the FBI escaped prosecution entirely.
by Who What Why

'No evidence' Snowden was working for foreign power says ex-NSA boss
There was “no evidence” Snowden had defected.
by Iain Thomson
Why Facebook Failed Our Censorship Test
Social media site regularly censors content for corrupt governments.
by Dave Maass

Escaped N.Y. Convicts Pave Way For GPS Microchip Legislation
Another step on the road to total tyranny.
by The Alex Jones Show
Cameron’s extremism orders ‘could criminalize traditional Christian teaching’
Part of the Government’s Counter-Extremism Bill.
by John Bingham

That Weird Guy At Your Anarchist Meeting Might Be An Informant
In 1975, the FBI had 1,500 informants. In 2011, over 15,000. Who are they spying on?
by AJ+