US Detains Cuban Migrants After They Float to Miami Beach
“Border Patrol processed the migrants yesterday in accordance with the Cuban Adjustment Act.”
by Sputnik
The Drug War Makes Border Enforcement More Difficult
Presidential candidates demand more action on illegal immigrants and illegal drugs, but the two goals conflict.
by John Stossel

Border Patrol Arrests Previously Deported Sex Offender
“Apprehending known felons at or near the border is among our prime objectives.”
by Caroline May
Illegal Immigration Statistics in California
The nationwide average increase in illegal immigrant populations was about 250 percent from 1990 to 2007.
by Karen Ridder

3 Florida Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike Ordered Fed
ACLU of Florida has asked the DHS to investigate the men’s cases and treatment.
by AP
Report: Murder Arrests Up 55%, Rape Arrests up 370% in 'sanctuary city' San Francisco
Judicial Watch report shows sanctuary city policies increased crime in city.
by AWR Hawkins

Trump Backpedals on 'Migrant Crisis' Comments
“We have our own problems,” says Trump, backpedaling on comments made yesterday that the U.S. should take in Muslim migrants.
Agents Say 20 Percent of Illegals Caught at Border Have Criminal Records
20 percent of illegals caught at border have criminal records.
by Stephen Dinan

The 1,954 Mile Mexico-American Border Wall
Undertaking would be expensive, but no one knows how much.
by Douglas A. McIntyre
Mexico Warns Texas on Not Issuing Birth Certificates to Illegals' Babies
“[It] not only jeopardizes their dignity and well-being, but could threaten the unique relationship between Mexico and Texas.”
by Cathy Burke

Human Smuggling, Kidnapping, Slavery and Extortion Ring Busted in Texas
“Family members contacted alien smuggling organization operating in Mexico…”
by Lana Shadwick
Report: EU Intentionally Collapsing European Countries With Illegals
The ‘Kalergi Plan’ Started in the 70s.
by Leo Lyon Zagami

Census: Anchor Baby Delivered Every 88 Seconds
The federal government currently grants automatic citizenship to all U.S.-born children of illegal migrants.
by Breitbart
Anchor Babies Tool of Global Collapse
Jeb caters to illegals.
by The Alex Jones Show

WATCH: Cartel Smugglers Easily Scale Border Fence
And this section is one of the more “fortified” segments of the fence.
by Truth Revolt
Judge Rules US Government Must Swiftly Release Immigrant Children in Detention
Ruling seen as a defeat for U.S. immigration authorities.
by Reuters