Feds Arrest 280 Immigrants, Including 36 in Kansas
Previous convictions for armed robbery, drug trafficking, drunken driving and other crimes.
by Associated Press
Illegal Alien Rapists, Child Molesters Freed in U.S. Instead of Deported
Offenders are “dangerous and predatory individuals who should not be prowling the streets,” the federal prosecutor says.
by Judicial Watch

121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration
More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings.
by Washington Times
Border Patrol's internal review of nearly 70 shootings by agents finds no wrongdoing
Report concluded no wrongdoing in all but three pending cases.
by Fox News Latino

Mexican Government 'Regrets' Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signing Border Security Law
Mexican government stated they are aware the law’s implementation will not affect the “rights and dignity” of Mexican nationals.
by Michael Oleaga
Number of Illegal Crossers Rising
Thousands crossed illegally last summer.

Paul Ryan Cooks Up Elaborate Ruse To Save Immigration Components Of Obamatrade
Republicans work hand-in-hand with Obama to dismantle the US.
by Matthew Boyle
Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement
Roughly 10 pages of this TiSA agreement document leak are specifically about immigration.
by Alex Swoyer

With amnesty, elites conspire against the middle class
Their game plan is: Never allow an honest debate on immigration.
by Ann Coulter
SHOCK POLL: Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote
53% of Democrats say let illegals vote.
by Rasmussen Reports

The Non-Deported: ICE Still Releasing Criminal Aliens at a Rapid Pace
As of the end of March, ICE had released another 10,246 criminal aliens…
by Center for Immigration Studies
Texas Senate Passes $300 Million Border Security Bill
Plan includes hiring hundreds of new troopers to guard the Texas-Mexico border…
by Associated Press

Deaths, Gang Activity Surge as Illegals Flood Border, 30,000 Expected
“Those that are fleeing and trying to get out of their countries are now using even more dangerous tactics…”
by Paul Bedard
Despite Border Patrol’s best efforts, our border is still wide open
Illegals flood into US as White House opens the flood gates.
by Bob Casimiro

Despite Border Patrol’s best efforts, our border is still wide open
Border Patrol agents are further hampered by the Obama administration’s “open border” policy…
by Bob Casimiro
The Border Patrol's Unconstitutional Drug Dragnet
How immigration checkpoint stops lead to illegal detention and searches.
by Jacob Sullum