'Rape Trees' Common Along Immigrant Smuggling Route
Trees marking where smugglers raped migrants so common, locals have a name for them.
by Adan Salazar
Lawless AZ Crowd Swarm Tucson Police, Attempt to Stop Arrest of Illegal Immigrant
Police and Border Patrol officers swarmed by a spontaneous protest.
by Breitcart TV

Southmost Man Jailed for Siccing Dogs on Border Patrol Agent
Man sends four dogs after agent to aid escaping illegals.
by Action 4 News
Hidden Cameras Capture Smugglers Crossing Border 'No-Man's Land'
“We have ceded to the cartels 20 miles, 30 miles inside the United States.”
by Mark Potter

Mainstream Media: Americans Against Wide Open Borders Are "Anti-Immigration"
But no other civilized country has opened its borders as widely as America.
by Kit Daniels
ICE Arrests Skyrocket in Georgia
Thousands of immigrants from Central America arrested within the past few years.
by Adan Salazar

Sarah Palin: Help Americans in Poverty Instead of Welcoming Illegals
Only way to discourage more illegal immigrants from making harrowing journeys.
by Tony Lee
Immigrants Using Facebook To Find Illegal Border
Social media itself is feeding the increase in illegal crossing attempts
by Giuseppe Macri

 Some Illegal Immigrant Foster "Children" Are 22 Years Old
“..some stay in our program until they are 22 years old..”
by Jack Kenny
EPA Targets Spanish-Only Speakers In Environmentalist Ad Campaign
Announcement raises concerns that officials are encouraging illegals to support big government.
by Kit Daniels

Source: Feds in "Emergency" Order of 8,000 GPS Tags For Illegal Immigrants
Adult aliens being fitted with tags and then “cut loose” in Texas.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Senate Border Bill Moves Forward
Funding for Israel and western wildfires tacked on legislation
by Infowars.com

Feds Ship Illegals Across U.S. On Trips Twice the Distance to Central America
“Frequent flyer” illegals fly more than 85% of Americans.
by Kit Daniels
Chinese Illegals Pay Up to $30,000 to Enter U.S. Through Mexico
Shaky political footing on immigration a windfall for smugglers..
by Adan Salazar

GOP Senate Candidate: Obama Needs to Visit Central America
‘How many more kids are going to be put on top of trains? Half-a-million? A million? Five million?’
by Stephen Dinan
In Event of Emergency, Illegals to be Evacuated Before Citizens
‘For everyone’s safety..’
by Adan Salazar