Police chiefs, sheriffs blast ICE over policy they say frees violent illegal immigrants
“The law actually does not give us the right to place an ICE hold…”
by Malia Zimmerman
Illegal Alien Arrested For 'extremely violent' Triple Homicide in Florida
Police: “All homicide scenes are normally violent, but this scene was what we considered unimaginable.”
by Adan Salazar

Census: Record 42.1 Million Immigrants in US, Mexicans Drive Latest Surge
Growth led by an additional 740,000 Mexican immigrants, according to Center for Immigration Studies.
by Paul Bedard
Federal Judge Orders Obama Immigration Team to Defend in Person
Texas and 25 other states are suing to overturn Obama’s unilateral change to U.S. immigration policy.
by Newsmax

Report: GOP Divided On Mandatory Minimums For Previously Deported Illegals
“These are noncitizens violating our immigration laws.”
by Caroline May
Kasich: Give Law-Abiding Illegals a Path to Citizenship
Kasich’s comments came amid a new push on illegal immigration.
by Sandy Fitzgerald

DHS Admits New Surge of Illegal Immigrant Families
Administration fears things may get worse if illegals learn about ruling which all but prohibits detention of illegal immigrant families.
by Washington Times
Texas Sheriffs Decry Federal Policies: Criminal Aliens Have Free Rein
These criminals bond out and disappear into the country.”
by Lana Shadwick

After 8 Yrs., $360 Mil Border Drones Fail; DHS Asks Congress for Another $443 Mil
Agency has blown hundreds of millions of dollars on the failed program and wants Congress to keep funding it.
by Judicial Watch
New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue
Being rapidly turned into a progressive stronghold…
by Julia Hahn

MSNBC reporter shut down by Trump ADMITS watching illegal border crossing
“…While we’ve been here in the morning, we saw two people cross the border,” liberal journalist admitted.
by Biz Pac Review
Laredo Border Patrol rescue over twenty undocumented immigrants
One needed medical attention and was taken to the hospital.

Los Zetas Drug Cartel Linked to US Helicopter Downing
Border patrol helo hit by gunfire.
by Bill Gertz
White House Opposes House Bill on Immigration Sanctuary Cities
Bill would restrict federal funds from cities that do not deport undocumented immigrants.
by Reuters

Mother: Son’s Murder by Illegal Alien Was ‘Our Family’s 9/11 Attack by a Foreign Invader’
“This government continues to fail or even recognize that we have an issue.”
by Britany M. Hughes
2.5 Million Illegal Immigrants Flood U.S. During Obama Administration
400,000 illegal immigrants on average have entered the country annually since 2009.
by Morgan Chalfant