Who Wants to Crack Down on Immigration Freeloaders?
Trump must be telling the truth if he’s getting that much flak.
by Lee Ann McAdoo
For The First Time Since It Was Mexico, California Now Has More Latinos Than Whites
Demographic shifts often have far-reaching consequences for the economy.
by Zero Hedge

DC Wants To Give Non-Citizens The Right To Vote
“They are our neighbors and our friends and they want to see our city flourish, yet they have no say in how the city’s government is run,” said a DC councilwoman.
by Josh Fatzick
Murderer Chooses 'Sanctuary City' San Francisco
San Francisco a paradise for criminals.
by Infowars Nightly News

Obama Immigration Rules Put 'Criminals Back on Streets'
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte has blasted the Obama administration.
by Melanie Batley
Murderer: I Chose SF Because it is a 'sanctuary city'
illegal alien says he knew the sanctuary city would not hand him over to immigration officials.
by Michelle Moons

Obama Admits Some Illegals Are Dangerous Gang Bangers
But at least they’re Democratic voters!
by The Alex Jones Show
Obama administration scales back deportations in policy shift
DHS has taken steps to ensure that the majority of the United States’ 11.3 million illegals can stay in this country.
by Jerry Markon

Donald Trump: ‘We’re Not Going To Have A Country’ Without A Strong Border
“I often say that nobody can build a wall like I can build a wall.”
by Al Weaver

AZ Man in Sanctuary Gets 'Father's Day Amnesty'
ICE grants another one-year stay of deportation…
by Aalia Shaheed
Court Orders Feds to Find and Return Deported Mother and Daughter from Guatemala
Had been living in Pennsylvania family detention center for over a year…
by Franco Ordoñez

121 Illegals Now Face Murder Charges
121 convicted criminals who were never removed from the country…
by Diana Stancy
Feds Arrest 280 Immigrants, Including 36 in Kansas
Previous convictions for armed robbery, drug trafficking, drunken driving and other crimes.
by Associated Press

Illegal Alien Rapists, Child Molesters Freed in U.S. Instead of Deported
Offenders are “dangerous and predatory individuals who should not be prowling the streets,” the federal prosecutor says.
by Judicial Watch
121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration
More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings.
by Washington Times