Is America Spiraling Toward Another Border Crisis?
Mexican immigration-enforcement might keep many migrants from U.S. border this summer, but kids are still fleeing Central America.
by Lauren Fox
Republicans Probing 'Potential Retaliation' Against Obama Admin for Targeting Feds Who Enforce Immigration Law
“We write regarding potential retaliation against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel for upholding their oaths of office…”
by Susan Jones

U.S.-Mexico Border: Surge on Border Sparks Fewer Arrests Across Rest of Texas
Since the border surge, citations given in Texas have dropped by 14 percent.
by Claudia Balthazar
Pew Researcher: Rate of Illegal Immigrant Males in Workforce 12 Percent Higher Than US-Born Males
“Unauthorized immigrant men of working age [16 years of age and older] are considerably more likely to be in the workforce than U.S.-born men.”
by Edwin Mora

Drownings spike along Rio Grande
Enforcement surge driving immigrants to cross in more dangerous locations.
by Associated Press
DHS Secretary: 'Thousands' of Unaccompanied Children Still Crossing Into U.S.
Government incentivizes children to flood United States.
by Susan Jones

One in eight undocumented immigrants in the U.S. now has a white-collar job
180,000 illegals gain management and professional jobs since 2012.
by Rob Wile
Audit: Border Patrol agents paid overtime for instructing CrossFit
144 border patrol agents that serve as CrossFit instructors in eight different sectors.
by Ashley Custer

DOJ Asks 5th Circuit to Lift Hold on New Immigration Regulations
Obama admin fights to keep open-border agenda alive.
by Cameron Langford
15 Illegal Aliens Protected by Obama's Amnesty Arrested in Federal Sweep
“With few fraud detection measures and effective background checks in place, it’s no surprise that ICE arrested over a dozen DACA recipients last week.”
by Alicia A. Caldwell

Mexico allows armed US customs officials within its borders
Would allow customs inspectors to clear goods before they reach a port of entry.
by Customs Today
Memo: Illegals To Receive Social Security, Credit For Time Worked Illegally
Under President Obama’s rule, illegal immigrants will be eligible for social security payments.
by Daily Caller

BIDEN: Let's give $1 BILLION to Central America
…Instead of beefing up border security.a
by Joe Biden
Boehner Betrays GOP with Amnesty Funding Authorization
Boehner backs his golfing buddy Obama.

AG Nominee Lynch: Illegals Have Right to Work in US
“I believe that the right and obligation to work is shared by everyone in this country, regardless of how they came here,” she said.
by Larry O'Connor
Boehner Cut Deal With Nancy Pelosi to Use Netanyahu Speech as Cover to Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty
Boehner’s office continues to deny any deal took place.
by Investment Watch