New Border Risk: ISIS Ties to Mexican Drug Lords
Expert warns Middle East turmoil could sting U.S.
by Andrew J. Ireland
Coming To America: Disease and Violence
A stark warning from Ground Zero..
by Jon Bowne

Sheila Jackson Lee Brings Lollipops to Illegals, Says Border Crisis Not National Security Threat
Jackson Lee: “This is not a national security crisis”
by Tony Lee
Obama to pitch immigration at citizenship ceremony
Group includes 15 active-duty service members from Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.
by Associated Press

Feds Threaten Journalist With Prison Over Report On Illegal Immigration
DoD claims reporter engaged in “unauthorized photography and broadcast” outside immigration shelter.
by Kit Daniels
Border Patrol Rep: Quarantine Area 'nothing more than piece of yellow caution tape'
Mishandling of diseased illegals poses major risks to public health.
by Adan Salazar

Confirmed: Texas Spending Millions to Send Texas Rangers, State Troopers to Secure Open Border
Illegals are reducing law enforcement presence in other parts of the state.
by Kit Daniels
Colorado DMV: 823 Appointments Set for Noncitizen License Despite Jam
Colorado will start to issue the new license for noncitizens in August..
by Yesenia Robles

Abandoned Wal-Mart Considered as Feds Explore Immigrant Shelter Options
Feds look more than 1,500 miles inland to warehouse with leaky roof.
by Adan Salazar
Border Agents' New Jobs: Shower Runs, Food Prep, Laundry Service
Tending to flood of unaccompanied illegal-alien children.
by Aaron Klein

Growing Chorus Charging Obama With Facilitating Immigrant Influx
Lawmakers and law enforcement agencies accuse admin. of deliberately weakening U.S. immigration law.
by Adan Salazar
Drug Cartels Use Children to Distract Border Patrol
Gangs then use gaps in security to slip more drugs or known criminals into the country..
by Stephen Dinan

Homeland Security Confirms They're Paying to Ship and Release Illegals 'in the interior'
AP report confirms Infowars reports more than a week later.
by Adan Salazar
Border Highway Heavily Patrolled by State and Local Police - But Not Border Patrol
State, local police step up patrols as Border Patrol stands down.
by Kit Daniels

Feds Stand Down As U.S. Border Collapses
Border Patrol trucks sit in parking lots as surge of illegal immigrants flood America.
by Kit Daniels
Sen. Cruz on Immigrant Influx: 'Send Them Back'
“We need to follow the law,” Cruz tells Obama.
by Adan Salazar