Judicial Watch Exposes ISIS Threat on Border
Judicial Watch is staying focused on the important issue of the terrorist threat from the country’s open, unsecured border with Mexico.
by Tom Fitton
Amnesty Supporters, Police Protestors to Unite in Texas
About 1,000 expected to be in attendance.

Constable Concerned about Increase of Illegal Crossers
He said the number people being caught is on the rise.
Jeb Bush: Let 11 Million Illegals 'Receive Earned Legal Status'
“This is not the time to abandon something that makes us special and unique.”
by Susan Jones

Border Patrol Agent Drives Vehicle Into St. Clair River
Dive team deployed to rescue agent.
by CBS Detroit
36,000 foreign 'birth tourists' here to make babies
It’s called “birth tourism.”
by Paul Bedard

Mexico Attacks US Border Patrol Over Boat Wreck, Agents Fight Back
“The Government of Mexico is quick to condemn, yet fail to police their own people.”
by Ildefonso Ortiz

Feds releasing hundreds of illegal immigrant rapists, murderers
…And more illegals are coming.
by Stephen Dinan
Deportations of illegal immigrants plummet on Obama’s watch
“Over the past six years, President Obama has steadily dismantled the interior enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.”
by Stephen Dinan

Border agents bracing for new immigrant surge
Obama admin policies bring illegals to the border en mass.
by Mike Lillis & Cristina Marcos
Illegal Alien Gets 29 Months for Identity Theft After Living in U.S. More Than 30 Years
“Alegria-Garcia, a citizen of El Salvador, has been in the United States illegally since the early 1980s.”
by Terence P. Jeffrey

Report: 39,000 immigrant kids coming to U.S.
“They are coming from similar communities and are headed to similar communities…”
by Victor Manuel Ramos
39,000 Child Migrants to Cross Border
Second-highest level of migration since 2008.
by Víctor Manuel Ramos

Judge accuses Obama lawyers of misleading him, refuses to restart amnesty
Federal judge refuses appeal to let deportation halt continue, relying on Obama’s own words…
by Stephen Dinan
Illegals Jump Border at Faster Rate
Immigration officials warned that they expected another surge as the weather improved.
by Investment Watch