Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement
Roughly 10 pages of this TiSA agreement document leak are specifically about immigration.
by Alex Swoyer
Illegal Immigrant Sentenced For Impregnating 13-Yr Old Girl, Forcing Abortion
Illegal gave stepdaughter pills “forcing her to deliver a baby in a soccer park portable toilet.”

Obama Administration Stops Work on Immigrant Program
“…foundation headed by billionaire George Soros, undaunted by the court rulings, pledged at least $8 million [towards mobilizing immigrants]…”
by Jerry Markon
Obama: 'I'm Going to Keep Doing Everything I Can' for Illegals
“I’m going to keep fighting for them… And it will make America stronger.”
by Barbara Boland

US Border Patrol Helicopter Shot At From Mexico Side, Chopper Makes Emergency Landing In Texas
“Our helicopter actually landed in Laredo and there were no injuries.”
by Sneha Shankar
Rising: 25,098,000 Foreign-Born Workers Employed in U.S.A.
For native-born workers the unemployment rate increased to 5.4 percent in May.
by Ali Meyer

3,700 Illegal Immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ Criminals Released Into U.S. by DHS
Department could have kept them in detention but chose instead to let them onto the streets as their deportation cases moved through the system…
by Stephen Dinan
Open Our Border, Then Collect Everyone's Phone Records?
Obama administration argues it has authority to exempt illegal aliens from obeying the laws.
by Terence P. Jeffrey

The Border Patrol's Unconstitutional Drug Dragnet
How immigration checkpoint stops lead to illegal detention and searches.
by Jacob Sullum
Group Says California Immigration Policies Contributed to Drought
“Essentially all of California’s rapid population growth has been due to people from other countries and the children of immigrants.”
by Kate Linthicum

A Young Woman's Shocking Encounter With Drug Warriors Disguised As Immigration Agents
Police may not extend a traffic stop to facilitate a canine inspection in the absence of “reasonable suspicion”.
by Jacob Sullum
Rep. Lofgren: Reporting ‘Serious Felon’ Illegals to Federal Authorities Now 'Entirely' Voluntary
“If you have a serious felon, they request that you notify them, but that’s entirely up to localities.”
by Penny Star

DHS Fails to Remove Aliens Who Pose National Security, Public Safety Threat
Some are felons in their native country…
by Judicial Watch
Obama seeks to end immigration enforcement by local, state police
Recommendation from task force set up in wake of Ferguson riots.
by Stephen Dinan, Ben Wolfgang

Warning: You WILL be interrogated for driving within 100 miles of the Canadian border
Random checkpoints are being set up by U.S. Customs [DHS] agents in the northeast within 100 miles of the Canadian border.
by MassPrivateI
You'll Never Guess Who Just Boarded the DHS Bus
U.S. importing MORE illegals.
by Infowars Nightly News