Border Patrol Whistleblower: We're being ordered to release pregnant illegals
Unannounced decree creates yet another federally-sanctioned loophole for illegals to exploit.
by Adan Salazar
Budget to Transport Illegals Across USA Approaches $100M
Economic impact of immigrant influx begins to sink in..
by Kristin Tate

Report: Cartel Gunfire Forces Border Agents to Run for Cover
Obama administration keeps border agents in the dark following cartel shooting.
by Adan Salazar
Report: Mexican Drug Cartels Lay Down High Powered Suppressing Fire For Crossing Immigrants
Shots rang out Friday night in Rincon Peninsula, Texas, forcing U.S. border patrol agents to take cover.
by Mac Slavo

FBI: Scammers target families of illegal child immigrants to U.S.
Fraud scheme involved individuals who claimed to represent charitable organization.
by Jim Forsyth
Local Police - Not Private Security - Guard Headquarters of Company Behind Illegal Alien Resort
Armed officer stands guard for globalist front company aiding illegal influx.

DHS Source: TSA Lets Illegal Aliens Surpass Airport Security to Board Planes
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is allowing illegal immigrants go around airport security to catch planes without a photo identification required of all other passengers, a high-level DHS source tells Judicial Watch. It appears to be part of an Obama administration plan to expedite the transfer of tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children […]
by Judicial Watch
Brazen Smugglers Threaten Journalists While Operating In Broad Daylight
Criminals on border increasingly ignore federal authorities.
by Adan Salazar & Kit Daniels

First Lady of Guatemala: Illegal Immigrants Not Refugees Escaping Violence
Entering U.S. to be united with families, not escape conflict as U.N. insists.
by Kurt Nimmo
Feds Guard Illegal Alien Shelter Better Than Border
“Today is a different day,” cop says.
by Kit Daniels

Obama Administration Border-Crisis Plan B: Use the Catholic Church
The federal government reaches out to a California diocese to help shelter illegal immigrants in California.
by Ryan Lovelace
Border Patrol Admits Busing Illegals Is Immigration
Agent tells Infowars reporters that they’re impeding the immigration of illegal aliens by standing outside Border Patrol station.

Perry To Obama: Send Drones to the Border
Governor proposes strengthening Big Brother to stem flood of illegals.
Pro-Amnesty Socialists Flood Murrieta City Hall
Amnesty activists hold signs stating “Open the Borders,” “Freedom Socialist Party,” and “Immigrants Welcome Here.”
by Kit Daniels & Joe Biggs

Texas Town: No Quarter for Illegals
Residents applaud passage of anti-illegal immigration resolution, urge other jurisdictions to follow suit.
by Adan Salazar
Murrieta Residents Call Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson A Liar
Residents of Cali. city that turned back buses carrying illegals call Johnson out on his propaganda.
by Kit Daniels