Florida Democrats Call for Repeal of 2nd Amendment
Claims that gun bans are a solution run completely counter to history.
by AWR Hawkins
Gun control groups petition for gun ban at Utah school assemblies
Gun control advocate claims she doesn’t have an issue with people carrying guns, but wants them banned.
by Jared Morgan

Buchanan: "Rogue" Obama's Amnesty Is "Impeachable Act"
“We have just taken a monumental step away from republicanism toward Caesarism.”
by Steve Watson

Navy Tries To Reduce Suicides With ‘Give Us Your Gun’ Policy
Commanders now have authority to request sailor to give up any firearms for a temporary period of time…
by Jonah Bennett
Americans 'mad at government' melt phones on Capitol Hill
“They’re mad at their government and their politicians,” Sen. Sessions (R-Ala.) said.
by Garth Kant

Immigration Speech: Does Obama See Himself as an Elected Dictator?
Only a short time ago, President Obama himself admitted this action would be illegal and unconstitutional.
by Warren Mass
Obama: U.S. Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children
Illegal immigrants will receive huge payments from American taxpayers.
by Neil Munro

Purple plastic confetti guns on school bus lead to 911 call
Toys frightened the bus driver.
by Jennifer Cruz
Schlafly: Obama's amnesty plan 'suicide for America'
Obama is planning to announce a 10-part plan for changing the nation’s immigration procedures as early as next Friday.
by Paul Bremmer

Ron Paul: Internet Gambling Ban A Losing Bet for the Rest of Us
Giving government new powers over the Internet will inevitably threaten all of our liberties.
by Ron Paul
Cruz: Obama 'defiant of voters'
Obama enacting illegal amnesty as revenge, says senator.
by Mario Trujillo

New Jersey reconsiders law banning cursing in front of children
New Jersey statutes make it a fourth-degree crime for any parent, guardian, or person to habitually use “profane, indecent, or obscene language” in front of a minor…
by Scott Bomboy
Buffalo, NY, to seize guns from families following owners' funerals
“They’re quick to say they’re going to take the guns,” says New York State Rifle & Pistol Association president.
by Edmund DeMarche

Home invader who used BB gun gets 374 years in prison
Only armed home owners can stop robbers like this one.
by Jason Wells
NYPD Upset They May Have to Abide by U.S. Constitution
Cops irate over proposed bill which would force them to adhere to Fourth Amendment.
by Adan Salazar