BATF Ammo Ban Violates Federal Law As Well As The Constitution
Why would we expect the feral government to care about the law?
FCC Launches War On Free Speech
Socialists move against First Amendment.

Obama Taunts: I Will Veto Any Laws That Restrain Me
President brags about his destroying Constitution.
by David Knight
AR-15 Ammo Not "Armor Piercing" According to Law, But ATF Banning It Anyway
M855 NOT “armor piercing” due to lead core, according to 18 U.S.C. 921 (a)(17)(B).
by Kit Daniels

Gun Owners Agree: Don't Trust The ATF's Ammo Regulations
Feds pursue backdoor gun control.
by Jakari Jackson

DC Legalizes Pot In Capital
Congress has final say over the laws in the District of Columbia.
by Associated Press
What if the Government Fears Freedom?
What if invading our freedoms keeps us less safe?
by Andrew P. Napolitano

Supreme Court review of cell-site cases?
Fifth Circuit has held that there is no Fourth Amendment protection for historical cell-site records.
by Orin Kerr
When People Can't Be Armed, Terrorists Have Advantage
“They’re sitting ducks.”
by Bill Hoffmann

The Government's War on Freedom of the Press
Press freedom has declined in recent years.
by Ken Silva
Congressmen Introduce Bills to Legalize and Tax Marijuana
States would still be free to ban the drug.
by Jacob Sullum

Border Patrol Continues to Act as if Judge Hasn't Blocked Obama's Amnesty
Complete lawlessness throughout the federal government.
by Ryan Lovelace
These Particular Republicans Hate Freedom
Several Republicans would rather side with big government than we the people.

Committee passes, sends full House bill to trim Washington state’s vaccine exemptions
Bill would remove personal or philosophical opposition to vaccines as an authorized exemption from childhood school immunizations.
by Associated Press
The Internet Is Our Only Free Press
Today the internet is the only free press we have, all that stands against total control of information.
by Fred Reed