When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Who Pay Off the Cops Will Have Guns
Gun control helps criminals on the street and in government.
by J.D. Tuccille
The American Revolution Was Not a Party
The state relies on initiating violence.
by Ryan McMaken

Utah Demands Feds Surrender Lands by Dec. 31
Formally demanding that Washington, D.C., relinquish control over more than 30 million acres of valuable land…
by Alex Newman
Sandy Hook’s Case against Bushmaster, and Why the Gun Debate Is Already Over
Should we hold car manufacturers responsible for the deaths of drivers?
by Joshua Krause

Bush v. Clinton In 2016? New World Order Dream Matchup Being Touted As ‘Inevitable’
The next presidential election is still nearly two years away, and yet the mainstream media is already telling Americans who they are supposed to vote for.
by Michael Snyder
PBS Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Gun Rights Over Restrictions
Attempt to use Newtown as poster child for gun control backfires.
by Adan Salazar

“F*ck the police” Arrest Leads County to Award Woman $100k Settlement
Attorney: “It’s important to understand that people have a right to express their ideas… no matter how offensive…”
by Adan Salazar
Despite Sydney's Gun Control, Gunman Holds Hostages For 16 Hours
Violent criminal refuses to obey gun laws.
by Kit Daniels

Hannity SLAMS ‘John Gruber Boehner’: ‘He Shouldn’t Be The Speaker!’ [VIDEO]
“John Boehner Grubered conservatives tonight…”
by Daily Caller
Ohio legislature sends sweeping gun rights bill to Governor
Bill relaxes the residency requirements to apply for a permit.
by Chris Eger

Rep. Paul Gosar Calls Native Americans 'Wards Of The Federal Government'
Struck a harsh chord with tribal members and legal experts.
by Felicia Fonseca
Reporter details effort to get concealed carry permit in nation's capital
Simply put, D.C. police don’t want the slaves to protect themselves.
by Emily Miller

Cargill Pays $6.1 Million Sweetener Settlement
Largely synthetic and chemically produced sweetener promoted as natural.
by Phillip A. Janquart
Reporters Demand California Crime Report
“Even though these documents are old, and even though these public records have fallen outside of government hands, it’s important to recognize that they’re still public records.”
by Katherine Proctor

Lawsuit: Cops Confiscate Guns From Home After False Arrest
Police refuse to return guns despite dropping all charges nearly four months ago.
by Kit Daniels
Obama Admits Amnesty Is For Many More Than 5 Million
President Barack Obama told a group of illegal immigrants in Tennessee that his immigration-law rewrite means “you’re not going to be deported.”
by Neil Munro