Cruz: Obama 'defiant of voters'
Obama enacting illegal amnesty as revenge, says senator.
by Mario Trujillo
New Jersey reconsiders law banning cursing in front of children
New Jersey statutes make it a fourth-degree crime for any parent, guardian, or person to habitually use “profane, indecent, or obscene language” in front of a minor…
by Scott Bomboy

Buffalo, NY, to seize guns from families following owners' funerals
“They’re quick to say they’re going to take the guns,” says New York State Rifle & Pistol Association president.
by Edmund DeMarche
Home invader who used BB gun gets 374 years in prison
Only armed home owners can stop robbers like this one.
by Jason Wells

NYPD Upset They May Have to Abide by U.S. Constitution
Cops irate over proposed bill which would force them to adhere to Fourth Amendment.
by Adan Salazar
Justice Department Admits It Misled Court About FBI’s Secret Surveillance Program
“We regret this inadvertent inaccuracy and apologize for any confusion that may have been caused.”
by Dustin Volz

Democratic Senator: Let's Dump Harry Reid
Revolt against Reid.
by Steven Dennis and Humberto Sanchez
90-Year-Old WW2 Vet Defies Authorities Yet Again to Feed Homeless
“I’m not interested in playing games.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

What Is the Libertarian Response to Ebola?
How a free society should respond to a communicable disease outbreak.
Massachusetts Town Weighs Nation's 1st Tobacco Ban
“It’s going to send business five minutes this way or five minutes that way – no one’s going to quit.”
by Amy Crawford

Wash. State Gun Control Supporters Emboldened by New Law
“Yesterday’s victory is just the beginning.”
by Joseph O'Sullivan
Supreme Court to Rule on Obamacare Subsidies
They will judge whether subsidies for middle- and lower-income people are legal.
by Zero Hedge

Gay marriage on way back to U.S. Supreme Court
The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel instead upheld laws against the practice in four states – Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.
by Dan Sewell
Josh Earnest tells Fox News: Criticizing Obama not ‘good for the country’
White House press secretary Josh Earnest questioned Thursday morning whether criticism of President Barack Obama is “good for the country.”
by George Upper

Local News Advises Residents To Play Dead During Home Invasion
“Pretend to have a heart attack or breathing problem.”
by Adan Salazar
Federal appeals court upholds gay marriage bans
Ruling concludes that states have the right to set rules for marriage.
by Associated Press