Republicans Commit Climate Suicide
GOP betrays We the People once again.
Multipronged efforts to drop Mississippi carry permit costs underway
Mississippi currently charges $132 for new permits.
by Chris Eger

SCOTUS Victory for Air Marshal Whistle-Blower
Air Marshal who criticized DHS dress code cleared of wrongdoing.
by Barbara Leonard
Video: Man Arrested for Assaulting Licensed Concealed Carry Holder Inside Walmart
Gun control advocate backs man who made erroneous tackle.
by Adan Salazar

Anonymous hacktivist Barrett Brown to be sentence today in federal court in Dallas
Journalist faces up to eight years in prison.
by Tasha Tsiaperas
DOJ Asks Judge to Put BP Fine at $11 Billion
“BP XP thinks there are some things that aren’t required by law.”
by Sabrina Canfield

Obama skips over guns in his sixth State of the Union Speech
Dems back off from gun control.
by Chris Eger
California 'right-to-die' bill proposed
“Our hope is to see the end-of-life option as part of a continuum of established rights available to patients…”
by Lisa M. Krieger

Lessons For Winning Liberty In A World Of Statism
Win liberty in our time – for our children and ourselves.
by Dr. Richard Ebeling
Washington State Rep: 'We Will Not Comply' With New Gun Control
“will ask … sheriffs and prosecutors not to comply as well.”
by AWR Hawkins

Report: White House knew CIA spied on Senate torture investigators
Brennan ordered the team to “pursue all available options” to determine how Senate investigators had accessed the material.
by RT
George Noory: Why We Need Guns
The Second Amendment is crucial to the survival of liberty.

Polls Clash Over Obama Approval
Reuters 37%, Gallup 46%.
by Washington Examiner
State Senators Look to Introduce ‘Death With Dignity’ Legislation This Month
Legislation could face an uphill battle.
by Jillian Jorgensen

National Rifle Association suing Pittsburgh and Philadelphia over gun laws
“These municipalities have known for years that their ordinances were illegal, but there were no consequences… Now it’s about to get expensive.”
by Chris Potter
Diminished in Congress and many states, Dems weigh future
Republicans will hold 31 governorships, and more state legislative seats than they’ve had since 1928.
by Associated Press