Gun control group petitions station to fire pro-gun reporter
Organization delivered petition with more than 6,300 signatures calling for the station’s general manager to fire the reporter.
by Daniel Terrill
Man With Concealed Carry Stops Slaughter
‘I guess he saved a lot of people in there’
by WND

Disabled Veteran has Firearms Confiscated After Neighbor Makes False Allegations
Veteran adamantly denies ever making those threats.
by Buzzpo
How the EPA Killed the Muscle Cars
Nixon’s EPA helped cripple American manufacturing and culture.
by Eric Peters

Celente: It's Time To Abolish The IRS!
He was harassed while withdrawing funds from the bank.
Federal court rejects Third Amendment claim against police officers
Nevada family claimed local police violated Amendment by forcibly occupying their home in order to gain a “tactical advantage” against suspected criminals.
by Ilya Somin

Tsarnaev friend scheduled to plead guilty to misleading investigators
Cab driver took brothers out to a restaurant in Cambridge on night of the explosions.
by The Boston Globe
Judge Napolitano on Self-Ownership and 'National Defense'
Human beings have rights that the state cannot infringe.
by David Gordon

Business Rewards Monthly Bonuses to Concealed Carry Employees
“It’s a good thing for society and if I can encourage it I think it’s kind of my duty to do that.”
by Adan Salazar
Camille Paglia: “People See Everything Through the Lens of Race and Gender”
Whether the subject is feminism or the fate of Western civilization, Paglia is no Pollyanna.
by ReasonTV

Own Guns? You Must Be A Rapist!
Gun owners treated like violent criminals.
Leftist Media: If You Own A Gun, You Support Rape
Leftists claim gun owners can turn into rapists.

Ban on Armor-Piercing Ammo Looks Unlikely
“We strongly encourage them to not revive it.”
by Ted Wheeler
Oregon House votes to outlaw hunting with drones
Humane Society says Oregon joins Colorado, Montana and Alaska.
by Associated Press

FBI Agent's Suit Over Agency Inquiry Tossed
Agent accused supervisors of racial discrimination.
by Lorraine Bailey
Still Waiting
Waiting for the Republicans to come through… again.
by Laurence M. Vance