FBI: Ex-LAPD Officer Suspected In Pomona Murder Has Been Brought Back To US
27-year-old former officer who was fired less than five days after shooting did not show up for work after incident.
by CBS Los Angeles
Marine court-martialed for refusing to remove Bible verse
Military determined “could easily be seen as contrary to good order and discipline.”
by Fox News

Whistleblower Exposes Massive Corruption Within FAA
Many airline crashes could have been prevented.
by The Alex Jones Show
KBR Whistle-Blower Has a Case, SCOTUS Finds
“Halliburton and KBR ‘knowingly made, used or cause to be made or used, false records or statements to get false or fraudulent claims paid or approved by the government.'”
by Barbara Leonard

Free-Range Maryland Family Cleared of Child Neglect Charge
Victory for the Meitivs.
by Lenore Skenazy
Obama Usurps Local Police With Fake “Ban” on Militarization
The latest round of police-related demands from the White House was unveiled as a supposed response to militarized police in Ferguson.
by New American

Alabama Senate approves loaded guns in cars bill
Bill allows any lawful adult 18 or over in the state to have a loaded firearm in their personal vehicle, home or business without a handgun permit.
by Chris Eger
New DEA Chief Retreats On War Against Weed, Says DEA Will No Longer Focus On Marijuana
New DEA chief is entirely retreating in the war on marijuana.
by John Vibes

A Constitutional Lesson for Ignorant Colorado Sheriffs
Ignorant Colorado sheriffs desperately need a constitutional lesson.
by Mike Maharrey
Judge Tells FBI It Doesn't Have A 'Two-Minute Rule' That Allows It To Listen In On Personal Phone Calls
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit declines FBI rule.
by Tim Cushing

What if We Didn’t Have a Constitution?
Constitution puts clear limits on what the government in America may lawfully do.
by Andrew P. Napolitano
Campus Police Intimidate Student Over Her Anti-Obama & Pro-Gun Signs
Student told she needed “special permission” for protest signs.
by Kit Daniels

Peter King Accuses Rand Paul of 'Spreading Fear' With Patriot Act Filibuster
Congressman ludicrously claims, “we are not sacrificing any liberty.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
House Democrat Introduces Gun Registry Bill
Bill allows Justice Dept. to gather personal information on gun buyers, vendors.
by Kit Daniels

Nebraska Death Penalty Repealed
Legislature Votes To Abolish Capital Punishment, Governor Vows To Veto.
by Elizabeth Whitman
UPS to Pay $25M to Settle Fed Whistleblower Case
UPS will pay $25 million to the federal government and $740,000 to the state of New Jersey.
by Dan McCue