Despite Sydney's Gun Control, Gunman Holds Hostages For 16 Hours
Violent criminal refuses to obey gun laws.
by Kit Daniels
Texas State Bill Will Nullify All Federal Unconstitutional Acts
Texas Balance of Powers Act is a full-throated defiance of federal tyranny…
by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Families of Newtown Victims Sue Rifle Manufacturer
Claim “gun should not have been sold publicly because it was designed for military use and is unsuited for hunting or home defense.”
by Pat Eaton-Robb
Texas weighs allowing open carry of handguns
It would be the largest state to have done so.
by Jim Vertuno

Rifle Maker Sued over Sandy Hook
Lawyers claim AR-15 shouldn’t be available to public.
by Pat Eaton-Robb
White House sitting on thousands of detainee abuse photos
Obama sits on information likely worse than CIA report.
by The Daily Beast

Is Obama blackmailing Boehner?
Boehner offered no resistance.
by World Net Daily
Thinkers Who Challenged the State
Even if people agree to establish a state, it cannot acquire new rights individuals don’t have.
by David Gordon

Obama Admits Amnesty Is For Many More Than 5 Million
President Barack Obama told a group of illegal immigrants in Tennessee that his immigration-law rewrite means “you’re not going to be deported.”
by Neil Munro
New Illinois Eavesdropping Act Still Seems Designed to Protect Cops From Scrutiny
Government moves to chip away at First Amendment.
by Jacob Sullum

Texas Lawmakers to Schools: Yes, It's Legal to Say 'Merry Christmas'
Lone Star state says, ‘To hell with taboo PC nonsense.’
by Adan Salazar
There Is No Such Thing As a Gun-Free Zone
You can’t eliminate guns or “gun violence.”
by Robert Farago

Gruber to face hostile House panel, tea party ‘I’m with Stupid’ T-shirts
Democrats shun Obamacare architect after ‘stupidity of the American voter’ comments.
by Tom Howell Jr.
Politicians Silence 9-Year-Old Over Posting Photos of School Lunch
Do you want to know what some kids are being served at school everyday?
by Christina Sarich

Beloit Police Want to Search Homes for Guns Without Warrants
Asks residents’ consent to searches in bid to find modified toy guns.
by Kurt Nimmo
Obama Launches 'Profanity-Laced' Tirades Against Press
Retired journalist says Obama administration “most opaque” she’s ever covered.
by Scott Whitlock