Washington State Senate bans open-carry guns in public gallery
“We’re just noting that open carry is a form of demonstration and it’s no different than carrying a placard or something else of that nature.”
by AP
David Cameron Responds to Pope: There is a right to cause offense
“If someone says something offensive about Jesus… I don’t have a right to wreak my vengeance upon them.”
by CBS News

Lessons For Winning Liberty In A World Of Statism
Win liberty in our time – for our children and ourselves.
by Dr. Richard Ebeling
Washington State Rep: 'We Will Not Comply' With New Gun Control
“will ask … sheriffs and prosecutors not to comply as well.”
by AWR Hawkins

Report: White House knew CIA spied on Senate torture investigators
Brennan ordered the team to “pursue all available options” to determine how Senate investigators had accessed the material.
by RT
George Noory: Why We Need Guns
The Second Amendment is crucial to the survival of liberty.
by Infowars.com

Polls Clash Over Obama Approval
Reuters 37%, Gallup 46%.
by Washington Examiner
State Senators Look to Introduce ‘Death With Dignity’ Legislation This Month
Legislation could face an uphill battle.
by Jillian Jorgensen

Ted Cruz on Mitt Romney: No Need for ‘Mushy Middle’
“It’s a failed electoral strategy,” he said.
by Ben Schreckinger
Morgan Stanley Cleared on Pre-2008 Disclosures
Morgan Stanley’s failure to make disclosures may have been negligent, but not fraudulent, the court ruled.
by Lorraine Bailey

Colorado Republicans introduce repeal of recent gun control laws
Laws led to successful recall of several state reps.
by Jared Morgan
Shell Close to $90M Payout for SoCal Neighborhood
Shell knew carcinogenic chemicals had leaked into soil beneath residential area.
by Matt Reynolds

Supreme Court rejects new challenge to Obamacare law
Law has been subjected to numerous legal challenges.
by Reuters
Two Pro-Second Amendment Bills Introduced In South Carolina Legislature
“Zero-tolerance policies have squelched any discussion of the Second Amendment in schools.”
by James Beattie

Walmart Refuses to Print Engagement Photo Over Shotgun
Photo department clerk said picture promoted “gang culture.”
by Adan Salazar
Ringleader in IDs for Illegals Scheme Sentenced to Six Years in Prison
Criminal enterprise provided illegals with stolen immigration documents.
by FBI