Live Stream: Infowars Announces Second Amendment Flash Rally at UT Austin
Join counter-protest against gun control group Thurs., Oct. 1 at 12 noon!
Clinton campaign worker caught breaking election law
Nevada election law makes it a felony to advise anyone about how to vote when helping them register.
by David Martosko

Hillary Clinton Joked About Chinese Hacking Her Email
She doesn’t care about laws.
by Shoshana Weissmann
US judge dismisses September 11 victims' case against Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims.
by The Guardian

Massachusetts Court Rules Cell Tracking Requires a Warrant
When it comes to the highest court in Massachusetts, it sometimes seems like entire battles are won and lost in the footnotes. In a seemingly straightforward new case, the Supreme Judicial Court has managed to add a wrinkle on top of the already complicated patchwork of law surrounding cell phone location tracking. The court’s opinion […]
by Andrew Crocker
Obama’s Global Warming, Syria Push at United Nations Skips Congress
Russia leads fight against ISIS because ISIS isn’t Russia’s proxy army unlike U.S.
by Steven Dennis

School goes into lockdown after student displays Confederate flag on backpack
The purge of culture thanks to “political correctness.”
by Michael Dorstewitz
Is Your Phone’s GPS Protected by the Fourth Amendment?
Information may only be obtained pursuant to a warrant supported by probable cause.
by Government Technology

Mayor: Customer Justified in Shooting Bank Robber 3 Times
Robber fled, fell after being shot supposedly by customer.
by Detroit Free Press
Court: MA Police Can't Pull Over Drivers After Smelling Pot
“Because of new laws, smell of unburnt marijuana no longer constitutes probable cause to believe that a criminal amount of the drug is present.”

How CPS Subverts Due Process
What one man is doing to stop the CPS.
by David Knight
Judge: Open Carry Not Allowed in Ann Arbor, MI Schools
Debate was sparked after a man openly carried gun and ammo into choir concert at high school.

EU Regulator Ripped for Ignoring NSA Spying
NSA surveillance issues remain in spotlight.
by William Dotinga
Superior Ct.: Fifth Amendment Doesn't Bar Appearance of Doe Defendants
Unanimous three-judge panel quashed the defendants’ challenge.
by Max Mitchell

Here’s How Politicians Stay in Power
Government abuses continue thanks to the illusion of consent.
by Eric Peters
Former CEO Knowingly Shipped Salmonella-Contaminated Peanut Butter, may Face Life in Prison
Investigators found ‘disgusting and unsanitary conditions.’
by Julie Fidler