Alaska allows recreational marijuana as campaign spreads
Anyone aged 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Alaska.
by Steve Quinn
'The Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom in a Generation'
Risen has launched a one-man crusade against Holder and the Obama administration.
by David A. Graham

Supreme Court review of cell-site cases?
Fifth Circuit has held that there is no Fourth Amendment protection for historical cell-site records.
by Orin Kerr
When People Can't Be Armed, Terrorists Have Advantage
“They’re sitting ducks.”
by Bill Hoffmann

The Government's War on Freedom of the Press
Press freedom has declined in recent years.
by Ken Silva
Congressmen Introduce Bills to Legalize and Tax Marijuana
States would still be free to ban the drug.
by Jacob Sullum

Border Patrol Continues to Act as if Judge Hasn't Blocked Obama's Amnesty
Complete lawlessness throughout the federal government.
by Ryan Lovelace
These Particular Republicans Hate Freedom
Several Republicans would rather side with big government than we the people.

Cuomo: Our Rights Come From Government, Not GOD!
CNN anchor confuses rights with laws.
GOP cools on Loretta Lynch
Republicans point out Lynch’s lack of independence from White House.
by Tim Devaney

West Funds The Terrorists To Take Your Liberties
ISIS serves as the boogey man to justify police state.
Alex Jones: Why I Fight
And why you should, too.

FAA unveils drone rules; Obama orders policy for agencies
“We want to maintain today’s outstanding level of aviation safety without placing an undue regulatory burden on an emerging industry.”
by Bart Jansen
Nebraska Judge Halts TransCanada Land Grab
Judge protects private property rights of U.S. citizens.
by Ted Wheeler

In close vote, Utah House OKs firing-squad proposal
Debate rages over controversial execution technique.
by Associated Press
Is the National Guard the "Well Regulated Militia?"
Constitutional scholar Dr. Edwin Vieira answers the question
by ConstitutionalMilita