Felony Indictment Prevents Gov. Rick Perry From Carrying, Buying Guns
Democrat-driven charges against the Republican governor are proving to be a form of gun control.
by Norvell Rose
Louisiana Gov. to sue federal government over Common Core
State to take its power back from feds.
by Fox News

DOJ quietly opens new asylum gate for Guatemalans
Coyotes and migrants in Central America are exploiting the administration’s lax policies.
by Neil Munro
Judicial Watch Statement on Discovery of Backups for “Missing” Lois Lerner IRS Emails
Obama administration has been lying to the American people about Lois Lerner’s missing emails.
by Judicial Watch

Federal judge strikes down California gun purchase waiting period in some cases
Waiting period no longer applies to current gun owners.
by Fox News
 Rep. Stewart seeking to demilitarize federal regulatory agencies
Cops no different than an invading army.
by Lisa Riley Roche

Bill Gates, Wife, Donate $1 Million to Gun Background Check Initiative
Gates follows Paul Allen’s lead with donation to Wash. state initiative.
by Associated Press
Voters are Tied to the Streetcar Tracks
Your leaders have little more than contempt for your directions.
by G. Joseph McLiney

High School Student Suspended for Saying 'Bless You' to Student Who Sneezed
‘We’re Not Going To Have Godly Speaking.’
by CBS Charlotte
Police Captain Unleashes Ferguson Riot Cops Against Journalists
Reporters assaulted, arrested, threatened with death.
by Mikael Thalen

Federal Judge Denies ACLU Challenge to Tactics Used Against Ferguson
ACLU sought to prevent the state highway patrol from enforcing requirements that protesters remain moving unless they are gathered in an “organized protest area.”
by My Central Oregon
D.C. Asks for More Time as it Ponders Ruling Throwing Out Handgun Carry Ban
Court has upheld the government’s right to ban guns from “sensitive places” such as schools, post offices and libraries.
by Peter Hermann

Smart-gun Inventor Threatens AG Holder: "I'll Burn It Down"
“‘If you try to mandate my smart-gun technology, I’ll burn it down.’ The Intelligun is designed to save lives, not restrict freedom.”
by Thomas R. Eddlem
Moms: Don't Flash Your Gun at Kroger
Moms Demand Action wants grocery chain to ban customers from openly carrying guns.
by Katie Lobosco

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Mayor Charged with Bribery
Latest member of Bloomberg-backed group to have legal troubles.
by CJ Ciaramella
'I'm from the government and I'm here to rewrite your sermon'
Feared federal agency using ‘intimidation’ to ‘chill speech’ of pastors.
by Bob Unruh