Arizona Governor signs bill making ballot access more difficult for Libertarians
Amount of signatures necessary to get on the ballot will rise dramatically.
by The Libertarian Party
Colombians Get Decades for Murdering DEA Agent
Men admitted they were part of a kidnapping ring that targeted people they thought were rich.
by Courthouse News

Bundy’s Stand for Liberty Still Frightens Establishment
Media, government lies about real reason for standoff.
Obama's Legacy: Transgender Bathroom Crusade
Obama’s power grab: regulating bathroom signs!

Cops Threaten Dog Owner With $750,000 Fine Over 'Missing Dog' Posters
Washington, D.C., practically bans First Amendment.
by Kit Daniels
Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?
The colonists suffered under the weight of countless tyrannies before they finally were emboldened to stand their ground.
by John Whitehead

Residents fleeing high-tax states
States with highest taxes also have the largest gaps in wealth.
by Stephen Moore
Paul Questions Hillary's Sincerity on Women's Rights
The Clintons have a “history of feeling like they’re above the law.”
by Truth Revolt

What Romance Can Tell Us About Government Regulation
Freedom isn’t perfect, but government makes things worse.
by Julian Adorney
House bill bans fake guns — not real guns — near schools
Ban included in larger bill that would nix any local laws prohibiting people with gun permits from taking guns to parks.
by Tennessean

Smart Meters: Enforcement Of Mandatory Water Restrictions Is Only Just The Beginning
Smart meters are now being used by authorities to crack down on “water wasters” in the state of California.
by Michael Snyder
Democrats: IRS can pay gun owners to turn in their guns
A Democrat lawmaker is going to introduce a bill next week designed to relieve Americans of burdensome taxes in exchange for their guns.
by Bizpac Review

Glenn Greenwald in North Texas: NSA Surveillance Program is ‘Antithesis’ of Fourth Amendment
The risk of dying in a terrorism attack is less than getting struck by lightning.
by Glenn Hunter
2014 highest year for unregistered weapons at Fort Hood
Under current policy, all service members must register any personal firearms kept on the installation…
by Chris McGuinness

Obama Administration: Most Criminal, Least Transparent
Rule by presidential decree.
Automakers Say You Don’t Really Own Your Car
Group attempts to give drivers the right to tweak vehicle settings.
by Kit Walsh