Superior Court: Wash. State Can't Ban Medical Marijuana Ads
State law said to be constitutionally vague and an impermissible restraint on commercial speech.
by Courthouse News
Former Facebook president kicks in $250K to gun control campaign
Exec donates funds to Nevadans for Background Checks.
by Chris Eger

People Have More Money? Let’s Tax It!
Your money or your life, according to tax agents.
by John P. Cochran
LA Times Demands Info on $40B Defense System
Defense Department blocked request for financial information last year.
by Matt Reynolds

Do we even need a State of the Union address anymore?
It’s all lies anyway.
by Philip Bump
Homeowner not charged after shooting Oklahoma police chief three times in raid: cops
Authorities believe Dallas Horton, a gun enthusiast whose home is plastered with signs warning of zombies, had no idea police were raiding his Sentinel, Okla., house Thursday morning when he shot Chief Louis Ross.
by Nicole Hensley

Washington State Senate bans open-carry guns in public gallery
“We’re just noting that open carry is a form of demonstration and it’s no different than carrying a placard or something else of that nature.”
by AP
David Cameron Responds to Pope: There is a right to cause offense
“If someone says something offensive about Jesus… I don’t have a right to wreak my vengeance upon them.”
by CBS News

Liam Neeson blames guns for Charlie Hebdo
“There’s too many [expletive] guns out there.”
by Marwa Hamad
How Middle Eastern Governments Are Buying Off the U.S. Political Process
American public has little influence over the policies government adopts.
by Zero Hedge

GOP lawmaker offers bill to block treating Internet as utility
FCC proposal originates from “19th century shipping regulations,” he said.
by Mario Trujillo
Cake maker who refused to bake for gay wedding labeled a 'Nazi'
State official compares his religion beliefs to slaveholders and Nazis.
by The Washington Times

Utah Lawmaker Wants To Expand Right To Carry Guns To Buses And Trains
Arguing it should be no different than carrying a gun or knife on the street.
by AP
Legal Pot Turns One in Colorado
…And the sky isn’t falling.
by Mark Thornton

Ted Cruz on Mitt Romney: No Need for ‘Mushy Middle’
“It’s a failed electoral strategy,” he said.
by Ben Schreckinger
Morgan Stanley Cleared on Pre-2008 Disclosures
Morgan Stanley’s failure to make disclosures may have been negligent, but not fraudulent, the court ruled.
by Lorraine Bailey