ACLU Targeting Louisiana School Over Educator's 'God Bless You' Greeting
“The United States Constitution requires public schools to ensure that state-supported activity is not used for religious indoctrination,” ACLU says.
by Fox News
Constitution Violated In Front of Constitution Center
Constitutional rights openly violated in Philadelphia.
by Jakari Jackson

Bill Clinton accuses GOP, media of stoking email controversy
“I’ve never seen so much expended on so little.”
by Ben Kamisar
DC Has Lost Another Gun Rights Case
Three-judge panel has thrown out several gun registration requirements.
by Hans von Spakovsky

Bayer Busted for $5.6 Million Over Deadly Chemical Blast
Explosion killed 2 workers at pesticide plant.
by Christina Sarich
Smartphone passcodes are protected by the Fifth Amendment, says US court
Ruling came as insider trading case between Securities and Exchange Commission and two ex-employees of credit card company drew to a conclusion.
by Lee Munson

Poll Shows Most US Citizens Lack Choice Due to Two-Party System
Vast majority of Americans believe a third US political party is needed.
by Sputnik
Top Mass. Court: Cops Can't Stop a Car Just Because It Smells Like Pot
Marijuana odor by itself does not justify a car search.
by Jacob Sullum

Family of Florida Boy Poisoned by Fumigation Chemicals Sues Terminix
As the child suffers a catastrophic brain injury.
by Julie Fidler

GMO Farmers Sue to Block GM Crop Ban in Josephine County, Oregon
One day before it goes live…
by Christina Sarich
The Teflon Toxin Goes to Court
“Kidney cancer occurs every day all across this great country of ours.”
by Sharon Lerner

Carson: Muslim shouldn't be elected president
“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” he said.
by Hope Yen
Coca-Cola Says IRS Is Demanding $3.3 Billion in Taxes Following Audit
Agency wants more money for global sales.
by Bloomberg