Why Do Libertarians Pay Taxes?
Libertarians pay taxes so they don’t get killed by an IRS agent for resisting arrest.
by Laurence M. Vance
Alan Dershowitz: 2nd Amendment ‘An Absurd Thing’ In Our Constitution
“If I could write the Bill of Rights over again, I would skip amendment number two.”
by AWR Hawkins

Lawmakers Vote to Let Obama Take Your Passport Without Trial
The scheme does not even include a way to challenge your status as a non-person involuntarily trapped inside U.S. borders on orders from the secretary of state.
by New American
IRS Used Instant Messaging System to Hide Internal Communications
Instant messaging system did not archive any communications.
by ATR.org

EFF asks judge to rule NSA spying on Internet backbone undermines 4th Amendment
Seizure and search of communications from the Internet backbone.
by Xeni Jardin

Law Enforcement Agency’s Big Announcement Reveals Obama’s 2nd Amendment Attacks Have Backfired Big Time
Americans have responded to the ostensible slight by purchasing more guns.
by Western Journalism

Obama: Inaction on Guns Biggest Frustration of My Presidency
“The United States is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient, common-sense gun safety laws,” he said.
by Jordan Fabian
Boehner Won't Say That GOP House Will Defund Planned Parenthood
House speaker refuses to stand against abortion-provider?
by Brittany M. Hughes

Infringers Spend More On Content Than Non-Infringers
Customers want content on-demand at prices that make sense.
by Timothy Geigner
Texas Traffic Stop Goes Horribly Wrong
Investigation into death of woman continues.
by Infowars Nightly News

Missed Calls: Is the NSA lying about its failure to prevent 9/11?
NSA whistleblowers weigh in on September 11 attack.
by James Bamford
Groups Threaten to Block Obama Administration’s Latest Gun Control Move
Republicans send letter urging Social Security to abandon plan.
by Stephen Gutowski

GOP Moves to Defund Planned Parenthood
Bill would pull millions in taxpayer dollars from nation’s largest abortionist.
by Bill McMorris
The 100 Most Influential Pro-Gun Rights Advocates
Second Amendment supporters can take heart that gun rights champions are a major force in our country today.
by John Blosser