Gay Activists Demand Churches Lose Their Tax Exempt Status… Already?!
Remember how the leftists said all of the Christian worrying over the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage was bunk?
by Louder With Crowder
Supreme Court takes up major case on public sector union dues
Members of the Supreme Court’s conservative wing have criticized the precedent.
by Lawrence Hurley

U.S. Top Court Rules Against Obama Administration Over Air Pollution Rule
Leaves the legal status of the regulation in limbo…
by Lawrence Hurley
Supreme Court Decision Supports Choose Life License Plates in North Carolina
Supreme Court ordered U.S. Court of Appeals to reconsider case in light of high court’s June 18 decision in another license plate case…
by Steven Ertelt

U.S. Justices Turn Down States Over Voter Registration Restrictions
Two states will not be able to require applicants to show proof of citizenship.
by Lawrence Hurley
Texas AG: County Clerks Can Refuse Gay Couples
Can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples based on religious objections to gay marriage…
by Chuck Lindell

The ACLU Now Opposes Religious Freedom Because Christians Need It
The Sometimes Civil Liberties Union.
by Robby Soave
Federal Judge Orders Brady Center to Pay Ammo Dealer’s Legal Fees After Dismissing Lawsuit
Lucky Gunner says it will donate the money to gun rights groups.
by Stephen Gutowski

Scott Walker expanding gun-ownership rights
Waiting period on firearms’ purchases is unnecessary.
by Cheryl Chumley
Will Clintons Commit More Murder Once Back In Power?
Clintons sure have a lust for blood.
by The Alex Jones Show

Obamatrade: Biggest Threat To U.S. Since American Revolution
Worse than the Stamp Act!!
by The Alex Jones Show
Soft Tyranny in Albuquerque: The Politics of Better Call Saul!
In order to regulate every aspect of our lives, the government cannot go it alone — it works through a web of intermediaries.
by Paul A. Cantor

Rand Paul's Implausible Flat Tax
Tax cut for high earners and businesses with almost no direct benefits for most Americans.
by Ramesh Ponnuru
Charleston Shooting Exploited to End 2nd Amendment
Big Pharma, not gun owners, should take heat for mass shootings.
by Jon Bowne

Stephen King calls for gun control in response to church shooting
“Too many closed minds” on Second Amendment.
by Daniel Terrill
Gov. Nikki Haley will call for Confederate flag removal
Governor’s office stopped short of saying the reasons.
by Jeremy Turnage