WaPo Writer: Black Votes Should Count For More Than White Votes
“Racial reconciliation is impossible without some kind of broad-based, systemic reparations.”
by Daily Caller
Dozens of Clinton Emails Were Classified from the Start, U.S. Rules Suggest
“If a foreign minister just told the secretary of state something in confidence, by U.S. rules that is classified…”
by Jonathan Allen

Trump on Immigration — the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
There’s much to like, but also much to be concerned.
by David Knight
So Who is “Deez Nuts”? Meet the 15-Year-Old Libertarian-Leaning Iowan Named Brady Olson
Forget Trump, this is the real protest vote.
by Michael Krieger

Obama Administration Supports Privacy-Invasive "Cybersecurity" Bill
POTUS continues fight against privacy rights.
by Mark Jaycox
Obama Threatens Veto of Bill to Rein in Regulatory Regime
A better solution than the REINS Act would be for members of Congress to simply obey their oath of office to the U.S. Constitution.
by Alex Newman

New Polls: Trump's a Legit Candidate
Trump is viewed as a real candidate.
by Philip Bump
In Lawsuit Challenging DEA Bulk Surveillance, Judge Gives Rare OK to Discovery
EFF filed suit on behalf of Human Rights Watch against the DEA, DHS, FBI.
by Mark Rumold

New Yorker Decides US Has Too Much Free Speech; Dismisses 'Free Speech Extremists'
Publication compares “speech nuts” to “gun nuts.”
by Mike Masnick
Trump on Clinton Emails: "It's A Criminal Problem"
Clinton may soon be finished politically.
by The Alex Jones Show

Hillary Jokes About FBI Investigation
Clinton responds to accusations with arrogance.
by The Alex Jones Show
Grassroots Nullification: Ky. Clerk Says “No” to Homosexual “Marriage” Licenses
Nullification is simply when states declare that since a given federal action is unconstitutional, they will not abide by it.
by Selwyn Duke

Arkansas Becomes 4th State to De-Fund Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Babies
“This organization does not represent the values of the people of our state and Arkansas is better served by terminating any and all existing contracts with them.”
by Steven Ertelt
Rand Paul: Don’t Trade Liberty for Security, ‘You’ll Wind Up With Neither’
“Why don’t we use the Fourth Amendment?” Paul asked. “Why don’t we take the suspicion, get a judge and get a warrant?”
by Kate Scanlon

Meet the FBI's Latest Patsies
FBI known to pressure suspects into joining Jihad.
by Lee Ann McAdoo
Sign at Gun Range Proclaims Establishment is 'Muslim free'
Islamic group responds by citing Civil Rights Act.
by Samantha Vicent