Court tells Corps of Engineers to allow guns on property
Army bans Second Amendment on land it controls.
by Chris Eger
5-Year Old Child Forced To Sign 'Non-Suicide Agreement' After Crayon Gun Drawing
“Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” girl asked parents.
by Steve Watson

Atheist jailed for denying ‘higher power’ in Calif. drug rehab gets $2M
Barry Hazle Jr. sued state and treatment center for violating his religious liberty.
by Marisa Taylor

Houston backs off subpoenas for pastors' sermons on homosexuality
City backs off attack on First Amendment.
by Valerie Richardson
Gun Rights Group Threatens Second Lawsuit
“We’ve been to court already; do we really want to go back to federal court?”
by David Lee

School Board Votes To Remove, Cover Biblical Verses On High School Monument
Will have to be modified to comply with state and federal laws…
by CBS Atlanta
Washington State: Bill Gates is Coming for Your Guns
Microsoft billionaires throwing big bucks at the gun control campaign.
by Tim Brown

Courts Block Voter ID Laws In Texas, Wisconsin
A federal judge likened Texas’ strict voter ID requirement to a poll tax deliberately meant to suppress minority voter turnout and struck it down less than a month before Election Day — and mere hours after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked a similar measure in Wisconsin. The twin rulings released Thursday evening represent major and […]
by Associated Press
CBS Buries Poor Approval Ratings for Obama, Democrats Ahead of Midterms
Latest CBS News poll shows poor ratings by Democrats for a variety of issues.
by Curtis Houck

Investigator Told to Delay Secret Service Prostitution Report Until After Election
Obama administration repeatedly denied anyone from the White House was involved.
by Carol D. Leonnig and David Nakamura
Obama's FCC Poised to Regulate Internet
One proposal would allow ISPs to give preferable treatment to certain web sites.
by John Gizzi

Judge Says Conspiracy Led to His Sudden Removal
Judge claims termination due to refusal to grant illegal arrest warrants.
by Courtney Walters
Federal Judge Rules Police Violated First Amendment Rights Of Ferguson Protesters
Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said people couldn’t stand peacefully in public.
by Justin Baragona

Landscaper claiming employer fired him for owning gun files suit
Supervisor fired employee after asking if he owned guns.
by Chris Eger
Gun Clinic Caters to Blind People
Non-profit organization takes visually impaired persons on Second Amendment outing.
by Adan Salazar