House Committee Miffed in Fast & Furious Saga
“The attorney general has not even attempted to demonstrate a pressing need for a stay.”
by Ryan Abbott

Video: Cop Insists Travel is a Privilege Granted by the State
Police completely ignorant of the concept of god-given natural rights.
by Kurt Nimmo
Political Prisoner Dinesh D'Souza Sentenced to Eight Months
Told radio host he was targeted and set up.
by Reuters

Second Amendment: Original Meaning and Purpose
A “well regulated” militia meant militias needed to be well regulated through training and drilling.
by Tj Martinell
Yelp Fined $450K for Snooping on Children
Yelp ordered to destroy information collected from children.
by Arvin Temkar

Federal court rules police raid of barber shop excessive, unreasonable
Court documents tell of an armored and masked group of deputies who stormed the business over licensing.
by Chris Eger
Armed Utah Teacher Aims to Protect her Kids
2 dozen states allow legal owners to carry guns in public schools.
by Kate Murphy

Student punished for bringing empty shell casing to school
Empty piece of metal “violated” school weapons policy.
by Kyle Olson
New Jersey Democrats Accused of Using Unethical Campaigning, ‘Gutter’ Tactics
Voters report ‘push poll’ designed to depress GOP turnout.
by Mary Lou Byrd

Feds force gun stores to collect race info on customers
An unconstitutional invasion of privacy.
by Kelly Riddell
Legalize Heroin
What business is it of the government?
by Laurence M. Vance

School House Rock -- The Constitution
Preamble set to music.
FL: Women increasingly buying and carrying guns
Women already make up nearly one-quarter of concealed weapon permit holders.
by Todd Dunn

Constitution Week Set to Begin
Constitution is the oldest document still in active use that outlines the self-government of a people.
by Fremont Tribune
House Set to Vote on Audit the Fed
Late Friday night, Campaign for Liberty received confirmation that H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, or Audit the Fed as it’s better known, sponsored this Congress by Rep. Paul Broun will receive a vote as soon as this Tuesday! Now, with the bill coming up “under suspension of the rules,” it will take 2/3rds […]
by Tim Shoemaker