EBay to cut jobs, sell enterprise unit ahead of PayPal split
Ebay to split from PayPal.
by Deepa Seetharaman
​China and Switzerland to launch yuan trading in Zurich
“It is an important step in the internationalization of the yuan, especially in Europe.”
by RT

How the middle class has fragmented under Obama
Only 44 percent of Americans define themselves as middle class.
by Rick Newman
Morgan Stanley is bringing back the Wall Street bonus
Morgan Stanley said profit rose to $1.04 billion in the fourth quarter.
by Shelly Banjo

 Halliburton, Baker Hughes to lay off thousands as oil slumps
Global oil prices have tumbled almost 60% since June.
by Reuters
Texas Preparing For Oil Bust
Will Texas enter a recession in 2015?
by AP

Cheap Oil Affecting American Businesses
Hiring freezes in America’s oil fields.
by Henry C. Jackson
West Texas oil producers reduce capital budgets, rig count
OPEC pushing domestic producers out of production.
by Associated Press

Target to shut 133 Canada stores to stem massive losses
More than 17,600 employees will eventually lose their jobs.
by Associated Press
Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar
Rapidly shaping up as the most illiquid market in history.
by Zero Hedge

Insider Reveals Collapse Timeline
When will an economic collapse happen?
by Infowars.com
Bait & Switch: "Economic Development" in the States
Businesses do not locate in any one place solely because of the tax laws.
by Jeff Scribner

Oil Collapse of 1986 Shows Rebound Could Be Years Away
Prices after ’86 collapse didn’t return until 1990.
by Mark Shenk
Gallup CEO Blasts US Leadership "The Economy Is Not Coming Back"
Focus on the almighty entrepreneurs and business builders.
by Jim Clifton

World Bank cuts global economic outlook despite oil price drop
“The global economy is at a disconcerting juncture,” World Bank chief economist said.
by Anna Yukhananov
Stocks plunge as retail sales, JPMorgan disappoint
Stocks have taken investors on a wild ride so far this year.
by Adam Shell