This 2 Day Stock Market Crash Was Larger Than Any 1 Day Stock Market Crash In U.S. History
This 888 point crash comes in the 8th month of our calendar.
by Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse: World's Richest People Lose $182 Billion
Wall Street correction begins.
by Bloomberg

Dow Plunges 531 Points in Global Selloff
Largest weekly drop since 2008.
by The Wall Street Journal
Operation Choke Point: The Government's Covert War on Small Business
Feds and big banks targeting entrepreneurship in America.
by Zach Weissmueller

Sinking currencies point to jitters about emerging economies
Dow Jones industrials plunged 328 points.
by AP
S&P 500 Breaks Below 2,000, Crashes Into Red Year-Over-Year
S&P 500 has broken below the crucial 2,000 level.
by Zero Hedge

Dollar Slips as Fed Rate Hike Hopes Recede, Euro Rises
Bets dwindled on the Federal Reserve next month raising US interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.
by Reuters
Head of EPA Admits Climate Regulations Will Hit Low-Income Minority Families Hardest
“We know that low-income minority communities would be hardest hit.”
by Nicolas Loris

Economic Crisis: Soros-Linked Billionaire Buys Up Gold
Major gold purchase indicates coming financial collapse.
by Kit Daniels
The Truth About The FDA
Big Pharma following well-traveled path toward socialism.
by Timothy D. Terrell

Minimum-wage Offensive Could Speed Arrival of Robot-powered Restaurants
Robots don’t strike or demand higher wages.
by Lydia DePillis
Did You Know That The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All?
Once upon a time, it was popular to say that the U.S. government only had enough wheat stored up to provide everyone in America with half a loaf of bread.
by Michael Snyder

Ron Paul: Fed May Not Hike Because 'everything is vulnerable'
China’s move to devalue its currency roiled the markets last week, and stoked new fears about the health of the world’s third largest economy.
by Amanda Diaz
Economic Expert: How China Will Win The Currency War
Financial analyst Peter Schiff breaks down what he thinks will cause the coming economic collapse and who will come out on top.

F-35 slammed as 'inferior' to older American & foreign fighters
Mig-29 and the Su-27 better than F-35, according to report.
by RT
Expert: Weeks Till Global Collapse
There’s a severe risk of a market crash.
by The Alex Jones Show