Bastiat’s Economic Sophisms Is Now More Important Than Ever
Bastiat wasn’t a Keynesian, that’s for sure.
European Banks, Bonds Shaken by Greek Turmoil
Stocks fall, bonds up as Greece veers toward default.
by Rodrigo Campos

Puerto Rico Bonds Are Collapsing
Without the “luxury” of default, what is PR to do?
by Zero Hedge
"Easy Money" Lets Governments Avoid Free-Market Reforms
Money manipulation allows for more gov’t intervention.
by Frank Hollenbeck

Will the EPA’s New Carbon Rules Shut Down the Coal Industry?
Obama previously admitted that his policies would bankrupt coal.
by Arleen Richards
Poll: 72% fear economic crash, concern 'highest ever'
“Concern over the economy is the highest I’ve ever seen.”
by Paul Bedard

The Truth About Minimum Wages
Minimum wage has done nothing to stop poverty.
by Hal Snarr
Dollar Weakens Slightly as Greek Debt Talks Continue
Market continues to get whipsawed by Greek headlines.
by James Ramage

Will Seizure of Russian Assets Hasten Dollar Decline?
The existence of a country that won’t kowtow to Washington’s demands is an unforgivable sin, to be punished with economic sanctions…
by Ron Paul

Greek finance minister says "we are heading for a deal"
Greece needs agreement with creditors to avert threat of default at the end of the month.
by Reuters
'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers
It may be time to put money under the mattress. High profile fund managers explain how to prepare for a ‘systemic event.’
by Andrew Oxlade

New York Lawyer Goes Nuts Over Texas Gold Plan
Establishment defends Fed in vain.
by Ryan McMaken
Goldman Sachs restricts intern workday to... 17 hours
All of its summer interns across the world were informed of the new working hours.
by Rupert Neate

Wealth Must Be Created Before We Can Give It To the Poor
The impact of wealth creation and entrepreneurship is enormous.
by Steve Patterson
There’s a Pile of Gold in Manhattan. Texas Wants It Back.
“We want to show off our strength and resilience,” said lawmaker who sponsored the repatriation bill.
by Lauren Etter