Merkel Urges France Reforms Suggesting Lower Deficit Will Follow
“Higher spending doesn’t create growth.”
by Arne Delfs
Gold Ends Firmer On Short Covering, Bargain Hunting
Silver also slightly up.
by Kitco News

UK Would be the Poorest State if Joined the US - Report
Britain would fall behind Kansas, Alabama and Missouri.
by RT
"Tax Me More" Buffett To Finance Burger King's Tax Inversion Deal
If you are making over a $1 billion, you’re good to go with tax-avoidance strategies.
by Zero Hedge

U.S. New Home Sales Fall Again
Results fell well short.
by Payton Guion
French Government Dissolves over Economic Policy
New government to be announced Tuesday.
by Associated Press

Burger King Might Become a Canadian Company
The burger behemoth could reincorporate in Canada, and thereby lower its tax liabilities, if it buys donut chain Tim Hortons.
by Alexis Hauk
Food stamp fraud rampant: GAO report
Welfare recipients greatly increased from 2009 to 2013.
by Fox News

Average Price of Ground Beef Hits All-Time High
Average price for pound of ground beef up 12 percent since last year.
by Ali Meyer
No Fed fireworks, but plenty of clues, expected at Jackson Hole
Policymakers will discuss at length their thinking around the labor markets.
by Andy Bruce

 The Global Economy Is In a Depression (Video)
What’s happening in Germany is happening all over the world.
by Peter Schiff
Investment Guru Warns: “The Market Is Very Crash-Prone… Very Fragile”
Ahead of the collapse of 2008 well known investment manager Bill Fleckenstein warned that real estate and stocks were headed for a crash.
by Mac Slavo

"Soros Put" Rises To Record: Is The Billionaire Investor Betting On Market Crash?
Has some people concerned the founder of “open societies” may be anticipating some major market downside…
by Zero Hedge
Europe’s Greater Depression is worse than the 1930s
Greater depression will only get more so.
by Matt O'Brien

Albertson's stores hacked for credit card data
Company hasn’t announced how many customers might be affected.
by Jose Pagliery
NAFTA Is 20 Years Old – Here Are 20 Facts That Show How It Is Destroying The Economy
It amazes me how the American people can fall for the same lies over and over again.
by Michael Snyder