BRICS Shake Up Global Economic Architecture
IMF rep.: “..first step toward a multilateral world.”
by Jeremy Tordjman
 Fighting in Ukraine, Gaza sends Wall Street lower
Downing of Malaysia Flight 17 also worries investors
by Rodrigo Campos

Wall Street Adapts to New Regulatory Regime
Banks are cutting ties with businesses that could attract extra regulatory scrutiny.
by Victoria McGrane And Julie Steinberg
Sanctions and Airliners
Washington’s attitude toward Russia is formed by the Wolfowitz Doctrine.
by Paul Craig Roberts

The Losers From U.S. Sanctions: AMERICAN Businesses
American power plants are “desperately” turning to Russia for their coal.
by Zero Hedge
Here Is The Source Of "More Than 95% Of The Market Rally In Q2"
Relentless surge in the S&P500 continues not on the back of “solid fundamentals.”
by Zero Hedge

Jet downing, weak earnings rattle stock market
Weak indicator for the housing market also a factor.
by Associated Press
Microsoft Will Cut As Many As 18,000 Jobs
Company says it will complete most of the layoffs by the end of this year.
by Bill Chappell

Europe Tumbles As Banks Lose All 2014 Gains
Don’t worry though — the people on TV told us that it’s all contained.
by Zero Hedge
EPA Claims It Has the Power to Garnish Wages Without Court Approval
Authority to unilaterally garnish the wages of individuals who have been accused of violating its rules?
by Fox News

UK MPs 'Horrified' by HMRC Overriding Magna Carta by Raiding Bank Accounts
Would allow HMRC to siphon cash directly out of ordinary Britons’ bank accounts..
by Lianna Brinded
Germany Blesses "Bail-In" Deposit Confiscation Plan For Failing EU Banks
As a gentle reminder – creditors includes depositors… remember Cyprus?
by Zero Hedge

Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?
The Fed could be preparing to do exactly what it said it wouldn’t.
by Zero Hedge
US, Citi Near Multibillion Dollar Deal to Settle Mortgage Probe
A settlement could be announced as early as next week..

Hedge Funds Shifting More Assets Into Gold
Gold Shines Again as Hedge Funds Boost Wagers on Advance.
by Marvin G. Perez
Virtual Economy’s Phantom Job Gains Are Based on Statistical Fraud
And more fraud is in the works..
by Paul Craig Roberts