Los Angeles union wants to be exempt from $15 minimum wage it fought for
Union officials argue exemption will allow them to negotiate better contracts.
by Jana Kasperkevic
The War On Cash: Why Now?
Eradication of cash only benefits governments and central banks.
by Charles Hugh Smith

Bankers Are The True Criminals
Central banks are the most fraudulent institutions in existence.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Homeownership reaches lowest level in 50 years
More people can’t afford new houses.
by Omar Jimenez

Banks Tracking Physical Location of Customers
Corporations collect data on your ATM transactions.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Copper, China And World Trade Are All Screaming That The Next Economic Crisis Is Here
The closer that we get to this next crisis, the clearer that everything is becoming.
by Michael Snyder

The Stock Market's Ugly Truth - Only 6 Stocks Matter
U.S. equities are being pushed along by the fewest stocks in more than 15 years.
by Zero Hedge
Dow Jones Industrial Average Sinks 100 Points After Chinese Stocks Tumble 8.5% In Shanghai Index
Stock market tumbled 8.5 percent, suffering its biggest one-day loss since 2007.
by Jessica Menton

Central Banks and Our Dysfunctional Gold Markets
Central banks are manipulating gold markets.
by Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna
Medicare Paid Out ‘Improperly’ $60Bln in 2014
US government has documented massive financial abuses.
by Sputnik

Greek Debt Crisis Shakes US Citizens' Confidence in National Economy – Poll
Last week’s uncertainty took its toll on US citizens’ confidence in their own economy.
by Sputnik
57% of Americans see the US economy "getting worse"
Slump in confidence continues.
by News Forage

Massive Paper Gold Manipulation
$2.7 billion dollars in paper gold dumped on the market Sunday night.
by Investment Watch
China Finally Reveals How Much Gold It Has
They want to keep prices low so they can keep accumulating more.
by Joshua Krause

Take Cover - Wall Street Is Breaking Out The Bubblies
It was irrational exuberance on steroids.
by David Stockman
Shock Report: Are State Agencies Covering for Big Banks?
How long will it last?
by Infowars Nightly News