This Is For The ‘Nothing Is Happening’ Crowd…
Without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.
by Michael Snyder
Obamacare’s Largest Co-Op Collapses, Marking 4th Failure of the Year
“We believe it is in the best interests of our members…”
by Natalie Johnson

Governments Turn to the UN to Avoid Paying Their Debts
This is how the globalists consolidate control.
by Nicolás Cachanosky
Average American Worker Earns Less Today Than 40 Years Ago
Inflation explodes, salaries do not.

What Recovery? 9.4 Million More Americans Below Poverty Line Than Pre-Crisis
Median earners were -8.1% worse off in 2011.
by Zero Hedge
Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops As Wall Street Weighs Federal Reserve Uncertainty, Looming Government Shutdown
Federal Reserve officials could provide more clues as to the timing of the central bank’s inevitable rate hike.
by Jessica Menton

17.4 million Americans hit by identity theft last year
66% of victims suffered direct financial losses.
by Daniel Chaitin
Smoke and Mirrors: Numerous Facts Prove US is Sinking in Poverty
28 percent of all Americans do not have a single cent of savings in case of emergency.
by Sputnik

If Pope Francis Wants to Help the Poor, He Should Embrace Capitalism
So what’s behind the pope’s agenda?
by Stephanie Slade
China, Not Washington State, Will Build New Boeing 737 Jets
Boeing’s pivot to Asia is underway.
by Cole Stangler

Trade Off: Greeks Turn to Barter as Country Runs Out of Cash
“It’s a modern bartering system and we encourage people to see that trading still has value.”
by Sputnik
IMF Chief Urges All Lenders to Join Ukraine Debt Deal
Asking lenders to write off some of the crisis-wrecked country’s massive debt.

China May Have to Sell $1.2 Trillion in Reserves Every Year
“There has already been a slowing in the pace of demand for the yuan carry trade.”
by Valentin Schmid
100 Years of Government's "Managed" Health Care
Intrinsic deficiency in knowledge a primary cause of gov’t failure.
by Michel Accad