CNN Tells Americans That The Stock Market Is Not Going To Crash
On Wednesday we witnessed the third largest single day point gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average ever.
by Michael Snyder
Reliving the Crash of '29
The seeds of 1929 were sown and cultivated by the American government.
by Murray N. Rothbard

Stocks Leap About 4% in Recovery, Best Day Since 2011
Rebound from six consecutive days of decline.
by Evelyn Cheng
During Every Market Crash There Are Big Ups, Big Downs And Giant Waves Of Momentum
This is exactly the type of market behavior that we would expect to see during the early stages of a major financial crisis.
by Michael Snyder

DOW, S&P Close Lower in Biggest Reversal Since Oct. 08
Index also posted its first six-day losing streak since July 2012.
by Evelyn Cheng
US Oil Finishes Below $40 for First Time Since 2009
Prices sank on worries about China’s weakening economy after an equities sell-off.
by AFP

Infowars Predicted Collapse as MSM Covered It Up
Mainstream media covers up Fed’s role in creating recessions, depressions.
by Infowars Nightly News
Secrets to Protect Yourself From the Market Crash
It’s inevitable.
by The Alex Jones Show

Operation Choke Point: The Government's Covert War on Small Business
Feds and big banks targeting entrepreneurship in America.
by Zach Weissmueller
Sinking currencies point to jitters about emerging economies
Dow Jones industrials plunged 328 points.
by AP

S&P 500 Breaks Below 2,000, Crashes Into Red Year-Over-Year
S&P 500 has broken below the crucial 2,000 level.
by Zero Hedge
Dollar Slips as Fed Rate Hike Hopes Recede, Euro Rises
Bets dwindled on the Federal Reserve next month raising US interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.
by Reuters

Head of EPA Admits Climate Regulations Will Hit Low-Income Minority Families Hardest
“We know that low-income minority communities would be hardest hit.”
by Nicolas Loris
Dow Jones Industrial Average Plunges 200 Points On Global Growth Fears
Global markets shaken as faith in currencies fall.
by Jessica Menton

Economic Collapse: Don’t Be Fooled By Our Current Price Stability
Note that during 1927 to the end of 1928, the US consumer price index was displaying relative stability.
by Frank Shostak
Federal Reserve Directly Responsible for Recessions, Depressions
The root cause is central banks’ producing fake money out of thin air.
by Thorsten Polleit