How GDP Metrics Distort Our View of the Economy
GDP is designed to advance the Keynesian agenda.
by Christopher P. Casey
Is The Dam Bursting?
The fact that these deficient economic estimates continue in April instead of the forecasted and pleaded rebound has raised more serious concerns even among those most loyal to the mainline tendencies. It is getting more difficult to deny that there is a major economic problem brewing, one which may already be rather severe despite the […]
by Jeffrey Snider

Kohl's Corporation Stock Price Tumbles 11%
Department Store’s Sales Hit By Harsh Winter Weather.
by Jessica Menton
Wholesale Deflation Strikes US Economy: April PPI Has Biggest Annual Drop In 5 Years
Wholesale deflation rages and countless charts are screaming recession.
by Zero Hedge

Connecticut's Novel Way to Kill Jobs and Tax Employers
The down side of mandated wages.
by Christopher J. O'Connell
7,231,000 Lost Jobs: Manufacturing Employment Down 37% From 1979 Peak
Economy continues to crumble as feds say otherwise.
by Terence P. Jeffrey

Gold Pushes Above $1,200 Following Downbeat U.S. Retail Sales
June Comex gold was last up $12.10 at $1,204.50 an ounce.
by Kitco
HSBC WARNS: The world economy faces a 'titanic problem'
Treasury yields have not risen, budget deficit not falling, welfare payments are on the rise.
by Akin Oyedele

Feds set tax haul record: $472B in one month
Big government’s failure on display.
by Stephen Dinan
Seven Changes Needed in Baltimore and Ferguson Right Now
Civil unrest linked to Federal Reserve, fractional banking.
by Mark Thornton

Financial Warfare and the Declining Dollar
Global demand for the dollar collapsing.
by Ryan McMaken
Bank Reserves and Loans: The Fed is Pushing On a String
It can’t (yet) force us to borrow money we don’t want or need.
by Charles Hugh Smith

The Texas Job Recession Is Now Literally "Off The Chart"
Job recession in Texas has not been this bad since the last of the second Great Depression.
by Zero Hedge
Chinese Company Moves To Replace 90% Of Its Workforce With Robots
A major adjustment for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people.
by Michael Krieger

Military Site’s Forecast for 2025: Economic Collapse Will Lead to Massive 78% Depopulation in America
It effectively could throw the U.S. back into an age of agriculture.
by Mac Slavo