IMF's Lagarde says women vital for global recovery
The head of the IMF says the global economy is not utilizing women effectively.
by AP
More Americans than forecast file jobless claims
Jobless claims climbed by 11,000.
by Bloomberg News

Postal Service Halts Deliveries to Low Mail Slots Forcing Workers to Bend Over
“Whatever happened to the post office delivering your mail in snow, sleet, hurricane?”
by William Bigelow
Professional Investors Are Preparing For A Stock Market Crash
“You definitely are seeing managers reduce risk levels.”
by David Zeiler

Number of aging Americans paying student loans soars
People aged 65 and older still carrying some $18.2 billion in unpaid student loans.
by Scott Malone
World Bank warns of global jobs crisis
“As this report makes clear, there is a shortage of jobs — and quality jobs”
by AFP

More Atlantic City Casinos File for Bankruptcy
Trump Entertainment currently holds more than $285 million in debt.
by Wayne Parry
CFR Floats Free Money
Handing out money for nothing will send inflation through the roof.
by Kurt Nimmo

Soros Signals Argentina’s Shale is Biggest Place to Be
Soros doubled his stake in state-owned oil company in Argentina.
by James Stafford
Under Obama, Only Richest 10 Percent Saw Incomes Rise
“Shares of income and wealth held by affluent families are at modern historically high levels.”
by Jennifer Pompi

How Price of Fast Food Would Change With a $15 Minimum Wage
Big Mac meal would cost nearly eight bucks.
by Melissa Quinn & Kelsey Harris
Halliburton agrees to $1B settlement over Deepwater Horizon spill
Commercial and charter fishermen could receive payments.
by Marilyn Tennissen

Fight for $15 minimum wage is a fight for compulsory unemployment
Average profit margin in the fast food industry is just 2.4%.
by Kurt Nimmo
Fast food workers take to streets to demand $15 minimum wage
Fast food workers in 150 cities plan to walk off the job and pick up picket signs.
by Tim Devaney

Wall Street ends mixed as Apple weighs on Nasdaq
Apple declines in wake of celebrity photo scandal.
by Akane Otani
Casino Closures Brings Mass Unemployment Filing
8,000 to be out of work.
by Wayne Perry