Dow Jones Industrial Average Tumbles 200 Points As US Business Investment Wanes Ahead Of Earnings Season
U.S. businesses spent less on investment for a sixth straight month in February.
by Jessica Menton
Federal Employees Collectively Owe Over $3.5 Billion in Taxes
“It is disconcerting that federal civilian employees owe more than one billion dollars in back taxes.”
by Ian Smith

Thousands Of Layoffs Coming After Buffett Merges Heinz With Kraft, Creating 5th Largest Food Company In The World
“Significant synergy opportunities”: translation: thousands of layoffs imminent.
by Zero Hedge

Orwell and Kafka Do America: How the Government Steals Your Money--"Legally," Of Course
Your car and cash are guilty–and your house, too.
by Charles Hugh Smith
The Coming Robo-Depression, the Root of Civil Unrest
Is it decades or a few years away?
by David Knight

After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family
One key observation: race matters far less than it did in decades past and class matters far more.
by Zero Hedge
Existing Home Sales Miss (Again); Weather & "Unsuitably High Price Levels" Blamed
Following January’s disastrous dive in Existing Home Sales (which must be weather, right? Nope!) to a SAAR 4.82 million homes, February (with its even worse weather) saw a 4th month of missed expectations with a 4.88mm print against 4.90 mm expectations. As always, weather was blamed – which is odd given that the only drop […]
by Zero Hedge

GREECE BREAKING…..Chaos in Eurozone as Athens rejects EC Commissioner’s rejection
Veto due to tax arrears installment relief and other humanitarian aid.
by Investment Watch
How Far Will The Euro Fall?
European Central Bank maintaining rock-bottom interest rates and launching quantitative easing.
by Zero Hedge

A Necessary Correction in the Oil Industry
Gov’t intervention only helps special interests.
by Peter Wong
Improper Medicare-Medicaid Payments Up 20%; $77.4B in FY14
Lawless government overrun with incompetence.
by Terence P. Jeffrey

China cuts back on US debt for 5th month in a row
Economic powers become increasingly wary of U.S. dollar.
by RT
U.S. home construction plunges 17% in February
Housing starts slid 56.5% in the Northeast and 37% in the Midwest.
by Josh Boak

The Transparent Truthlessness Of The Fed
Chasm between official policy and reality.
by Howard Kunstler
Government Regulation: Another Hidden Tax
Regulatory compliance and economic impacts cost $1.863 trillion annually.
by D. Brady Nelson