Greece Says That It Will Default On June 5th, And Moody’s Warns Of A ‘Deposit Freeze’
Outlook for the Greek banking system is negative.
by Michael Snyder
HSBC to charge for holding deposits
HSBC wrote to the banks that will be affected this week and will introduce the negative interest rates on August 1.
by Martin Arnold, Richard Milne

Obama Administration Issues 184 Major Rules Costing $80 Billion Annually
Number of major new regulations in Obama’s first six years is twice as many as in Bush’s first six years.
by Ali Meyer
Financial Experts Warn of Impending Economic Collapse
Governments dig in and prepare as economy continues slide.
by Mikael Thalen

Government Regulation and Economic Stagnation
Creeping regulations lead to economic slowdowns.
by Peter St. Onge
Once Cash Is Banned They Will Be Able To Force You To Buy Products: “Just Tax Their Excess Account Balance”
In recent weeks we’ve seen numerous reports of how banks are actively working with governments to restrict cash usage.
by Mac Slavo

The War on Cash is Here!
Cashless society allows total government control over your life.
by The Alex Jones Show
Gold is Breaking Out Against the Euro and Yen… is the US Dollar Next?
The Greek mess has lit a fire under Gold again.
by Zero Hedge

Connecticut's Novel Way to Kill Jobs and Tax Employers
The down side of mandated wages.
by Christopher J. O'Connell
7,231,000 Lost Jobs: Manufacturing Employment Down 37% From 1979 Peak
Economy continues to crumble as feds say otherwise.
by Terence P. Jeffrey

Gold Pushes Above $1,200 Following Downbeat U.S. Retail Sales
June Comex gold was last up $12.10 at $1,204.50 an ounce.
by Kitco
HSBC WARNS: The world economy faces a 'titanic problem'
Treasury yields have not risen, budget deficit not falling, welfare payments are on the rise.
by Akin Oyedele

Why China Is Taking Control of Physical Gold Pricing
“The paper market doesn’t count here. It knocks the market down.”
by Valentin Schmidt
Oil Market Volatility Threatens Global Economy In The Long Run, Economists Warn
“When oil prices fall, it is a wise time to change…”
by Maria Gallucci

Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke
Tax revenue growth, while still positive, has slowed markedly over the past three years.
by Zero Hedge
Oil falls toward $65 on signs of U.S. shale oil recovery
Rigs for drilling oil in the voluminous Permian shale basin rose for the first time this year after months of cutbacks.
by Ron Bousso