STATS: Mainstream Media Devotes FIVE TIMES More Time To Confederate Flag Flap Than To ISIS Threat
What’s more important, The Dukes Of Hazzard or US Citizens joining ISIS?
by Steve Watson
US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence
Coup master Victoria Nuland dispatched.
by Kurt Nimmo

Christie Wants Americans To Blame Rand Paul For Terror Attacks That Haven't Happened Yet
Suggests Paul should be hauled before Congress.
by Steve Watson
The Troika Swindle: Greeks Owe Nothing
€245 billion debt was fraudulently dumped on the country.
by Kurt Nimmo

Varoufakis Quits: "I Shall Wear the Creditors’ Loathing With Pride"
Greek finance minister resigns days after accusing Troika of financial terrorism.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Notorious Hacking Firm Hit with Large-Scale Hack
Internal emails confirm company’s contracts with third-world regimes.
by Mikael Thalen

Greece Votes NO – Let The Chaos Begin…
The result of the referendum in Greece is a great victory for freedom, but it is also threatens to unleash unprecedented economic chaos all across Europe.
by Michael Snyder
Greeks Vote NO To EU-Imposed Austerity
With 90% of the votes counted, the Greek people have voted 61% to 39% against accepting the latest round of austerity.
by Paul Craig Roberts

EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms
“Without new money, salaries won’t be paid, the health system will stop functioning, the power network and public transport will break down.”
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Scientist claims immortality within reach
A visiting American research scientist says he is close to discovering a ‘cure’ for ageing, that he could have a drug ready for testing by the end of next year.
If The General Lee Is Racist, What About This?
Americans debate over what is and isn’t racist.
by Lee Ann McAdoo

Volunteer for Pro-SB277 Senator Hospitalized after Vaccine
7 year volunteer for Senator Pan bedridden after Tdap vaccine.
by Telly Blackwood
Confederate Flag Debate: What They're Not Telling You
Here’s the real agenda they don’t want you to know.
by Kit Daniels

New York governor orders more July Fourth security after alert
“We are keenly aware that New York State remains a top target for terrorists.”
by Reuters
Here’s What Happened to the Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence
Many of them lost everything they had!
by Kit Daniels