North Korea Calls U.S. "Graveyard of Human Rights" After Ferguson Crackdown
Even barbaric Stalinist state shocked by militarized police response.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Is Russian Invasion of Ukraine a Hoax?
Unconfirmed invasion portrayed as fact by U.S. government and corporate media.
by Kurt Nimmo

ISIS Detains UN Peacekeepers in Golan Heights
Effort aided by Israel, Jordan and the U.S.
by Kurt Nimmo
Rand Paul: Obama Is Not A King
Senator warns of Constitutional crisis over climate change “end-around” of Congress.
by Steve Watson

Ice Bucket Challenge: ALS Foundation Admits Less Than 27% Of Donations Fund Research & Cures
$95 Million Later: Only 27% Of Donations Actually Help ‘Research The Cure’.
by Anthony Gucciardi
California Police Department Ordered to Get Rid of MRAP Military Vehicle
Residents fear MRAP will be used to quell dissent.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The Road To World War 3: Russia And Ukraine Are Now Engaged In A Shooting War
Russian soldiers and Ukrainian soldiers are now shooting at each other in eastern Ukraine.
by Michael Snyder
The Leninist in the White House
In Washington coercion has supplanted the rule of law.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Sexual Abuse of 1400 Children Unreported Due to 'Racism' Fears
Council staff ignored evidence in the name of political correctness.
by Paul Joseph Watson
FEMA Building Pricey Domes... 'For Your Safety'
Welcome to the FEMA-dome.
by Adan Salazar

Peace President Plots War on Syria
The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to begin air strikes on Syrian territory without the consent of the Syrian government.
by Daniel McAdams

Report: U.S. begins surveillance flights over Syria
U.S. surveillance flights over Syria have started with President Obama’s go-ahead.
by Jim Michaels and Tom Vanden Brook
Jaw-Dropping Revelation: Justice Department Confirms Lost IRS Emails Are Stored On Backup Drives
DOJ attorneys and the IRS are now scrambling to offer up an excuse for why they shouldn’t have to show them to the American public.
by Mac Slavo

Superintendent Forces Students to Bend Over During Dress Code Check
“If you’re not comfortable with bending over, we might have a problem.”
by Mikael Thalen