The Secret Behind the Muhammad Garland, TX Shooting
Are we creating the terrorists we are supposed to be protecting ourselves from?
Garland Terror Attack: New York Times Blames Event Organizers
Columnist says incident should be looked at “Free Speech Aside.”
by Steve Watson

Garland Shooting: What Should We Think?
Castrated corporate media thinks free speech less important than not offending Muslims.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Video: Mohammed Cartoon Event Organiser Slams CNN Host - "The First Amendment protects all speech not just the speech that we like"
“Increasingly we are abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages.”
by Steve Watson

FBI Informant Met With Garland Shooting Suspect
Informant posed as Muslim interested in jihad.
by Kurt Nimmo
CNN Exploits Garland Shooting to Attack 2nd Amendment
Cites nonexistent police remark on weapons used during incident.
by Kurt Nimmo

Media Censors Muhammad Cartoons After Garland Attack
Daily Mail bows to political correctness after jihadists attempt to shoot up free speech event.
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Truth About Jade Helm They Don't Want You to Know
Why you should care about Jade Helm: facts the mainstream media buried in its reporting.
by Kit Daniels

GoFundMe yanks crowdfunding campaign for Baltimore cops
A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign set up on behalf of Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray was quickly removed Friday by the company.
by Washington Times
New York City police officer shot in the head, one person arrested
A plainclothes New York City police officer was shot in the head and critically injured.
by Associated Press

Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela
Just imagine how much else they are lying to us about!
by Counter Current News
The Secret Mountain Our Spies Will Hide In When Washington Is Destroyed
This isn’t paranoid conspiracy fiction.
by William M. Arkin

How Fukushima May Be A Greater Threat Than Monsanto’s GMOs
How deep is the damage really going?
by Anthony Gucciardi
Disney Setting Up High-Tech Sweatshops In U.S., Foreshadowing TPP
Trade agreement makes NAFTA look like child’s play.
by Jon Bowne

Communists Lead Protest Against Baltimore Police
Infamous hammer and sickle flag flown at protest.
Freddie Gray: Baltimore Rough Ride Victim?
In a rough ride, suspects are usually handcuffed in the back of the vehicle without being secured by a seatbelt.
by Jon Bowne