Hong Kong Politican Fears "Mini-Tiananmen" in Response to Unrest
Rumors swirl of Chinese army getting ready to intervene.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Police Urge Residents to Outfit Homes With Police-run Surveillance Cameras
For $10 a month, residents of New Orleans suburb can hook home cameras up to law enforcement surveillance grid.
by Adan Salazar

Propaganda War Gets Boost from Second Oklahoma Man Arrested for Threatening ISIS Beheadings
Homeland terror threat plays out as vital component in War on ISIS.
by Kurt Nimmo
Establishment Desperate to "Co-Opt" Populist Uprising
CFR’s Foreign Affairs reveals plan to neutralize “American Distemper.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

Americans Resigned to Ground Troops in ISIS War
Most Americans and members of the military do not support sending ground troops.
by Kurt Nimmo
Bilderberger Kissinger Wants World Army To Fight Terrorists
Globalist war criminal once described troops as “dumb, stupid animals”.
by Steve Watson

Washington’s Secret Agendas
The public continues to fall for the lies.
by Paul Craig Roberts
Turn the Tables: Stopping Western Aggression in Syria
The fighting capacity of the “Islamic State” or “ISIS,” has seen no visible setbacks.
by Tony Cartalucci

PM: I'll hunt Jihadi John... even to Syria. Cameron prepared to send in SAS - and won't seek approval of MPs
David Cameron has signalled he is ready to dispatch Special Forces into Syria if it will bring Islamist executioner ‘Jihadi John’ to justice.
by UK Daily Mail
U.S. counterinsurgency operatives deployed to Ukraine
The Pentagon has dispatched eight military personnel to Kiev this week.
by Maggie Ybarra

Big Sis To Become Next Attorney General?
Napolitano was the original choice for the job at the start of Obama’s first term.
by Politico
Former Ohio Rep. James Traficant Dies at 73
Iconic politician set up for exposing corruption & tyranny.
by Infowars.com

Alleged OK City Beheader Linked to Pentagon Diner al-Awlaki
Imam of mosque suspect attended linked to Muslim Brotherhood.
by Kurt Nimmo
Presence of Armed Citizen Prevented More Death Says Oklahoma County Sheriff
There might be two beheadings to report without the Second Amendment.
by Caleb Howe 

Britain joins coalition with vote to strike ISIS
Prime Minister David Cameron says strikes in Syria would be lawful on the basis of protecting neighboring Iraq.
by Peter Sullivan
Will Eric Holder See Justice For His Crimes?
Alex Jones covers the news regarding Eric Holder and whether or not he’s resigning to escape a new scandal yet to come to light.
by Infowars.com