Join Infowars #BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood Protest
Join us in Austin, Texas, on Thursday from 11am-2pm!
by The Alex Jones Show
Peter King Accuses Rand Paul of 'Spreading Fear' With Patriot Act Filibuster
Congressman ludicrously claims, “we are not sacrificing any liberty.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

Democrat Congressman: ‘Someday, There Might be More People Here Illegally Than Legally’
Polis said that without immigration reform, America should expect more illegal aliens.
by CNS News
ISIS fighters enter ruins of ancient Palmyra after taking full control of city - reports
Islamic State militants have entered Syria’s historic city of Palmyra.
by RT

Militarization Is More Than Tanks and Rifles: It’s a Cultural Disease, Acclimating the Citizenry to Life in a Police State
Talk about poor timing. Then again, perhaps it’s brilliant timing.
by John W. Whitehead

Is This Global Drought Being Caused By The Systematic Destruction Of The Hydrologic Cycle?
Have you noticed that severe drought seems to be gripping much of the planet right now?
by Michael Snyder
Cops Who Flash Banged Infant’s Crib Are Blaming the Baby
Nearly a year has passed since a Habersham County SWAT team stormed into the Phonesavanh residence, and very nearly killed their 19 month old child.
by Joshua Krause

US May Sink Iranian Humanitarian Ship Headed for Yemen
Pentagon dispatched carrier “Iwo Jima” to monitor transport.
by Kurt Nimmo
Climate Blockbuster: New NASA Data Shows Polar Ice Has Not Receded Since 1979
Global warming alarmists claimed Arctic ice cap would be gone by now, but sea ice is 5% above 35 year average.
by Steve Watson

US Declassifies Osama Bin Laden Docs as PATRIOT Act Set to Expire
Documents released following Hersh revelations challenging Bin Laden assassination narrative.
by Kurt Nimmo
12-Year-Old Outs Lying Vice President
Rex Jones produced an impromptu report focusing on lies, which is the main way the system conditions you.

Wisconsin Sheriff: ‘It Is a Myth That Police Kill Black Males in Greater Numbers Than Anyone Else’
Milwaukee County, Wis., Sheriff David Clarke on Tuesday addressed what he called a “myth” that police kill more black males than any other race.
by Melanie Hunter
Why Europe Will Lead the Charge to Eliminate Cash – The Next Step in Global Meltdown
Europe will lead the world into this Economic Totalitarianism because government is now desperate to retain the Euro.
by Martin Armstrong

"If The Public Knew About Obama's Lies And Cover Ups, Mitt Romney Might Be President" - Judicial Watch
When it comes to the countless lies of this administration (and that of the next one under Hillary Clinton) one has to just throw in the flag.
by Zero Hedge
New York Post Reports – ABC Signed a $105 Million Contract with George Stephanopoulos Last Year
If the New York Post report is true, ABC News made a monumental financial blunder last year.
by Michael Krieger