Video: Cops Tase, Pepper Spray Man In the Face For Eating Chips
Charged with resisting arrest despite clearly submitting to cop.
by Steve Watson
Obama Supporters Censoring Signs at #BlackLivesMatter Abortion Protest
Aggressive hipsters using black tarps to cover protestors’ signs.

Campus Police Intimidate Student Over Her Anti-Obama & Pro-Gun Signs
Student told she needed “special permission” for protest signs.
by Kit Daniels
Feds Say Osama Bin Laden Read Books by Alex Jones Show Guests
Terrorist read literature by English language authors deemed subversive by the government.
by Kurt Nimmo

George Soros: "We are on the Threshold of a Third World War"
Billionaire fears conflict between U.S. & China.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Join Infowars #BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood Protest
Join us in Austin, Texas, on Thursday from 11am-2pm!
by The Alex Jones Show

Peter King Accuses Rand Paul of 'Spreading Fear' With Patriot Act Filibuster
Congressman ludicrously claims, “we are not sacrificing any liberty.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Democrat Congressman: ‘Someday, There Might be More People Here Illegally Than Legally’
Polis said that without immigration reform, America should expect more illegal aliens.
by CNS News

House Democrat Introduces Gun Registry Bill
Bill allows Justice Dept. to gather personal information on gun buyers, vendors.
by Kit Daniels
Update: Infowars #BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood Protest Announced
The fight for black lives begins in the womb.

Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You're All Gonna Die
Shocking racial animosity caught on camera.
by Paul Joseph Watson
You Won't Believe How Clinton Finally Breaks Her Silence
Hillary ridiculously paints herself as transparent during press briefing.
by Lee Ann McAdoo

Boy Scouts Banned From Water Pistol Fights Because They Involve "Simulated Firearms"
Former Scouts angry: “What a load of politically correct crap.”
by Steve Watson
US May Sink Iranian Humanitarian Ship Headed for Yemen
Pentagon dispatched carrier “Iwo Jima” to monitor transport.
by Kurt Nimmo

Climate Blockbuster: New NASA Data Shows Polar Ice Has Not Receded Since 1979
Global warming alarmists claimed Arctic ice cap would be gone by now, but sea ice is 5% above 35 year average.
by Steve Watson
US Declassifies Osama Bin Laden Docs as PATRIOT Act Set to Expire
Documents released following Hersh revelations challenging Bin Laden assassination narrative.
by Kurt Nimmo