School Threatens to Suspend Kids if Parents Skip Meeting on Common Core Testing
“I was like, ‘Wow, is this a joke?’ I really couldn’t believe what I was reading.”
by Mikael Thalen
White House Claims Banning AR-15 Ammo Will "Save" Cops, But Rifle Murder Rate Only 2.3%
FBI says AR-15s involved in less than 2.3% of murders.
by Kit Daniels

School Textbook: "There's No Such Thing as Reverse Racism"
Only white people can be racist.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Five Immigrants Found Dead on Banks of Rio Grande
Obama policies enticing illegals to undertake dangerous trek.
by Adan Salazar

Report: Iraqi Forces AGAIN Claim US is Supplying ISIS with Weapon Drops
Claim to have shot down US chopper full of weapons.
by Steve Watson
LAPD Shooting: The New 'Michael Brown'?
Social justice warriors pounce on incident before facts are in.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Video: Obama Supporters Endorse Karl Marx As Next POTUS
“We just need the right guy, and Karl Marx seems to be the best candidate.”
by Steve Watson
Run on AR-15 Ammo: "Buying Frenzy" as Some Fear Total Gun Ban
Gun owners assert ultimate goal is to “ban tactical style rifles”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Caught On Tape: The Moment Boris Nemtsov Was Assassinated
The following clip suggests this was anything but an ad hoc shooting…
by Zero Hedge
Boris Nemtsov’s Killers Tried to Destabilize Russia – Gorbachev
Soviet ex-President Mikhail Gorbachev sees the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov as an attempt to destabilize Russia.
by Sputnik

US State Department Admits Russia had Nothing to Gain from Killing Boris Nemtsov
Which leaves exactly who as a possible suspect? Cui bono?
by Tony Cartalucci
Meta-Study On Genetically Modified Food: Virtually All Independent Scientists Are Concerned
Half of the Studies Find Cause For Concern … The Other Half Are Studies By the GMO Food Industry Itself.
by Washington's Blog

Senator Rand Paul wins straw poll in boost to 2016 presidential prospects
Senator Rand Paul won a straw poll of conservative activists on Saturday.
by Steve Holland
Live: The Hidden Truth Behind America's Black Sites
Infowars investigates the Chicago PD’s secret, CIA-style black site used to unlawfully detain, torture and harass citizens.

AR-15 Bullet Sales Surge After ATF Ban Announcement
Gun stores selling 20 times usual amount.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Russia: US-Backed Opposition Leader Gunned Down in Moscow
Martyrdom on demand: if not of use alive, perhaps of use dead?
by Tony Cartalucci