Russian and Israeli Aircraft Narrowly Avoid Duel Over Syrian Coast
Russians demand explanation why Israeli aircraft off Syrian coast.
Pouring Drain Cleaner in Your Eyes: The Next Trendy Social Justice Movement?
Not supporting people who want to blind themselves is bigoted and intolerant.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Soros NGO Fakes Casualties After Russia Strikes CIA Terrorists in Syria
Group works closely with al-Nusra in Syria.
by Kurt Nimmo
Special Report: Russia Bombed By Propaganda
Russians are firing back, not only in Syria, but in the information war.
by Jon Bowne

Father Of Oregon Victim: "How Does He Have That Much Time To Kill That Many People?"
Relatives dumbfounded over security failure.
by Steve Watson
Australia’s Gun Law Did Not Prevent Shooting at Police Headquarters
Gun laws are about confiscation, not ending violence.
by Kurt Nimmo

Former Security Guard at Oregon College: Lockdown Procedures Were a "Deathtrap"
Ex-employee exclusively tells Infowars that college voted against armed security just last year.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Video: Gun Control Advocates Get Owned At Their Own Rally
Anti-gun activists blown away by truth.
by Kit Daniels

Feds 'Planted' Talking Points into 60 Minutes Report, Hillary Emails Show
“60 Minutes assures me that they raised a number of questions and concerns we planted with them…”
by Mikael Thalen
Community College Where 10 Shot Dead Was a Gun Free Zone
Victims left defenseless – even water pistols were banned.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Pelosi Stumped When Asked Whether Babies are Humans
“If it’s not a human being, what species is it?” reporter asks.
by Adan Salazar
Media Caught Distorting President Putin's Speech
Infowars analyzes translation of speech revealing crucial information was left out which affected the narrative.

Iran, Hezbollah, Syrian Army Prepare to Launch Offensive Against CIA Proxies
Senator McCain admits Russians targeting CIA mercenaries.
by Kurt Nimmo
ALL OUT WAR: Iranian Troops To Conduct Ground Attacks In Syria
Lebanese Hezbollah troops and Iraqis will also join the offensive.
by Steve Watson

McCain: Arm Syrian Rebels to Shoot Down Russian Planes
‘Just like we did in Afghanistan’.
by Paul Joseph Watson