NBA Launches Feminist Campaign to Lecture Men; 'Not Doing Enough Housework'
Men not doing “fair share of daily chores”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Netanyahu Speech Follow-up: Israeli Navy Claims to Seize Iranian Rockets
Ship allegedly flying under Panama flag contained Syrian M-302 rockets.
by Kurt Nimmo

Cops Bust Into House, Shoot Unarmed Man In The Face
“No Knock” SWAT pot raid ends in death.
by Steve Watson

Iraqis Have Evidence U.S. Arms Islamic State Terrorists
Iraqi PM says he will release documents soon.
by Kurt Nimmo
Noam Chomsky: Jihadi John, Charlie Hebdo Killers Were 'Oppressed' Immigrants
ISIS executioner lived under “pretty harsh repression in England”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Cop Executes Perfectly Healthy Pony, Tells Family Animal was 'Hit by Car'
Autopsy proves pony in “excellent body condition” before gunshot to the face.
by Mikael Thalen
Amid Clinton controversies, Democrats yearn for an alternative
The undercurrent of anxiety about Clinton’s vulnerabilities has grown in recent days.
by Washington Post

Video: Militarized Cops Train To Storm Houses In Illinois
Use live flash bangs, carry weapons in show of force.
by Steve Watson
Police Overwhelmingly Reject AR-15 'Cop Killer Ammo' Ban
“It’s offensive and disgusting they are using ‘officer safety’ as a guise to further infringe on the rights of the people.”
by Mikael Thalen

Russian Fighter Jets Practice Attacking NATO Ships
Tensions over Ukraine continue to build despite ceasefire.
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Breakdown Of U.S.-Israeli Relations Brings Us Several Steps Closer To World War III
In the past 40 years, we have never been closer to World War III than we are today.
by Michael Snyder

Obama-Netanyahu "Fallout" is Theater - Planned in 2009
US and Israel attempting to establish feigned “diplomatic row” to justify “unilateral” Israeli attack on Iran.
by Tony Cartalucci
Bernanke Wants the U.S. President to Declare “Economic Emergencies” in Future Crises
Presidents should get the power to declare economic emergencies along the lines to declare war, said former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Monday.
by Michael Krieger 

FDA-Approved Levaquin Killed 1,277 and Damaged/Debilitated 98,437
This is another example of a threat that has killed and injured far more Americans than ISIS so far.
by Dale Steinreich
Over 100,000 Americans Sign Petition Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations
White House may be forced to respond.
by Paul Joseph Watson