Report: EU Intentionally Collapsing European Countries With Illegals
The ‘Kalergi Plan’ Started in the 70s.
by Leo Lyon Zagami
Bryce Williams Was a Product of Society's Obsession With Political Correctness
Gunman was offended by everything.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Fear The Walking Dead: Globalist Propaganda Exposed
How TV shows are conditioning you for a collapse.
by Rob Dew
United Nations: Dutch Christmas is Racist
Black Sinterklaas apprentice considered vestige of slavery.
by Kurt Nimmo

Financial Times Calls For Abolishing Cash
Eliminating physical currency necessary to give central banks more power.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses
It is undeniable; the final collapse triggers are upon us.
by Brandon Smith

Archbishop: 'True Intention Behind' Push for Same-Sex Marriage is 'Imposition of Totalitarian System'
“The next step will be to implement this theory in the educational system of Guam,” said the archbishop.
by CNS News
Video: McDonald’s Chicken Supplier "Caught Stabbing Chickens With Spikes"
Graphic factory farm abuse uncovered.
by Anthony Gucciardi

Trump: The Problem is Not Guns, It is Mental Illness
“I’m a very strong 2nd Amendment person.”
by Kurt Nimmo
France Prepares For Mass Unrest, Radicalized Immigrants Taking Over Cities
Army makes contingency plans for violent domestic disorder.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Says Guns Worse Than Terrorism
Makes comments hours after shooting in Virginia.
by Truth Revolt

People Are Going Crazy
Have you noticed that more Americans than ever seem to be going totally insane?
by Michael Snyder
Unreal. Activist Jorge Ramos Goes on Kelly File – Accuses Trump of Being Racist, Lying, Dictator (VIDEO)
Last night leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.
by Jim Hoft

Fort Bragg Troops Train for Domestic Emergency: “This Exercise Is About the Home Front”
Ostensibly, and on the surface, they are trained to “help out” with things like natural disasters, floods and hurricanes.
by Mac Slavo
CNN Tells Americans That The Stock Market Is Not Going To Crash
On Wednesday we witnessed the third largest single day point gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average ever.
by Michael Snyder