COBRA: Bilderberg's Weapon Of Choice
Extra special police forces known as COBRA will be called in to operate security during the secretive meeting.
How to Spot a Feminist
Fat, ugly, snarky, annoying & inherently unlikeable.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Media Ignores Report Showing Pentagon Created ISIS
Instead runs with ludicrous story Michelle Obama worth $40 as ISIS slave.
by Kurt Nimmo

Mad Max: The Feminist Warrior
Fury Road a trojan horse to dupe guys into watching feminist propaganda.
by Kit Daniels

Economist: Government Preparing to Seize 401(k) Pensions
Supreme Court ruling sets the stage for “economic totalitarianism”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Memorial Day Is A Hoax
War is just a racket… It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Special Ops Armed with Rapid DNA Scanners: “Get Ready for Advanced Biometric Warfare”
The battlefield of tomorrow will also be driven by target identity and biometric data – you know, to stop terrorists.
by Mac Slavo

Profits Galore: ‘Global Cancer Drug Spending Hits $100 Billion in 2014’
Now you know why a cure won’t be found.
by Robert Harrington
Special Report: TPP Gives Obama Power To Destroy America
The TPP is global domination by a fascist cartel bent on enslaving the world.

Senate Kills Bill on NSA Domestic Surveillance Reform
The USA Freedom Act has failed in the Senate.
by RT
Mad Max: Feminist Road
Is the new Mad Max movie full of feminism? Infowars investigates.
by Kit Daniels

Rand Paul: 99% of the Time a Patriot Act Provision is Used in Domestic Crime
“Outside the beltway people still do care about the Bill of Rights.
by Breitbart
Senate Passes Free Trade Bill, House Remains Bigger Hurdle
Senators passed the first major free trade bill in years late Friday.
by Washington Times