"Out Of My Face Please" - Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol?
The response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.
by Zero Hedge
Radical Leftists Win Election In Greece – Future Of Eurozone In Serious Jeopardy
Radical leftists have been catapulted to power in Greece, and that means that the European financial crisis has just entered a dangerous new phase.
by Michael Snyder

Prisoner who escaped ISIS captivity tells NBC: They want something bigger than 9/11
They’re planning a bigger splash than merely beheading kidnap victims.
by Michael Dorstewitz
Education is Too Important Not to Leave to the Marketplace
This week, events around the country will highlight the importance of parental control of education as part of National School Choice Week.
by Ron Paul

Malaysia Airlines website targeted by hacker group 'Cyber Caliphate'
A group calling itself “Official Cyber Caliphate” said it hacked on Monday the official website of national carrier Malaysia Airlines.
by Reuters
Freedom, Where Are You? Not in America or Europe
Where else can the money to go?
by Paul Craig Roberts

Greek Anti-EU Party Wins Election
Greek people vote to throw out the banksters.
by Infowars.com
American Boots on the Ground in Ukraine
Video clearly shows soldiers with American accents in Mariupol.
by Kurt Nimmo

Corporate Media Says Islamic State Ransom Video Studio Produced
Deadline for the ransom passed on Friday without incident.
by Kurt Nimmo
Graphic Video: The Only Proof You Need That Guns Save Lives: “I Did The Right Thing”
What would you do if you were minding your own business in the comfort of your own home and a machete-wielding maniac started kicking in your door?
by Mac Slavo

Evidence Shows Gov. Nixon Ordered National Guard OUT OF FERGUSON Before Riots
As a result of this – DOZENS of Ferguson businesses were looted, torched and vandalized by hundreds of violent protesters and looters.
by Jim Hoft
Abortion Killed 19 Times as Many Blacks as Murder
For every black murder victim in 2011 there were 19 blacks killed by abortion.
by Michael W. Chapman

Law Has Been Murdered
Barrett Brown, Kathy Kelly, and Bonny Mahoney are the kind of people who are imprisoned in America.
by Paul Craig Roberts
Obama official pitches 'Frozen' spin-off about climate change
An Obama administration official wants to hire the Walt Disney Co. to teach children about climate change.
by Timothy Cama

Obama calls homosexuality a ‘lifestyle choice'; Where’s media outrage?
Guess it’s not newsworthy when Obama does it, huh?
by Twitchy
Protest the Geoengineering Coverup!
Activists prepare to descend on Weather Channel headquarters to protest the geoengineering agenda.
by Infowars.com