Armed Air Force Vet Was Prevented From Stopping Oregon Gunman
“The staff wouldn’t let us go to assist”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Anti-Gunners Want to Destroy Your First Amendment
Pro-gun advocates arrested for exercising free speech.

In 12 Minute Speech to America About Mass Shooting, Obama Refers to Himself 28 Times
‘Each time this happens, I am going to bring this up’.
by Grabien
Reports: UCC Shooter Asked Victims Their Religion, Then Killed The Christians
The shooter targeted those who had answered Christian by shooting them in the head.
by Truth Revolt

Google Exec: With Robots In Our Brains, We'll Be Godlike
Futurist and Google exec Ray Kurzweil thinks that once we have robotic implants, we’ll be funnier, sexier and more loving.
by CNet
Russian Jets Strike IS Command Centre In Syria
Moscow releases new footage of a warplane attack, as the Defence Ministry says 18 airstrikes have been conducted since last night.
by Sky News

Investments Drop at a Record Pace: “Frightened Investors Withdrew Near Record $63 Billion”
It represents another sign that zero percent interest has screwed over the real economy.
by Mac Slavo
Saudi Arabia Forces the UN to Drop Humanitarian Inquiry Into Yemen Atrocities
The United Nations’ spiral into clownish insignificance continues unabated.
by Michael Krieger

Twitter Characterizes Disagreeing With Someone's Opinion as "Abusive Behavior"
Days after top feminists called on UN to censor Internet over critical tweets.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Live Stream: Infowars Announces Second Amendment Flash Rally at UT Austin
Join counter-protest against gun control group Thurs., Oct. 1 at 12 noon!

This Is How Russia Handles Terrorists: Moscow Releases Video Of Syria Strikes
Clearly, Russia has a very real incentive to ensure that its airstrikes are effective.
by Zero Hedge
Obama Visits UN… Gets Quickly Schooled by World Leaders
Nothing says “leader of the free world” quite like a quivering, petulant child. Because America, that’s what we’ve got.
by Louder With Crowder

Overheard At The Pentagon: "Right Now, We Are Putin's Prison Bitch"
Russia’s dramatic move to enter the fray has left the US trapped.
by Zero Hedge
Why is Washington Against Russia Bombing ISIS and Al-Qaeda?
The Obama Administration is not happy about this development.
by Lew Rockwell Blog

Dem Congressman: Obamacare for All Illegal Immigrants
“The goal is to make integration and inclusion real.”
by Truth Revolt
Sweden is Under Social Mind Control
Paul Joseph Watson talks with The Angry Foreigner about Sweden’s extreme liberal culture and how the migrant crisis is destroying the country.