Law Enforcement Officials Say Bandidos MC Plans to Kill Cops With C4, Molotov Cocktails
Group disputes claim, says Obama would call out military if they tried to kill cops.
by Kurt Nimmo
Communists Call For 'Red Terror' Murder Campaign to Exterminate America's Middle Class
Statement raises concern over politically-inspired violence this summer when more riots are expected.
by Kit Daniels

Video: Man Holds Alleged Carjacker at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive
“You picked the wrong mother f*cker to try to rob today.”
by Adan Salazar
Maoist #BlackLivesMatter Group Calls For "War" Against Cops
Red Guards Facebook page advocates violent Communist revolution.
by Paul Joseph Watson

'Conspiracy Theorists' Are Causing Militants To Abandon ISIS
Radicals complain recruits are turning away as they discover Western intelligence controls extremist groups.
by Steve Watson
Shock Video: Militant Communists Attack Pro-Life Protest
Red Guards agitators assault Alex Jones, steal equipment, censor free speech while yelling their love for Satan.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The ISIS Ramadi Victory and the Break-up of Iraq
Order out of chaos through Sunni-Shia conflict.
by Kurt Nimmo
Woman Confesses: 'I Kill My Kids'
Liberal agitator brags about killing kids through abortion at pro-life rally.

John Ashcroft Supports Government Theft
Former attorney general confronted on police robbery.
Video: Cops Tase, Pepper Spray Man In the Face For Eating Chips
Charged with resisting arrest despite clearly submitting to cop.
by Steve Watson

Obama Supporters Censoring Signs at #BlackLivesMatter Abortion Protest
Aggressive hipsters using black tarps to cover protestors’ signs.
Campus Police Intimidate Student Over Her Anti-Obama & Pro-Gun Signs
Student told she needed “special permission” for protest signs.
by Kit Daniels

Feds Say Osama Bin Laden Read Books by Alex Jones Show Guests
Terrorist read literature by English language authors deemed subversive by the government.
by Kurt Nimmo
George Soros: "We are on the Threshold of a Third World War"
Billionaire fears conflict between U.S. & China.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Join Infowars #BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood Protest
Join us in Austin, Texas, on Thursday from 11am-2pm!
by The Alex Jones Show
Peter King Accuses Rand Paul of 'Spreading Fear' With Patriot Act Filibuster
Congressman ludicrously claims, “we are not sacrificing any liberty.”
by Paul Joseph Watson