Hillary to Rebrand Herself as "Amnesty Candidate" on Cinco de Mayo
Clinton, who called for deportations not even a year ago, constantly changes her views to sway voters her way.
by Kit Daniels
Alexa Caught Fixing Rankings to Target Anti-Obama News Sites?
Internal data suggests public figures are being manipulated.
by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

"Racist" Facts White People Daren't Talk About
Police brutality targeting blacks will not subside until this becomes part of the national conversation.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Parents Shocked after Police Handcuff, Shackle 5-year-old Special-needs Student
“How could someone fear for their safety when it comes to a small, 5-year-old child?”
by Adan Salazar

Washington Post Laments That Pamela Geller "Offers No Apology" After terrorists Attacked Her Event
Describes ‘draw Mohammed’ organiser as “almost gleeful” after attack.
by Steve Watson
ISIS Claims Garland Attack Its First in America
Corporate media plays up unverified link between suspects and ISIS.
by Kurt Nimmo

Jon Stewart Mocks "Lone Star Lunatics" Over Jade Helm Concerns
Comedy Central host says only “crazy people” are worried about military drill.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Experts Are Warning That The 76 Trillion Dollar Global Bond Bubble Is About To Explode
Warren Buffett believes “that bonds are very overvalued“.
by Michael Snyder

Garland Shooting: What Should We Think?
Castrated corporate media thinks free speech less important than not offending Muslims.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Video: Mohammed Cartoon Event Organiser Slams CNN Host - "The First Amendment protects all speech not just the speech that we like"
“Increasingly we are abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages.”
by Steve Watson

FBI Informant Met With Garland Shooting Suspect
Informant posed as Muslim interested in jihad.
by Kurt Nimmo
CNN Exploits Garland Shooting to Attack 2nd Amendment
Cites nonexistent police remark on weapons used during incident.
by Kurt Nimmo

Media Censors Muhammad Cartoons After Garland Attack
Daily Mail bows to political correctness after jihadists attempt to shoot up free speech event.
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Truth About Jade Helm They Don't Want You to Know
Why you should care about Jade Helm: facts the mainstream media buried in its reporting.
by Kit Daniels

Jade Helm 15 Is NOT a Martial Law Takeover
Despite mainstream media claims.
by Infowars.com
ISIL Claims Responsibility for Texas Shooting - Reports
Terrorists reportedly praised the attack at a Prophet Muhammad cartoons exhibition in Texas and took responsibility for it.
by Sputnik