Ebola lockdown: British plan to send 3,000 UK troops into Sierra Leone
To set up military blockades to restrict movement in attempt to stop the virus spreading.
by UK Daily Mail
Carnival cruise ship returning to dock in Texas after Ebola concern
Both Mexico and Belize refused to allow the ship to dock.
by Victoria Cavaliere

Ebola is 'disaster of our generation' says aid agency
As US President Barack Obama urged against “hysteria”.
by Alice Ritchie
Washington Post Buries Own Poll Showing Historic Low for Obama
Poll also shows energized GOP.
by Tim Graham

Ferguson Civil Rights Movement Heralds a Thug
Civil rights officialdom told Michael Brown responsible for his own death.
by Infowars.com
A Way To Stop Ebola Discovered
Ebola could infect 1.4 million by December if it’s not stopped.
by Infowars.com

Obola: No Worries, Government Will Save You
Government is a predatory beast that preys on the real producers in society.
by Kurt Nimmo
Watchdog: Obama to bring non-American Ebola victims to U.S. for treatment
The president is “actively formulating plans” to admit Ebola-infected non-citizens just to be treated
by Paul Bedard

Income Inequality: Who Does the Fed's Janet Yellen Think She's Fooling?
Fed primary engine of inflation and “income inequality.”
by Kurt Nimmo
Ebola Scare in Houston After Woman Who Returned From Nigeria Found Dead
Hazmat team removes body from apartment.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Illegals Wearing Surgical Masks in Border Patrol Custody Spark Ebola Concerns
“Unrelated to Ebola,” agency claims.
by Adan Salazar
Breaking: Austin Resident Under Quarantine After Potential Ebola Exposure
Resident was on flight with second nurse infected with Ebola.
by Infowars.com

Liberals Sign Petition to Bring Ebola Patients into US & House Them
Students show enthusiastic support for ‘The Ebola Equality Act Of 2014′.
by Paul Joseph Watson
5-Year Old Child Forced To Sign 'Non-Suicide Agreement' After Crayon Gun Drawing
“Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” girl asked parents.
by Steve Watson

Obama Appoints Ebola Czar
Al Gore’s former Chief of Staff will coordinate federal response to disease.
by Kurt Nimmo
The Truth Behind The Film Kill The Messenger And Gary Webb
Inside stories from the life of Gary Webb revealed.
by Infowars.com