Mac Slavo | One of the purported successes of Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady of the United States has been to help Americans get fit and eat right.

Paul Craig Roberts | American Cold War propaganda had little, if anything, to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Michael Snyder | Attorney General Eric Holder says that gun owners in the United States could eventually be forced to wear RFID tracking bracelets.

Mark Dice | Mark Dice analyses another facet of celebrity obsessed culture.

Kit Daniels | Residents are well-aware that gun registration leads to confiscation. | Small businesses will soon feel the vice-grip of Obamacare forcing them to pay hefty insurance costs, or cut workers hours.

Kurt Nimmo | Senate and House bills banning Iran diplomat ignore historical reality.

Steve Watson | FBI, ATF confirm that ‘cell phone guns’ do not exist.

Kurt Nimmo | Coup government in Kyiv moves to quell separatism as civil war brews.

Paul Joseph Watson | Hotel almost certain to be site of 2014 confab of global power brokers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Waco-style confrontation looms in Nevada as Bundy threatens “range war”. | Alex Jones analyzes the real issues behind tragedies like the shooting at Ft. Hood.

Daily Caller | Mandating that gun owners would have to wear bracelets before they could activate their firearms.

Michael Snyder | All of a sudden, the Nasdaq is absolutely tanking.

Zero Hedge | The murder is the result of a disgruntled fund manager.

Washington’s Blog | High-Level U.S. Officials Debunk CIA Claims About Bin Laden.

RT | A newly published poll, conducted by three Ivy League professors, revealed that only one out of six Americans surveyed could pinpoint where Ukraine actually is on a world map.

Mikael Thalen | Student interrogated by administrators for opposition to Common Core Curriculum.

Kurt Nimmo | Seymour Hersh reveals Turks and Saudis worked together to supply al-Nusra with deadly agent.

Paul Joseph Watson | Man arrested for expressing free speech outside of designated “First Amendment Area”.

Kit Daniels | Those who refuse will be arrested for “trespassing” in a public area.

Steve Watson | Feds spying on customers to get leads on drug busts.

Kurt Nimmo | Activists occupy government buildings in Donetsk and Kharkiv.

Kurt Nimmo | Crossing the border illegally “is a different kind of crime.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Hunt still on for site of 2014 conference of global powerbrokers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ruby Ridge-style standoff brewing as Bundy says he is prepared to be killed. | Alex presents a special report on the tragedy at Fort Hood and the connection between SSRI drugs and mass shootings.

Mac Slavo | If you’ve watched a documentary about America’s economic situation in recent years there is a strong chance it was produced by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends.

Michael Snyder | The level of employment in the United States has been declining since the year 2000.

Paul Craig Roberts | The Obama regime has issued simultaneous threats to the enemy it is making out of Russia and to its European NATO allies.

The Daily Sheeple | “If the Chinese have discovered this, they have found a new way of finding a needle in a haystack,”

Ron Paul | Last week we saw yet another tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, as a distraught Iraq war veteran killed three of his fellow soldiers before killing himself.

Mac Slavo | It didn’t take long for the mainstream media to begin fabricating its own narratives as to why Ivan Lopez may have targeted twenty soldiers last week.

Mikael Thalen | Student forced to undergo five-hour physical and psychological evaluation.

Detroit Free Press | Detroit police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the brutal beating of a motorist.

The Washington Times | Fort Hood may seem worlds apart from Sandy Hook Elementary School, but they have at least two things in common.

The Washington Times | Chicago police are reporting that the murder rate for the first quarter of the year is the lowest it’s been in more than 50 years.

Zero Hedge | ABN Amro Ex-CEO in “family tragedy”.

Zero Hedge | With all the hoopla about missing airplanes, renewed wars of the cold variety, and rigged markets, it is easy to forget that America is now officially a totalitarian state.

Deutsche Welle | Only a fraction of the NSA’s spying activities has been revealed to the public, claims German journalist Holger Stark in his new book.

Paul Craig Roberts | If the jobs exist at all, they consist of lowly paid, largely part-time employment that fails to produce enough income to prevent the food stamp rolls from doubling. | Alex dissects the greatest hoax of the century, “Man Made Global Warming” in this exclusive special report.

Kurt Nimmo | Obamacare: the great revenue generating machine. | Liberal authoritarianism in action.

CNN | Sarah Bajc, partner of Philip Wood, says flight still intact.

Pamela Geller | This video is chilling.

Politico | What almost no one is saying: change gun laws. | When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. | Ron Paul explains how Congress’s $1 billion aid package to Ukraine will impoverish Ukrainian citizens at the expense of American taxpayers. | Starting in the 50s, the Army casually went about using troops to research the effects of various psychoactive elements on the human mind.

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