UN: Gov’t Must Control Private Schools Because of “Human Rights”
Incredibly, the resolution even speaks of “protecting education from commercialization.”
by New American
Debt Slaves: 7 Out Of 10 Americans Believe That Debt ‘Is A Necessity In Their Lives’
Could you live without debt? Most Americans say that they cannot.
by Michael Snyder

Parents mount recall campaign against author of mandatory CA child vaccine law
California parents plan to recall state Sen. Richard Pan from office for authoring a bill that removes their ability to exempt their children from vaccinations for “personal beliefs.”
by EAG News
Video Shows Cop Shoot Sam Dubose in the Head
Officer’s incident report contradicts video footage.
by Lee Ann McAdoo

No Charges Filed in Hot Car Death of Arkansas Judge's One-year-old Son
Prosecutor refuses to release incident report, 911 tapes.
by Adan Salazar
Cincinnati Craigslist Post Calls for Blacks to Shoot Cops, Burn Police Stations
“Dont shoot at the chest because they have bullet proof vests on – Aim carefully and go for the head.”
by Mikael Thalen

Report: Wives of British Soldiers Receive Letter Threatening "Jihad"
“We know where you live.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Video: AR-15-Wielding Business Owner Defends Shop from Armed Robbers
“We will protect our business and employees at any cost.”
by Mikael Thalen

Report: McDonald’s Global Profits Are Continuing to Fall
Millions continue to reject fast food.
by Anthony Gucciardi
Lawmakers Vote to Let Obama Take Your Passport Without Trial
The scheme does not even include a way to challenge your status as a non-person involuntarily trapped inside U.S. borders on orders from the secretary of state.
by New American

U.S. State Department Upgrades Serial Human Rights Abuser Malaysia to Include it in the TPP
So how bad is Malaysia’s human rights record?
by Michael Krieger
An Expert That Correctly Called The Last Two Stock Market Crashes Is Now Predicting Another One
A well-respected financial expert that correctly predicted the last two stock market crashes is now warning that we are right on the verge of the next one.
by Michael Snyder

Channel Tunnel migrant crisis: Man dies as 1,500 try to enter
A man has been killed as at least 1,500 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel in Calais on Tuesday night, French police have said.
by BBC News
City Leasing Clinic to Planned Parenthood for $1 Per Year
Former Planned Parenthood director reveals preferential treatment for abortion-provider.
by Infowars.com

Planned Parenthood Demands Media Not Air Damning Footage
“The material should not be aired,” the organization said in a message to news outlets.
by Adan Salazar
MS-13, Violent Street Gangs Recruiting Newly Arrived Illegal Youth
Obama floods country with violent illegals, then demands more gun control.
by Kit Daniels