The Terrible Handling of the Economic Crisis Is a Cause of the Ferguson Riots
Bad Economic Policy Is Partly to Blame for Ferguson.
by Washington's Blog
Army Admits Plan To Execute Americans En Masse
Alex Jones reveals the US military’s plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests.

Jake Tapper Goes Off on Police Reaction in Ferguson: ‘This Doesn’t Make Any Sense!’
“Nobody is threatening anything. Nobody is doing anything.”
Ferguson Protesters Throw Rocks at Chris Hayes on Live TV
Demanding he “tell the true story.”
by Gabrielle Bluestone

National Guard Descends on Ferguson
Missouri governor deploys military in response to protests, looting and violence.
Video: Alex Jones Predicted Staged Race War
American public getting acclimated for future martial law rollout.

Document: Army Preparing to Use Lethal Force Against "Unarmed Civilians" During "Full Scale Riots" in U.S.
Training manual outlines “sniper response” during crowd control operations.
by Paul Joseph Watson
U.S. Army Releases Action Plan for Civil Unrest During Ferguson Riot
Additional effort to nullify Posse Comitatus.
by Kurt Nimmo

In The West Respect for Truth No Longer Exists
The Western media comprises either a collection of ignorant and incompetent fools or a whorehouse that sells war for money.
by Paul Craig Roberts
Infowars Reporters Tear Gassed After Leaving Police-Run Press Zone
Reporters outside of press pen targeted by police snipers.
by Mikael Thalen

Feds React to Militarized Cops in Ferguson
Effort to end abuse will need to address entire police state.
by Kurt Nimmo
CNN Lies About Tear Gas in Ferguson
Infowars reporters hit with chemical agent as media covers for police.

Shooting, several arrests reported after Ferguson curfew
Remaining protesters — chanting “No justice! No curfew!” — refused to leave the area.
Neighbor live-tweeted Brown shooting; may be damning evidence against officer
Brown was shot twice in the back and five times in the front, according to the witness’ tweets.
by Amanda Shea

Police stand-down response during riots shows need for citizens to arm themselves
Frustrated citizens and area shop owners have taken up arms to defend themselves and their businesses from looters.
by BizPacReview
Government Scientist “Accidentally” Mixed a Deadly Strain of Bird Flu and Sent it to Other Labs
Unsuspecting scientists worked with the viral mix for months before it was discovered.
by NBC News