Massacre in Pakistan: Fallout from Obama's Drone Campaign
Gruesome attack will ensure a continuation of the U.S. war on terror.
by Kurt Nimmo
Spokane Police Department Faces Protest Over Sheriff Deputy's Shocking Comments
Officer defended use of MRAP, saying it was needed to deal with “constitutionalists”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Fox News Uses Sydney Siege To Justify Government Torture
Donald Trump piped in with the unfacts of the day.
by Steve Watson
Police Using Social Media Posts to Determine "Threat Score" of Suspects
“Offensive” online comments could earn you a “red rating”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Jokes About Troops Being Away At Christmas; Cue Awkward Silence
Tumbleweeds as Obama cracks Santa joke for troops.
by Steve Watson
The Ultimate Guide to Mainstream Media: American TV Networks
How media pundits are interconnected with the CFR and each other.
by RT

At least 126 killed by Taliban in Pakistan army school seizure
More than 120 people, most of them students, have been killed.
by RT
How Change Is Stymied
The gangsters who run the US financial system have determined opponents.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Former CIA Chief: ISIS to Attack U.S. Soon
Ex-CIA Director Morrell says terrorist attack in U.S. “guaranteed.”
by Kit Daniels
Man Responsible for Taking Australian Hostages is Iranian Mystic, Not ISIS or al-Nusra
Self-proclaimed spiritual leader has long criminal record.
by Kurt Nimmo

Feminism Backlash: Media Programming, Endocrine Disruptors, Will Men Find Their Hearts Again?
Addiction is the end result of our inability to deal with reality.
by Ariel Gail Maclean
Report: Sydney Terrorist Claims to be ISIS Member, Threatens to Kill Hostages
Hostage taker claims two other accomplices have placed bombs in city.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Siege at Sydney’s Lindt cafe: Martin Place long identified as a terrorist target
A Sydney court heard details of an alleged terror plot to be carried out in Martin Place in September.
by News Corp Australia

CNN draws scathing criticism over ‘hands up’ display; ‘a parody of a news channel’
Twitter users weren’t shy about their criticism.
by Joe Saunders
All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown
The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday.
by Ron Paul