Saudi Arabia, Sunni Caliphate, NATO Run Secret Terror Army in Iraq and Syria
The ultimate objective is taking down all contenders and reconfiguring the world order.
by Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones
Leaked Counter Terrorism Bulletin Warns Police of Impending 'Far-Right Violence'
Bulletin warns of those who believe in “government gun confiscation.”
by Mikael Thalen

Obama Endorses Australian-Style Gun Confiscation
President ignores drop in gun crime, applauds Australian gun confiscation.
by Mikael Thalen
White House Front Group Exploits Las Vegas Shooting to Attack Alex Jones, Infowars
Media Matters takes advantage of tragedy for its ongoing war with alternative media.
by Kit Daniels

New Medical Law Mandates "Private" Conversation With Child Before Every Doctor Visit
Parental authority being eviscerated by the state.
by Paul Joseph Watson
David Letterman Demands Gun Control, Attacks Second Amendment
Letterman pushes gun control lies on The Late Show.
by Kit Daniels

Exclusive Bilderberg Coverage at
Secretive globalist event continues throughout the weekend.
Bilderberg Member Quizzed on Streets of Copenhagen
Dutch party leader admits giving off the record presentation at elitist confab.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Police Now "Armed For War" Against Returning Veterans
Cops in armored vehicle asked by residents “Are you coming to take our guns away?”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps 'Urban Training Center' Based on U.S. Town
Whistleblower says facility with Baptist church, farmhouses used to train foreign and domestic groups


1776 Worldwide: The Second Amendment Comes to Mexico
Kit Daniels | Mexican citizens defy gun bans in order to defend themselves against violent criminals.

by Kit Daniels

Woman Celebrates Her "Cool" Abortion on YouTube
Paul Joseph Watson | Abortion clinic advisor wanted to treasure “special memory”.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Justice Dept. Launches Covert Sanctions Against Gun Owners
Kit Daniels | Media denial is part of disinformation campaign.

by Kit Daniels

Man Arrested For Criticizing Islam
Paul Joseph Watson | Chilling: Political leader charged with hate crime for quoting Winston Churchill.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Judas Goat Glenn Beck Colludes With CIA and CFR to Take Down Patriot Movement
Kurt Nimmo | The pedigree of Beck’s circle reveals he is not a libertarian and does not believe in the Constitution.

by Kurt Nimmo

MSNBC Smears Bundy Supporters as "Insurgents," Attacks Infowars, Drudge
Paul Joseph Watson | Host Chris Hayes laments “Alex Jones-ification of the GOP”.

by Paul Joseph Watson