Black Monday: Stock Markets Collapse Amid Global Sell-Off
Peter Schiff, Ron Paul & others all warned this would happen.
by Kit Daniels
Analyst: "We Are Now in a Full On Market Crash"
Stocks could drop by 1000 points on a daily basis.
by Paul Joseph Watson

FDA Approves Addictive Painkiller Oxycontin For Children
Drug has developed notorious reputation for creating national abuse epidemic.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Sheriff Compares Constitutionalists to ISIS
“There are some of those folks that want to overthrow the government, period… this is how ISIS starts.”
by Mikael Thalen

Special Ops Soldiers Use Rental Trucks to Infiltrate & Occupy California Town
“Nobody suspected a thing.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Exclusive: Jeb Bush Linked to Drug Cartels, Money Laundering
Jeb should explain his association with violent cartels.
by Wayne Madsen

CBS News Reports Fake Story on Infowars "Hiring" Militia
Infowars did NOT hire Oath Keepers for protection.
by Kit Daniels
Confirmed: Tampa Recruiting Offices Evacuated Due to Shooting Threat
Unspecified ‘shooting’ threat comes one week after Chattanooga shooting.
by Adan Salazar & Joe Biggs

Who is Behind This Staged ISIS Beheading Video?
Bizarre footage reportedly released by Russian hackers.
by Paul Joseph Watson
New MTV Show Publicly Shames White People For "What They've Done in America"
White People documentary hosted by illegal immigrant features young Americans crying over their “white privilege”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Chinese Stocks Collapsed Right Before NYSE Shutdown
Before NYSE shutdown, Hang Seng Index plunged its most since 2008 financial crisis.
by Kit Daniels
N.Y. Stock Exchange Shuts Down
“NYSE/NYSE MKT has temporarily suspended trading in all symbols,” stock market says.

Gay Marriage: State Agency Orders Christians to Stop Talking About Their Faith
Christians denied First Amendment rights for refusing to cater a gay wedding.
by Kit Daniels
Poll Results Show Victory For 'No' Vote in Greek Referendum
‘No’ supporters are already celebrating.
by Infowars

Jihadists Attack French Gas Factory, Behead Victim
Will leftist media blame all Muslims for attack like they blamed all whites for Charleston?
by Paul Joseph Watson
The TPP Isn't Over: It Can Still Be Stopped
Humanity’s last chance to dismantle Obama’s completely dictatorial takeover.
by Alex Jones