Why You're Wrong About Abortion
“This isn’t just about abortion, this is about valuing life.”
by YouTube
Beware a New Cold War
A cold war still leads to thousands of deaths.
by Project on Defense Alternatives

How Greek Default May Still Unravel the EU
Wealth transfer from the have-nots to the haves.
by Frank Hollenbeck
Trans Pacific Partnership: Obama ready to push secretive trade deal
The TPP has drawn the ire of Democrats including Elizabeth Warren who object it will destroy jobs, limit online freedom, increase outsourcing and derail climate agreements. Ironically, it has made allies of his GOP rivals.
by Siri Srinivas

Why do these Kazakh villagers keep falling asleep?
Village in north-central Kazakhstan that’s affectionately referred to as “Sleepy Hollow.”
by Karoun Demirjian
Draghi's "QE Dream" Is Finally Over, And Now The Questions Begin
Italian banker creates inflation through money pumping.
by Zero Hedge

Euro Plummets Amid Bond-Buying Program
Euro edging lower to the U.S. dollar.
by Sputnik
Markets Restrain Bank Fraud, But Central Banks Enable It
Central banks destabilize the entire monetary system.
by Frank Shostak

Anger After Indonesia Executed 6 People for Drug Trafficking
“…a form of assertiveness of Indonesia’s government that we will never be in compromise with the perpetrators, dealers and drug syndicates,” attorney general said.
by VOA News
Papal text says man betrays God by destroying the environment
Pope offers thoughts on the environment and climate change.
by Reuters

There Are More Slaves Today Than Ever Before In Human History
You may have assumed that slavery was a thing of the past. But sadly, it’s worse than ever before.
by Zero Hedge
Arctic blast sweeping Britain 'could kill one person every seven minutes'
Britain’s big freeze is set to continue for the rest of the weekend with temperatures plummeting well below zero.
by Ollie Gillman

Refugees in Australian camp sew own lips shut in protest
Hundreds more commence hunger strike, citing fears for their personal safety.
by Al Jazeera
War Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA
The true patriot is the individual who will speak truth to power.
by John V. Denson

“Je Suis CIA”
Here we are again.
by Larry Chin
Russia could soon run multiple Ukraine-sized operations: U.S. general
attack on another neighbor does not seem like an immediate threat.
by Adrian Croft