Physicist Offers $30,000 Reward To Anyone Who Can Disprove Climate Change
“..I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.”
North Korea Pursues Strategic Guided-Missile Tests - Reports
Over the past week Pyongyang has conducted a series of missile tests.
by RIA Novosti

BBC Reporter: Google Moving to "Suppress Legitimate Journalism"
“Right to be forgotten” ruling threatens to “curb freedom of expression.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory Lifts Off on 'Carbon-Counting Mission'
Will measure atmospheric carbon dioxide, discovering where it is being emitted and absorbed and revealing the roles of humans, plants and oceans on global CO2 levels..

Controversial US Scientist Creates Deadly New Flu Strain 'for Pandemic Research'
Scientists express horror over the creation of a virus that could render the human immune system defenseless.
by Steve Connor
Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be History
Collapse of international criminal banking cartel right around the corner.

Is Work Killing You? In China, Workers Die at Their Desks
China is facing an epidemic of overwork.
by Shai Oster

Jordan Is Next Target of ISIS
Unrest in the Middle East is spreading rapidly.
by Melissa Clyne
Ebola 'out of control' in West Africa
Doctors Without Borders: “current Ebola epidemic is unprecedented in terms of geographical distribution, people infected and deaths”
by AFP

 Tony Abbott Reintroduces Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
Abbott: “I expect this carbon tax, this toxic tax, to be gone.”
by Rosie Lewis
BBC and press ignore massive demonstration against austerity in London
50,000 people taking part in a massive march against the government’s austerity policies.
by Mike Sivier

The Iraqi Army Is Not A Genuine Fighting Force, But A Giant Cash Making Machine
It is a corrupt, incompetent, and pathetic army.
by Saman Mohammadi
World's Largest Active Volcano Shows Signs of Life in Hawaii
Seismologist: “We don’t see this kind of activity outside of pre-eruptive earthquake sequences.”
by Reuters

Secret Trade Agreement Covering 68 Percent of World Services Published by WikiLeaks
Evidence shows policy makers involved want to establish rules that would pertain to services used by billions worldwide.
Video of the Day – “End the Fed” Rallies are Exploding Throughout Germany
It seems that rallies are spreading throughout Germany protesting the corrupt and dying global status quo.
by Michael Krieger