A Step Closer to Terminator T-1000: Polymer Material 'Heals' After Gunfire
Footage demonstrates the material’s self-recovery after a bullet pierces it.
by Sputnik
Spaceballs was Right: Canadian Company Bottling Air from Rockies and Selling it Worldwide
Bottles sold with face mask and contain about 150 inhalations.
by CBC News

Jerry Seinfeld’s Family Lemonade Stand Shut Down By Police On L.I.; Instagram Post Goes Viral
A neighbor had complained about illegally parked cars…
by CBS New York
Water Use Plummets in Drought-plagued California
State has also asked campuses, golf courses and cemeteries to significantly reduce watering.
by AFP

Anger After Former Army Commander Picked as Israel's New Police Chief
Gal Hirsch has been proposed to head the national force despite never having served as a police officer and question marks over his army performance during 2006 Lebanon war
by Robert Tait
Warner Bros. pulls ad for Disturbed album after news crew shooting
Depicts otherworldly being shooting everyone in television station.
by UPI

Rand Paul: Black Lives Matter Should Change Its Name
He suggests “All Lives Matter” or “Innocent Lives Matter.”
by Rosie Gray
Poll Gives Biden Edge Over Clinton Against Top GOP Candidates
“Note to Biden: They like you, they really like you, or they like you more than the others,” poll director said.
by Fox News

Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser
Stock market dip could lead to civil disorder.
by Jon Stone
California Obamacare Marketplace Facing Administrative Collapse
Program has been under a barrage of attacks for a myriad of failures, including abysmal enrollment performance and sending out over 100,000 inaccurate tax forms.
by Chriss W. Street

Passing Motorists Take Down Shooter Who Shot La. Trooper in Head with Sawed-off Shotgun
Shot during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon.
by New York Daily News
GROSS. New Planned Parenthood Video Shows CEO Joking About WHOLE BABIES
CEO Cate Dyer jokes about shipping entire dead babies to labs from Planned Parenthood.
by Gateway Pundit

Anti-abortion Video Showed Stillborn Baby — Not Fetus
Planned Parenthood is seizing on the clarification, arguing that it is new proof the videos are deceptively edited.
by The Hill

UK Orders Google To 'Forget' News Articles Discussing Previous Right To Be Forgotten Requests
Those hoping to erase the past are condemned to repeat it.
by Tim Cushing
Video: Powerful lightning strikes Delta plane in Atlanta
Did anyone on the plane notice?
by Infowars.com