Clinton Hits Xi On Women's Rights Despite Her Foundation's Record
Clinton hypocrisy on full display.
by Abigail Abrams
Poll: Clinton leading Sanders by just 7 points
Clinton held a 34-point lead over Sanders in July, and a 60-point lead in June.
by Kyle Balluck

How the American Government is Trying to Control What You Think
Is this the new propaganda?
by John Maxwell Hamilton, Kevin Kosar
60 Minutes of Putin: Assad Combats Terrorism, US-Backed Fighters Join ISIL
“We would welcome a common platform for collective action against the terrorists.”
by Sputnik

Elton John, Pope Francis turned down Clinton Foundation invites
“They’ve had a lot of rejections from people…”
by Bradford Richardson
Nestlé Boss Wants to Bottle Even More Water in California Despite Drought
Pope ignores real issues and the real criminals.

Clock Kid: Everything That’s Wrong With Obama’s America
The establishment lies to us every day.
by Memeticana
Taxpayers are Paying $60 for Every Pot Plant the DEA Destroys in Oregon
DEA defends the cannabis eradication program on the grounds that much of the marijuana is the product of Mexican drug cartel activity.
by Christopher Ingraham

Marijuana Prohibition Can Do More Harm than Good, Doctors Tell Federal Parties
Put public health 1st in pot policies, addiction doctors suggest.
by CBC News

New Bill Would Cut Off Federal Forfeiture Funds For DEA Marijuana Seizures
Would prevent DEA from using federal forfeiture funds to pay for its Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program.
by Nick Sibilla
Volkswagen Emission Scandal Widens: 11 Million Cars Affected
Investors crush Volkswagen shares as company sets aside $7.3 billion to address software that manipulates emissions tests.
by Nathan Bomey

Obama Kicked Hundreds Of Kids With Cancer Out Of A White House Park
Secret Service said the park was closed down as a security precaution.
by Josh Fatzick
Trump: Clinton created birther attacks on Obama
Clinton implied during the 2008 presidential election that Obama was a foreigner.
by Mark Hensch

Boulder Study Uses MDMA, Therapy to Treat PTSD Sufferers
Researchers said that the study is yielding positive, encouraging results.
by Elizabeth Hernandez
Colorado's Marijuana Tax Revenues Nearly Double Last Year's Figures
State brought in nearly $73.5m in the first seven months of 2015.
by Scott Keyes