Chinese farmer set himself on fire after officials go back on promise to pay for land
Farmer had lost a ‘large amount’ of earnings after land was taken.
by Flora Drury
Anonymous burial for 1 of 3 terrorists behind France attacks
Concerns that the grave could become a shrine for extremists…
by Associated Press

China Is Using 'Charlie Hebdo' to Justify Its Own Crackdown on Free Speech
China’s repression of its Uighur population goes well beyond similar French measures.
by Matt Schiavenza
Documentary challenges safety of geoengineering
“Look Up! God no longer controls the weather. Get informed.”
by Lianna Albrizio

A 90-year-old WWII veteran's long fight with the VA
Trying to qualify for benefits he says he earned some 70 years ago.
by Mike Warren
Army uses Oculus Rift to recruit new members
Headset will let wearers experience tasks carried out by Army reservists.
by Victoria Woollaston

EU Parliament calls Russia potential threat to EU
Condemned as “potential threat to the European Union itself.”
by Raf Casert
Grand Rapids sets new record low temperature
Temperature dipped to -13 in Grand Rapids this morning.

Saudi cleric condemns snowmen as anti-Islamic
To build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under strict interpretation of Sunni Islam…
by Reuters
US Secretary of State Kerry unhurt after minor traffic accident in India
Two cars of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s motorcade crashed with each other in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Ex-Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych on Interpol 'most wanted' list after fleeing nation
Yanukovych fled Ukraine as violence broke out in Kiev’s Independence.
by Lewis Dean
Study: Men Who Post Selfies Show Psychopathic Tendencies
Men showed signs of narcissism.
by Shawn Thomas

French government donates $1.2 million to ensure Charlie Hebdo lives on
Will help magazine to not only remain open, but also to be able to respond with largest-ever print run.
by Jason Abbruzzese
Temperatures on Mars Yesterday Warmer than Fourteen States
The daily high on Mars was 17.6 F, while most of the northern U.S. plunged into the single digits.
by Daily

Charlie Hebdo shooting: suspect’s magic ID found at the scene
Incredible. Professional killings, one killer just happens to lose his ID at the scene.
by Jon Rappoport
Paypal founder Peter Thiel becomes marijuana's first big investor
Thiel’s Founders Fund is the first institutional investor to put money into the nascent cannabis industry, which is still illegal in half the US.
by Suzanne McGee