Rand Paul: Black Lives Matter Should Change Its Name
He suggests “All Lives Matter” or “Innocent Lives Matter.”
by Rosie Gray
Poll Gives Biden Edge Over Clinton Against Top GOP Candidates
“Note to Biden: They like you, they really like you, or they like you more than the others,” poll director said.
by Fox News

CIA Plans Huge Release of Top-Secret Reports From the 1960s
“The vast majority of the documents have never been previously released,” informed official says.
by Jeff Stein
Why are Brazil’s Environmentalists Being Murdered?
Between 2002 and 2013, at least 448 environmentalists were killed in Brazil…
by Michael E. Miller

Eazy-E's Son Says Suge Knight, Not HIV, Killed His Dad
Yung Eazy believes his dad was injected with fatal poison.
by Evelyn Diaz
Country music legend rips Washington in Facebook rant
Ripped through a litany of complaints about a variety of hot-button political issues.
by David Wright

The Dark Web is Stronger than Ever Showing Ross Ulbricht’s Prison Sentence did Nothing to Deter Crime
When law enforcement manage to shut down an online market, another is created in its place to meet demand.
by News.com.au
Pat Robertson: Stock Market Plunge Is God Punishing America For Planned Parenthood
“That’s how strong he feels about funding the murder of unborn babies.”
by Jason Devaney

UK Orders Google To 'Forget' News Articles Discussing Previous Right To Be Forgotten Requests
Those hoping to erase the past are condemned to repeat it.
by Tim Cushing
Video: Powerful lightning strikes Delta plane in Atlanta
Did anyone on the plane notice?
by Infowars.com

Peru To Begin Shooting Down Cocaine Trafficking Planes
So-called aerial interdiction was authorized unanimously by Peru’s Congress on Thursday.
by Clark Mindock
Here's How They Screw You Over At The Gas Pump
Did you know gov’t regulations actually decrease MPG?
by Eric Peters

Jimmy Carter: Melanoma has Spread to Brain
‘I feel this is in the hands of God,’ he says.
by Nick Gass
Hamas 'seizes Israeli spy dolphin' Off Gaza
Bottlenose dolphins were used as naval assets during the Cold War by the Soviet Union.
by BBC

Sanders closes gap with Clinton
Sanders within 18 percentage points of the former secretary of State.
by Emilie Teresa Stigliani
Surge in New MERS Cases Recorded in Saudi Capital Riyadh
58 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the country since the start of August.
by Reuters