Common Core Anger Triggers Homeschooling Surge in North Carolina
Number of homeschools has jumped 27 percent since the 2011-12 school year…
by Ben Velderman
Ukip Donations Overtake Liberal Democrats
Lib Dems’ membership numbers also being challenged by Ukip.
by Guardian

The Pentagon Is Adding to Its Arsenal of Weapons in Norway’s Caves
Equipment kept in climate-controlled caves.
by Washington Post
Dog Elected Mayor in Minnesota
To be sworn in on Sunday…
by My Fox NY

FAA Issues Flight Restriction After Rioters Fired ‘Multiple Times’ At Police Helicopter
by Daily Caller

Holder Reimburses Feds $955 for $14,000 Flight on Government Gulfstream
Holder is getting pretty good deal here – at taxpayers’ expense.
by Alex Pappas
Military Families Complain as Personal Cars Go Missing
“The company, they don’t take any responsibility for anything that they do. They’re just making excuses.”
by Sean Lengell

Douche Move: Insurance Company Grudgingly Pays $21,000 Settlement In Buckets Of Coins
73-year-old man unable to lift buckets due to hernia..
by Jean Trinh
Since Pot Legalization, Highway Fatalities in Colorado are at Near-historic Lows
You can bet that if fatalities were up this year, prohibition supporters would be blaming it on legal marijuana..
by Radley Balko

CNN Reporter Arwa Damon Sued By Paramedics After Biting Them While Intoxicated
Suit alleges that Damon threatened both EMTs, saying she was a “major reporter for CNN.”
by RTT News
Texas cop placed on paid leave for supermarket shooting spree Facebook threat
Discussed massacring food stamp recipients violated departmental policy.
by RT

Is this really why Ebola health workers are collapsing?
Physiological shock, huge and sudden dehydration, and more..
by Jon Rappoport
Israeli Strikes Hit US-Built Schools in Gaza
A military financed by Washington damages facilities funded by US taxpayers.
by Alex Park

US cities’ crackdown on homeless people is ‘close to ethnic cleansing’
American cities drive the homeless out of their midst by a combination of police harassment and increasingly draconian new ordinances.
by David Usborne
Calling Your Daughter A Princess Is Sexist Now
Women who held themselves in higher esteem tended to have fathers who practiced “benevolent sexism..”
by Eric Owens