The Internet: Harsh Competition to Public Education
The Internet can now spread the benefits of liberal education at practically a zero-price.
by Christopher Westley
US slavery simulation game draws criticism for making oppression ‘fun’
Some experts in slavery and race relations also said they were in favor of the game.
by RT

Greece and the Endgame of the Neocolonial Model of Exploitation
The forces of financialization are used to indenture the local Elites and populace to the financial core.
by Charles Hugh Smith
Eric Garner’s family hasn’t received a dime from online fundraisers
Sites like Indiegogo and GoFundMe can dish out cash as it comes in.
by RT

Britain Is Getting More Dangerous. So Give Us Our Guns Back
Even in the United States today, criminals are reluctant to encounter armed victims.
by James Delingpole
Jeb Bush Exposed Part 2 – He Thinks Unconstitutional NSA Spying is “Hugely Important”
In some ways I’m actually looking forward to the imperial spectacle that will be the Jeb Bush vs. Hilary Clinton.
by Michael Krieger

Obama Anti-terrorism 'Jobs for Jihadists' Concept Is a Marxist Idea
White House claims jihadists just need jobs.
by Selwyn Duke
Emirates rejects Delta apology over chief’s 9/11 claims
“Statements… were deliberately crafted and delivered for specific effect.”
by Alarabiya

American woman faces 1,000 years in Mexican prison over kidnapping accusations
Nestora Salgado is accused of kidnapping dozens of people in Mexico but contends she made legal arrests.
by Fred Lambert
Hedge fund manager faked death to avoid redemptions: SEC
Former New York Police Department traffic agent and security guard held on $1 million bond.
by Kaja Whitehouse

Actress Says Royals Are Aliens
“The world they live in is so beyond our understanding.”
by Helen Nianias
Anonymous are about to wage war on rich and powerful covering up child sex abuse in 'nightmarish' Friday 13th protest
Masked protesters will march on the homes of “elite” paedophiles and public figures.
by Lamiat Sabin

Navy Sailor Discloses Secret of Three
How much time do you have to leave the city when SHTF?
Parents Say Porn Is on School iPads
The school district says it is testing an app to block inappropriate content.
by Wendy Fry

England bans smoking in cars with children
Smoking will be banned if under-18s are in the car.
by BBC
Left-Wing Activist Reveals Media-Manipulation Playbook
‘Jetsetting terrorist’ Peter Young tells how he gets malleable bloggers and lazy journalists to generate outrage and attention for him
by Ryan Holliday