Premeditated Chaos Rant
Gov’t screws over vets once again.
Imagine George Bush yukking it up at dinner while riots escalated . . .
How different things might have been if it were President George W. Bush yukking it up at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night.
by BizPac Review

California citizens seek referendum to block transgender public bathroom use
Petition currently bottled up in court.
by Steve Gunn
Parents anger after children as young as THREE told to sign contract promising not to use 'transphobic language' at nursery
Turnham Primary School demands pupils sign ‘agreement’ before starting.
by Eleanor Harding

Few vets getting care through $10 billion VA program
Veterans’ health care system is very ill.
by David B. Caruso
Vermont Becomes First to Have Mandatory GMO Labeling
Will other states dive in by 2016?
by Christina Sarich

TV station’s missing drone discovered in compound of British Embassy
Day after a drone was discovered on the roof of the prime minister’s office in Tokyo…
by Asahi Shimbun
Alex Jones vs The Mainstream Media
A documentary film from Know More News exposing the Mainstream Media’s propaganda campaign to ridicule Jones.
by Know More Films

Residents near Duke ash dumps told not to drink well water
Tests showed contamination with toxic heavy metals.
by Michael Biesecker
Postal Worker Arrested After Holding Employees At Gunpoint
27-year-old man now facing Aggravated Assault charges.

Toni Morrison: ‘I Want To See A Cop Shoot A White Unarmed Teenager’
Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison took a harsh view on the issue of racial disparities in the justice system during a recent interview.
by Daily Caller
The End of AM/FM Radio?
Auto industry considers retiring the AM/FM receiver.
by Eric Peters

Obama Admits Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick
…All while supporting abortions.
by Terence P. Jeffrey
Hookers for Hillary
Pimp says his girls will do anything they can to support Hillary.
by Kelli Serio