Google Pulls Out Of Russia
New law forces tech companies to keep all data about Russians inside the country’s borders…
by Joshua Barrie
White House budget office prepares for shutdown
White House doesn’t believe a shutdown is likely.
by Justin Sink

US tried to undermine Cuba by infiltrating its underground hip-hop scene
US contractors sought to spark a youth movement through music, but the program was ‘amateurish and profoundly unsuccessful.’
by Amar Toor
McDonald’s To Install Touch Screens In 2015
As minimum wage fight heats up, McDonald’s pushes jobs onto machines…
by Jon Delano

Congress abruptly overrules D.C. voters, nixes marijuana legalization
In November, the District of Columbia voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana, but a new congressional budget deal has a provision barring implementation.
by Linda Feldmann
Uber Drivers in India Say $130 Can Buy You a Clean Past
Rape of 26-year-old office worker has sparked national debate on how to regulate taxis.
by Kartikay Mehrotra, Siddharth Philip

Syria conflict: Journalists killed in missile attack
More than 70 journalists have been killed while covering Syria conflict in last three years.
by BBC
Merkel interrupts TV interview after feeling ‘dizzy’
Had something to eat and drink and carried on…
by Euro News

North Korea says U.S. created the Ebola outbreak
Top Pyongyang officials believe Ebola outbreak began as a biological weapon created by the US.
by Adam Taylor
Camp Pendleton Marines To Conduct "Raids" In Downtown LA
Marines will raid buildings and shoot paintballs from modified M-15s.

California police clear 'largest US homeless camp'
Given 72-hour notice to vacate…
by BBC
SC Jury Indicts White Officer for Killing Black Man - Media Ignores
White officer indicted Wednesday for shooting unarmed black man.
by Bradford Thomas 

Democrats, Republicans agree: No retirement benefits for suspected Nazis
Dozens of suspected World War Two criminals had collected millions of dollars in Social Security payments.
by Amanda Becker
Goon Thug Cops Murder At Will
Another gang of goon thug gratuitous murderers has been let off by a racist grand jury and a racist non-prosecutor.
by Paul Craig Roberts

A St. Louis man pulled a gun on #Ferguson protesters after they jumped on the hood of his car.
by Jim Hoft
North Korea orders everyone sharing leader's name to change it: report
Part of propaganda drives to build cults of personality around country’s leaders.
by Reuters