Horrors Continue Under Michelle O’s Lunch Rules
Empty chicken nuggets, ‘thimble-sized’ portions, rotten fruit.
by Elizabeth Harrington
Monsanto Poised To Take Over the Weed Industry
Maybe the main issue we’ll be eventually dealing with is… whether we should have easier access to medical marijuana that’s organic and GMO-free.
by Rick Paulas

Bills would legalize medical marijuana in Indiana
Would allow people with a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana for medical purposes.
by Kristine Guerra
Body of missing AIG executive found in golf course pond
Cause of death under investigation…
by Fox News

School Board Owes City Millions
Millions owed from bonds.
by Jonathan Lin
Prince Andrew considering public statement about sex allegations
Duke of York understood to be deciding on whether to make speech at Davos forum over alleged ‘sexual relations’ with 17-year-old linked to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
by Robert Booth

Chinese farmer set himself on fire after officials go back on promise to pay for land
Farmer had lost a ‘large amount’ of earnings after land was taken.
by Flora Drury
Anonymous burial for 1 of 3 terrorists behind France attacks
Concerns that the grave could become a shrine for extremists…
by Associated Press

Paris attacks false flag op to keep Bibi in power: California Senate candidate
“The markings are false flag,” says Jack Lindblad.
by Press TV
Rare microfilms of alien sightings are now available online for free
Conducted under ‘Project Blue Book’ which ended in 1970.
by Ellie Zolfagharifard

Facebook knows you better than your own spouse, say researchers
“It shows that machines can get to know us better than we’d previously thought…”
by CNN Money
Concerning Report Finds Monsanto Chemical in Hospital Feeding Tubes
Latest to raise awareness on ubiquitous nature of glyphosate.
by Mike Barrett

‘ISIS’ Hackers Love American Folk-Punk, Don’t Know the Name of Their Own Terror Group
Chances it was actually ISIS? Somewhere near zero.
by Jacob Siegel The Daily Beast
North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un 'set to open a new restaurant in SCOTLAND'
THE North Korean leader already has a restaurant in Holland and is hoping to branch out and build diplomatic ties with European cities.
by John Jeffay

Saudi cleric condemns snowmen as anti-Islamic
To build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under strict interpretation of Sunni Islam…
by Reuters
US Secretary of State Kerry unhurt after minor traffic accident in India
Two cars of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s motorcade crashed with each other in the Indian state of Gujarat.
by TASS.ru