Pennsylvania Teen Ordered to Tear Down Treehouse after Neighbor Complains
“At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I found out that it wasn’t.”
by Fox News
US military rape victims face revenge, regret reporting crimes – lawyer
62 percent of sexual victims face backlash from their commanders and fellow servicemen, reports Humans Rights Watch.

'Impeach Hillary' Petition: 'Unfit, Beyond Vindication'
Congress pressed to wield ‘power’ to boot Clinton from politics.
by Cheryl Chumley
City orders Sharpton’s daughter to save incriminating hiking pics
Notorious race baiter’s daughter accused of trying to game system.
by Julia Marsh

Paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ
ONE OF Britain’s most influential paedophiles was the head of a Masonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies.
by James Fielding
Shots fired at members of Mexican gubernatorial candidate's campaign team
Vehicle was hit 20 times but “fortunately” it was armor-plated and no bullets struck anyone inside.
by EFE

Gay Ireland hails 'a new Republic' as same-sex marriage approved
Large majority in the traditionally Catholic country voted to allow same-sex marriage.
by Conor Humphries, Padraic Halpin
City votes $13 minimum wage – now seeks exceptions
‘No longer sustainable': Change would affect 30 employees, save $40,000.
by Ignacio Laguarda

As Another Accusation Bites the Dust, Columbia Rape Saga Takes New Turn
The accused now takes his case to the civil courts.
by Cathy Young
Why Nibiru Doesn't Matter
What’s important is now.
by The Alex Jones Show

FBI: No evidence of firearm damage to train
FBI on the scene assisting in the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation.
by Melissa Gray and Kevin Conlon
Rex Murphy: ‘White privilege’ on the march
To even set up white privilege as a category is prima facie racist. It is to reduce the sum of a person, his dignity, his drive, his worth and his soul to the color of his skin.
by Rex Murphy

First ‘ecstasy’ shop opens in Amsterdam
Opened just for one day…
Burglars use drones to target homes
Technology allows thieves to explore properties from the air.
by David Barrett

Millennials’ Attention Spans One Second Shorter Than Goldfish
45 percent of subjects distracted by unrelated thoughts or daydreaming when doing something.
by Arleen Richards
Gallup: Only 26% Satisfied With Way Things Are Going in U.S.
Americans still list government, economy and unemployment as top problems.
by Susan Jones