Video: Powerful lightning strikes Delta plane in Atlanta
Did anyone on the plane notice?
Peru To Begin Shooting Down Cocaine Trafficking Planes
So-called aerial interdiction was authorized unanimously by Peru’s Congress on Thursday.
by Clark Mindock

Here's How They Screw You Over At The Gas Pump
Did you know gov’t regulations actually decrease MPG?
by Eric Peters
Jimmy Carter: Melanoma has Spread to Brain
‘I feel this is in the hands of God,’ he says.
by Nick Gass

Hamas 'seizes Israeli spy dolphin' Off Gaza
Bottlenose dolphins were used as naval assets during the Cold War by the Soviet Union.
by BBC
Sanders closes gap with Clinton
Sanders within 18 percentage points of the former secretary of State.
by Emilie Teresa Stigliani

The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy
Hundreds of news clips, declassified documents, and evidence demonstrating the establishment media’s propaganda campaign against conspiracy theories and the truth.
Constantly Checking Your Mobile Phone Can Lead to 'cognitive failures'
High-frequency internet users find it much more difficult to pay attention.
by Tom Bawden

White House Program to Aim at Combating Rise in Heroin Deaths
Plan would pair law enforcement officials with public health workers to trace sources of heroin.
by Reuters
‘Body-in-a-bag’ MI6 spy: Was He Killed By Secret Service after Uncovering Money Laundering?
Sources claim he dealt with equipment that tracked the flow of cash from Russia to Europe.

Venezuelan Police Officers Arrested in Connection with Murders of Four Men
Video shows man being held by men in uniform and then falling to the ground after a gunshot is heard as three other people are lying motionless on ground.
by Reuters
Sexual Orientation in the UK: Half of Young People Say they are not 100% Heterosexual
18-24 year-olds in Britain define themselves as something other than completely heterosexual, study says.
by Fiona Keating

The Racist Views of Planned Parenthood’s Founder
Perhaps the gallery is unaware that Ms. Sanger supported black eugenics.
by Jeanne Mancini
Judge OKs Settlement with Families of Newtown Massacre Victims
Estate of the mother of Adam Lanza will pay out $1.5 million to families of 16 victims.
by Richard Weizel