Alex Jones Asks the Question on Everyone's Mind: Is Michelle Obama A Man?
Truth is usually stranger than fiction..
Obama Skips Border Visit to Party With the Rich
Drank beer and played pool with Colorado Gov.
by Lee Ann McAdoo

The Need For Impeachment: Obama Must Fall
Alex Jones revisits the articles of impeachment for Richard Nixon to see how applicable they are to Barack Hussein Obama.
The Truth About ISIS With Syrian Girl
Who is backing ISIS? What is the agenda behind the group’s takeover of Iraq and the Middle East?
by Paul Joseph Watson

Murrieta, CA: Patriots Outnumber Amnesty Supporters 20 to 1
Americans in the Southwest are not supportive of illegal immigration.
The United Nations' Sexual Child Agenda
Children punished by the state for ridiculous things, meanwhile Obama and his masters endorse sex ed for 5-year-olds
by Jakari Jackson

North Korean 4th of July
America’s police state on 4th Of July straight out of Pyongyang.
by Alex Jones
Atlanta's Bilderberg Mayor Restricts Gun Rights
Mayor declared city facilities to be “gun-free” zones.
by Jakari Jackson

First Look: Prometheus II Paradise
Ancient and occultic views reflected in dark themes of Prometheus.
Stand Down: U.S. Border Gate Left Wide Open, Unguarded
Reporters observe de facto open border policy in real time.

Border Patrol: Cartels Using De Facto Amnesty to Smuggle "Whatever They Want" Into U.S.
“Who or what is coming in, we don’t know and we won’t know until something bad happens,” Border Patrol rep says.
by Rob Dew, Kit Daniels & Joe Biggs
Now Hiring!  U.N. Gun Grabbers
U.N. wants to hire experts in seizing guns “from the civilian population.”
by Darrin McBreen

Predicted: Digital Slave Currency
Biometrics lead to a system of control more dangerous and deceptive than anything seen throughout history.
by Infowars
Treason: America Destroyed by Design
Orchestrated collapse of America’s borders part of globalist plan to create a North American Union.
by Infowars

South Texas Border Is Wide Open
A dangerous stretch of Texas highway is heavily patrolled by state and local police, but not by the Border Patrol.
Border Gates Left Wide Open By Border Patrol
Border Patrol almost non-existent on border.
by Infowars