Kissinger Warns Obama: Stop Backing Kiev At All Costs!
Globalist kingpin weighs in on the Russia vs America debacle.
Global Awakening Happening Like Never Before
Don’t keep your eyes wide shut.
by Alex Jones

Bad Sign: Rule 48 Invoked, Dow and S&P Halted
Trading halts similar to what China implemented.
Dow Experiences 1,000 Point Plunge, Largest Single Day Decline in History
Bloodbath triggered by China’s market collapse.
by Kurt Nimmo

PC Police Harass Donald Trump
“Political correctness” kills free speech and liberty.
by The Alex Jones Show
The War On Individuality
“Collective” tyranny overtaking individual rights.

Border Fence Would be Nothing but a Prison Wall
Would a wall keep people out… or in?
Drug Cartels Run the Border
U.S. losing the border wars.
by The Alex Jones Show

Claim: Law Enforcement Ignored Terror Suspect
Former police officer details disturbing account.
by Jakari Jackson
Trump On Hillary: Worst Secretary Of State In History
Trump blasts Clinton as her political career goes into terminal decline.
by The Alex Jones Show

Mystery Behind the Jezuitenberg (Jesuit Caves)
Fascinating objects found in the interior of subterranean galleries expose once and for all the Jesuit Order and their link to neopaganism and New Age.
by Leo Lyon Zagami
Satanic Control Grid Exposed
Elite plunging humanity head first into technocratic dictatorship.

Top Astronaut Agrees NASA Is Being Sabotaged
Legendary space explorer reveals why we can’t recreate the greatness of the American past when it comes to space travel.
Former General: Obama Allowed ISIS To Rise!
Obama using ISIS as proxy army.
by The Alex Jones Show

Special Report: Queen Elizabeth To Be Assassinated On Saturday?
British intelligence claims home-grown jihadis want to use an IED to murder the Queen.
by Jon Bowne
FBI Arrests Pair of ISIS Wannabes in Mississippi
Newlywed allegedly declared support for Islamic State on social media.
by Kurt Nimmo