Smoking Gun: Who Hacked Sony?
US pushes cyber security takeover following hack.
New York Gun Grabbers Target Toys
Yes, they really are banning toy guns.
by Jakari Jackson

Video: Militarized Police Prepare for War on Constitutionalists
Wash. State Rep. discusses total takeover of gun owners and Constitutionalists by militarized police.
Get Off Your Ass and Join the Resistance!
The time to passively sit around is over!
by Joe Biggs

You'll Never Guess Who's Now Training The Police
SPLC politicizes police.
by Darrin McBreen
Historic Call to Action in Occupied Spokane, Wa.
Local residents outraged over anti-constitutional comments.

Breaking The Law Remix Featuring Obama and Co.
Obama’s breaking the law, breaking the law!
Battle Plan to Target Resistance Revealed
Growing backlash as deputy’s comments go viral.

Citizens Take Christmas Back
Citizens show up at capitol and put up nativity scene.
by Jakari Jackson
The Real Story Behind Oil Prices
Oil prices speak volumes about state of economy.

Who's Government Claiming as the #1 Terror Threat in America?
Police state now targeting libertarians.
Torture Comes Home To Roost
Americans divided on torture as neocons push false narrative.

Federal Budget Makes Cosmos Look Less Significant
Government spending dwarfs universe.
Must See: Explosive Debate Over Sandy Hook
Marathon interview covers many of the questions investigators are asking.

Billy Corgan: We're Past the Tipping Point
The Smashing Pumpkins singer explains how the system attacks individuals who think for themselves.
Video: America's Despotic Reality
Communism, fascism, dictatorship, monarchy… they all fall under the umbrella of despotism.