Chewbacca Smokes Pot In Front of Cops at SXSW
Americans increasingly rejecting “reefer madness” mentality.
by Darrin McBreen
SXSW Feminist Angry With Infowars Reporting
Femenist mentions Gamergate and women’s issues.
by Jakari Jackson

Operation "Toto" Pulling Back The Curtain: Full NSA Interview
Former NSA technical director lays out Americans dire situation.
Obama Exempts Executive Branch From FOIA Requests
“Most transparent administration” continues desecration of transparency.

NSA Would Have Killed 1776
NSA’s powers growing beyond imagination.
Enhanced Pathogen Spreads As Ebola Patient in Critical Condition
Media largely ignores Ebola’s continued effect.

Why Does Monsanto Hate This Woman?
Corporate festival bans anti-gmo speaker.
Denied: Lawmakers Fighting to Hide GMO Ingredients Nationwide
Mega corporations fight food transparency.
by Mike Barrett

Opus One: Inside The Devil's Lair
Elite-run vineyard may hide secret satanic temple.
by Jon Bowne
Why The CIA Killed Kennedy
Hollywood star reveals how Kennedy angered the elite.

The Man Who Gave Vaccine Companies A Free Pass Revealed
Government collusion with big pharma a decades-long problem.
Alex Jones vs Hollywood
Entertainment establishment continues demonization campaign.

FCC Takeover Of Internet Confirmed
Alex Jones breaks down the FCC Internet takeover bill.
Caller Defends Hillary on Benghazi
Will Hillary be held accountable for her crimes?

Fluoride Linked To Higher ADHD
Further damning evidence reveals dangers of water fluoridation.
Two Officers Critically Injured in Ferguson Shooting
Unrest continues as police take fire in Missouri.
by Jakari Jackson