Flashback: Abortion Industry Insider Reveals Quotas, Sexualization of Kids
How Many People Would You Kill for $1 Million Dollars?
by Lee Ann McAdoo
MSNBC Shills For Planned Parenthood As Second Damning Video Is Released
Footage shows official haggling over price of baby body parts; jokes about buying a Lamborghini with profits.
by Steve Watson

Technocratic Control Is Coming
The loss of privacy leads to the loss of humanity.
by The Alex Jones Show
Governors Call For Armed Recruitment Offices
Lawmakers aim to end “gun free zones” at military sites.
by Jakari Jackson

VIDEO: Liberals Sign Petition to Support "White Privilege Tax"
A 1% income tax on all white people to be redistributed to help “minority communities”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Chattanooga Shooter Obeying ISIS Orders Ignored by Obama and Media
Obama wants you to respect Islam.
by The Alex Jones Show

Proof Abe Lincoln Was A Racist
Lincoln wasn’t the man people claim him to be.
by The Alex Jones Show
Radical Islam, Armed Drones and the End Of Aging
The future of America?
by Infowars Nightly News

Filmmaker, Former Reagan Adviser Dinesh D'Souza To Continue Government Brainwashing
“I only insisted on psychological counseling as part of Mr. D’Souza’s sentence because I wanted to be helpful,” judge said.
by Infowars.com
Confederate Monuments to Be Erased in "Clean Sweep"
History must be erased to usher in Orwellian nightmare.
by The Alex Jones Show

U.S. Military Can No Longer Defend The Country
…All thanks to Obama’s purge.
by Jon Bowne
Dinesh D'Souza To Continue Brainwashing
Obama administration continues attack against political rival.
by Infowars.com

Countdown To Jade Helm 15 Begins
Controversial multi-state drill set to launch.
by Joe Biggs
Whistleblower: El Chapo Gave Campaign Contributions
Federal government deeply involved in supporting Sinaloa cartel.
by Infowars.com

Tax Money Wasted On Obese Lesbian Study
Profligate government spending spiraling out of control.
by Infowars.com
Greece #ThisIsACoup: Banksters Seize Sovereignty & Assets
Greek finance leader said “Come & Take It” – in the spirit of capitulation, not defiance.
by Infowars.com