Israel News | Iran’s army chief told the United States that a US aircraft carrierwhich left the area because of Iranian naval exercises should not return to the Gulf.

Paul Joseph Watson | Closure of key choke point would send oil prices skyrocketing to $300-$500 a barrel.

CNN | Washington (CNN) — There was one silver lining in the two days of talks with Iran over Tehran’s nuclear activities.

BBC | Some newspapers in Iran retouched a photograph of EU foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton to make her outfit less revealing, an Iranian website reports.

Inquirer | THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Iran has launched a cyber police unit to crack down on communications between political dissidents.

AFP | Iran hanged on Monday two activists it said were members of an exiled group and who had joined protests against the result of the 2009 presidential poll, despite Washington urging that they be freed.

Reuters | Talks between Iran and world powers seeking to persuade the Islamic Republic to curb its nuclear program came close to collapse on Friday, but would resume on Saturday.

Keelan Balderson | War criminal Tony Blair has used the second session of the Iraq War Inquiry to once again promulgate an anti-Iran message.

The Telegraph | Private letters between Tony Blair and President George W Bush ahead of the war in Iraq were kept so secret that they did not officially exist.

RussiaToday | The Russian Nuclear agency denies that Iran’s Bushehr reactor could be damaged by a computer virus.

Washington Post | An Iranian vice president has lashed out at parliamentarians who have accused him of involvement in an embezzlement scheme, raising the stakes in a months-long standoff between the government and its critics.

Bloomberg | Afghan protests over Iran’s month- long near blockade of cross-border fuel shipments spread to the western city of Herat, where hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the Iranian consulate and set fire to that country’s flags.

AFP | TEHRAN — Iran opened the doors of its two atomic facilities to foreign diplomats Saturday, in a rare move to drum up support just days before talks with world powers about its sensitive nuclear programme.

Press TV | Netanyahu has called for “a credible military option against Iran” to force Tehran to end its nuclear energy program.

CNN | Iran will launch a new satellite by late March, according to the Fars News Agency.

New York Times | A week before nuclear talks resume with outside powers, a senior Iranian official was quoted on Wednesday as saying that time was running out for negotiations on some parts of his country’s nuclear program because of Tehran’s enhanced ability to enrich and manufacture atomic fuel.

New York Times | Claiming to have infiltrated Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said on Monday that it had broken up an international network of agents linked to the assassination of an Iranian physics professor last year, state-owned media said

USA Today | Iranian authorities have detained a 55-year-old American woman on spying charges, a state-owned newspaper reported Thursday.

Telegraph | At last, something interesting from WikiLeaks’ diplomatic bundles, courtesy of Drudge. The New York Daily News has picked up this tit-bit from the inner sanctum of the revolutionary regime in Tehran.

Time | The youngest son of the late Shah of Iran, Alireza Pahlavi, committed suicide in Boston on Tuesday, the latest tragedy to afflict the exiled Persian royal family.

JTA | Iran has missiles that can reach Israel in 12 minutes, according to cables released by WikiLeaks.

BBC | Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have shot down two “Western spy drones” in the Gulf, a senior Iranian commander has been quoted as saying.

Press TV | Iran’s judiciary has warned the instigators of the 2009 post-election unrest in the country of a serious response, should they persist in carrying on with their seditious acts.

UPI | Only 24 percent would use force to stop Iran’s unproven nuclear program.

AFP | The United States on Friday downplayed a newspaper report about US firms being allowed to do business with Iran and other blacklisted countries.

The Hill | The Treasury Department is defending its nearly 10,000 exceptions granted to companies to skirt around sanctions on Iran.

New York Times | Only the little guys are singled out and prosecuted for doing business with official enemies.

UPI | Members of an Iranian foreign policy commissions considered a measure to sever ties with the British government, a lawmaker said.

Business Insider | Sarah Palin has penned a long op-ed in USA Today about Iran at the fact it’s time for the U.S. to get tough!

Washington Post | TEHRAN – Police patrolled the streets of Tehran and other cities as Iran on Sunday started a politically sensitive overhaul of the way state subsidies are handed out.

Wallstreet Journal | The U.S. and representatives of the European Union have agreed to impose joint sanctions against Iran in January and are considering breaking off talks with the country, as patience with Tehran’s nuclear activities wears thin, according to people familiar with the matter.

Guardian | At least 41 people killed in attack on the eve of Ashoura as Sunni rebel group Jundollah claims responsibility.

AFP | DAKAR — Senegal has recalled its ambassador to Tehran after Iran failed to provide a “satisfactory” explanation for arms sent from Iran and discovered in a Nigerian port in October, officials said Wednesday.

Newsweek | The covert operations that target Iran’s nuclear program suddenly came to light with explosive violence and stunning implications for the future of warfare on Nov. 29.

New York Times | TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed the country’s long-time foreign minister on Monday.

CNN | Iran now produces everything it needs for the nuclear fuel cycle, making its nuclear program self-sufficient, the head of the country’s Atomic Energy Organization told state media Sunday.

Spiegel Online | Iran has its own special take on the diplomatic cables recently published by WikiLeaks.

Guardian | Any involvement in the killings of civilian scientists would be career-endingly embarrassing for the CIA or MI6, the Mossad is known for such exploits.

Wall Street Journal | Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Saturday dampened the possibility for a breakthrough in next week’s scheduled international talks over Tehran’s nuclear program.

AFP | Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi accused the UN atomic watchdog on Saturday of including “spies” among the inspectors it sends to Iran to monitor the nation’s controversial nuclear programme.

Robert Dreyfuss | The crown prince had relayed the Emirates’ fear that “it was only a matter of time before Israel or the U.S. would strike Iranian nuclear facility targets.

Reuters | Two car bomb blasts killed an Iranian nuclear scientist and wounded another in Tehran on Monday.

Megan Carpentier | Nearly every country in the Middle East wants us to attack Iran.

Gareth Porter | The most important intelligence documents used to argue that Iran had a covert nuclear-weapons research-and-development program in 2003 turn out to have a fatal flaw.

The National | The UAE is implementing United Nations sanctions against Iran, including barring some Iranian ships from its ports, banning some of its citizens from entering or transiting through the country.

AFP | Iran’s armed forces have intercepted six “unknown planes” that intruded into the country’s airspace during aerial defence manoeuvres.

Reuters | Sanctions against Iran are biting hard and triggering divisions among its leadership, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday, as he argued against a military strike over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Press TV | A former CIA member says the Israeli premier can take US into war with Iran but Washington is not prepared for such a confrontation.

Fred Reed | Senator Graham has the brains of a tapeworm, making him eminently qualified for the senate.

AFP | US Defence Secretary Robert Gates on Monday rejected comments by Israel’s prime minister calling for a “credible” military threat against Iran to ensure it does not obtain nuclear weapons.

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