Immigrants from Ebola countries won't be sent back to West Africa
Illegals from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia eligible for temporary protected status.
by CBS News
57 Million Americans Warn UK About GMO Dangers
“Instead of bringing certainty and security, GMOs have raised more and more worrying questions about their effectiveness.”
by Christina Sarich

Too much texting bad for your spine
Necks stay bent on average of 700 to 1,400 hours in a given year…
by Odisha Sun Times
One Reader's Shocked Response Upon Learning His Health Insurance Cost Just Doubled
The cost goes from $281 to $555, a monthly increase of $274, a percentage increase of 97%.
by Zero Hedge

GMO-Loaded Food Corp Targets Natural Foods for Being ‘Unfair Competition’
Food giant panics as consumers run to organic companies.
by Christina Sarich
Vow: Off-Shore Foreign Banks Will Fight Republican Efforts to Dismantle Obamacare
Banks rank in massive profits from Obamacare.
by Timothy P. Carney

The medical shadow government
Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations.
by Jon Rappoport
Secretive 'Vaccine Court' Isn't Paying Out Claims
Government refuses to release latest statistics as vaccine victims increase.
by Mitch Weiss, Justin Pritchard & Troy Thibodeaux

New Study: Monsanto’s #1 Herbicide Directly Linked to Chronic Disease Spike
“The significance and strength of the correlations show that the effects of glyphosate and GE crops on human health should be further investigated”
by Christina Sarich
Monsanto settles GMO wheat dispute with Northwest farmers for $2.4 million
Though no GMO wheat has been approved for U.S. farming, it’s been found in Oregon.
by Associated Press

Scientists Find Signs of Toxic Flame Retardants in Americans
Americans filled with six different kinds of cancer-causing flame retardents.
POLL: Monsanto Third Most Hated Company in the World
Biotech giant one of the most hated among top 60 companies.
by Mike Barrett

One in 10 sausages 'carries risk of hepatitis E virus'
Sausages and processed pork meat products in England and Wales could cause hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection if undercooked…
by Pippa Stephens
Is The UN Using Vaccines To Secretly Sterilize Women All Over The Globe?
In some areas of the world, purposely cutting off someone’s family line is considered to be one of the most wicked things that you can possibly do.
by Michael Snyder

End of Organic? Report Says GMO Crop Contamination Cannot Be Stopped
Biotech giants’ reckless behavior threatens biosphere .
by Mike Barrett
Report: Gluten-Free Products Could Contain Harmful Ingredient
“There are case reports of people having severe life-threatening anaphylactic reactions…”
by CBS New York