Fukushima Deadly Radiation Effects Japan 4 Years Later
EPA RadNet has detected heightened radiation levels at monitoring sites all across North America.
by InvestmentWatch
Another Victory: Poultry Industry Giant Goes GMO-Free
More changes due to popular demand.
by Mike Barrett

Teen marijuana use falls as more states legalize
Notable both for its size and for the fact that it was conducted this past spring.
by Christopher Ingraham
The Power Of The Mind
Man learns to control chaos in his mind.
by Infowars.com

Unapproved GM Mosquitoes Being Shipped to US for Release NOW
Tell the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District to stop the GE mosquito experiments.
by Christina Sarich
Americans are trading sleep for work, and it’s literally killing us
Insufficient sleep is associated with a host of physical ailments.
by Christopher Ingraham

Obamacare blamed for killing hospitals
Medical services reduced as Obamacare destroys industry.
by Paul Bremmer
The Fluoride Deception: What’s Added to Your Water Supply?
There is not one single metabolic process in your body that requires fluoride.
by Dr. Mercola

Vitamin E Deficiency Widespread And A Significant Risk To Brain Health and Pregnant Women
Vitamin E believed to reduce aminotransferases, fatty denegration and inflammation.
by Dr. Marianna Pochelli
New ‘Harmless Herbicide’ to Compete with Monsanto’s RoundUp
Weeding Tech’s new products is said to kill weeds in 24 hours with no pesticides or herbicides.
by Christina Sarich

New Law Blocks Anti-GMO Scientists from Advising EPA
Yet Another Layer of Bureaucracy to Protect Big Biotech.
by Christina Sarich
Prescription Vending Machines Coming to Arizona State University
Is this the path we are heading?
by Dr. Eldon Dahl

New Harvard Study Discovers Concerning Information About Antibiotics
“Some bacteria develop the ability to neutralize the antibiotic before it can do harm…”
by Christina Sarich
Hershey explores removal of high fructose corn syrup
“Consumers are telling us between the two, they prefer sugar…”
by Candice Choi

Illegal pro-GMO observers accused of disrupting Oregon labeling law vote count
Pro-agribusiness contingent accused of placing out-of-state election observers in at least four counties…
by RT.com