Painkillers Kill More Than Heroin and Cocaine Combined
Who said legal drugs were all that different from illegal drugs in many cases?
by Anthony Gucciardi
Obesity 'could be a disability' - EU courts rule
Obesity can constitute a disability in certain circumstances, the EU’s highest court has ruled. The European Court of Justice was asked to consider the case of a male childminder in Denmark who says he was sacked for being too fat. The court said that if obesity could hinder “full and effective participation” at work then […]
by BBC

City Goes Fluoride-Free for Christmas
Overturning a 60-year public health hazard law.
by Christina Sarich
Monsanto’s New ‘Herbicide-Resistant’ GMO Crop Slammed by Food Experts
Monsanto is sewing GMO cotton and soybean that were created to resist herbicide.
by Christina Sarich

Fukushima Deadly Radiation Effects Japan 4 Years Later
EPA RadNet has detected heightened radiation levels at monitoring sites all across North America.
by InvestmentWatch
Another Victory: Poultry Industry Giant Goes GMO-Free
More changes due to popular demand.
by Mike Barrett

Teen marijuana use falls as more states legalize
Notable both for its size and for the fact that it was conducted this past spring.
by Christopher Ingraham
The Power Of The Mind
Man learns to control chaos in his mind.

Another Study Says Party Drug Ketamine Is The Most Promising Depression Treatment
Other studies back up the new findings.
by Stephen Morgan
U.S. agency offers legal immunity to Ebola vaccine makers
Move aimed at encouraging the development and availability of experimental Ebola vaccines.
by Reuters

Foundation of medical reality explodes
Time and time again, in these pages, I’ve illustrated the fact that reality is being created for us—and that reality is false. It’s a façade.
by Jon Rappoport
Trade Agreement Brings Frankenfoods to Europe
U.S. officials say European fears “misguided” as EU moves to allow states to “opt out” of GM crop cultivation.
by Dan Taylor

Vitamin E Deficiency Widespread And A Significant Risk To Brain Health and Pregnant Women
Vitamin E believed to reduce aminotransferases, fatty denegration and inflammation.
by Dr. Marianna Pochelli
New ‘Harmless Herbicide’ to Compete with Monsanto’s RoundUp
Weeding Tech’s new products is said to kill weeds in 24 hours with no pesticides or herbicides.
by Christina Sarich

New Law Blocks Anti-GMO Scientists from Advising EPA
Yet Another Layer of Bureaucracy to Protect Big Biotech.
by Christina Sarich
Prescription Vending Machines Coming to Arizona State University
Is this the path we are heading?
by Dr. Eldon Dahl