Europe Is On the Cusp of Making a Massive Move Against GMOs
Exactly how many countries will ultimately opt out could be confirmed as soon as Monday.
by Alexandra Sifferlin
GM Foods are Inherently Unsafe, Warns American Academy of Environmental Medicine
As nations around the world ban GMOs.
by Christina Sarich

Wales Announces Complete Ban on GMOs with 15 other EU Countries
Another victory in the fight for food freedom.
by Christina Sarich
'We were paying to poison our kids': Lead in Michigan City's Water Hits Children
Flint declared a public health emergency this week after a dangerous spike in its water’s lead levels. But parents say they’ve been ‘screaming’ about the issue for months in an area where water prices are among the country’s highest.
by Ryan Felton

Brain Prosthesis Could Help Damaged or Diseased Brains Capture Long-Term Memories
A potential solution for dementia sufferers.
by Julie Fidler
Agricultural Workers Diagnosed With Cancer Sue Monsanto
Lawsuit says Monsanto misled the public about the dangers of Roundup.
by Julie Fidler

Google Exec: With Robots In Our Brains, We'll Be Godlike
Futurist and Google exec Ray Kurzweil thinks that once we have robotic implants, we’ll be funnier, sexier and more loving.
by CNet
Why Are Older People Taking as Many as 30 Big Pharma Drugs?
Taking over 40% of Big Pharma meds.
by Christina Sarich

Chemical Exposure Linked to Rising Diabetes, Obesity Risk
Mounting evidence also indicates EDC exposure is connected to infertility, hormone-related cancers, neurological issues and other disorders.
by Medical
PhD Says Monsanto Has Been Lying About Safety of Cry Proteins in GM Bt Crops
And how GMOs could be triggering allergies.
by Christina Sarich

Clinical Trial: Vegetable Extract may Treat Autism Better than Drugs
Could it be turned into a truly effective treatment?
by Christina Sarich
Your TV habit might be killing you
Too much TV “is a really serious health hazard,” says researcher.
by Kim Painter

How Antibiotics Disrupt Intestinal Flora
70% of your immune response takes place in your digestive tract.
by Dr. Edward Group
Statins: Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process, warns new research
“STATINS make regular users become older faster, leaving them open to long-term mental and physical decline.”
by Lucy Johnston

Hazardous Antibacterial Agent Triclosan Works ‘No Better than Regular Soap’
Here is why to nix the antibacterials.
by Julie Fidler
New technology could help contain spread of Ebola
Initial tests have been carried out on viral samples.
by Katie Collins