Deadly 'superbug' Spreading in US Hospitals
Study author: “This is a wakeup call for hospitals on how to detect the disease..”
by Mark Koba
China Seals Off 30,000 People After Bubonic Plague Death
And 151 residents have been placed under quarantine.
by Arielle Duhaime-Ross

The Ten Plagues That Are Hitting America Right Now
Why are so many plagues hitting the United States all of a sudden?
by Michael Snyder
China Food Scandal Spreads to Starbucks and Burger King
TV report showed staff using expired meat and picking up meat from the floor to add to the mix..
by Reuters

How Gluten Destroys Thyroid Health
The wheat of our ancestors resemble nothing of what it is today..
by Dr. Edward Group
Low Levels of Arsenic in Drinking Water Found to Lower Intelligence of Children
We already know arsenic in drinking water can cause bladder, kidney, liver, lung and skin cancers, but is it also diminishing our intelligence?
by Christina Sarich

Why You Risk Your Life Every Time You Elect Surgery and Anesthesia
Refrain from any type of elective surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.
by Marco Torres
CDC Reassigns Lab Director Behind Anthrax Scare
Possible that as many as 84 employees at the Atlanta campus will be forced to be vaccinated or take powerful antibiotics..
by Christina Sarich

Special Report: Radiation & the Universe
Many nuclear reactors sit on fault lines or on shores at risk for tsunamis.
Deadliest, Rarest Form of Plague Contracted Near Denver
Airborne version can be spread through coughing and sneezing..
by Sonali Basak and Jennifer Oldham

China Working Itself into an Early Grave
Some 600,000 Chinese workers that die every year due to being overworked.
by Zero Hedge
US disease labs made dangerous pathogen transport errors
Labs mishandled dangerous pathogens five times in the last decade.
by BBC

New Sugar Label: Food Industry Misleads Public on Dangers of Sugar
When it comes to those with interest in the sugar industry, misleading statements and false information abound.
by Elizabeth Renter
5 Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil
Prejudice related to its association with cannabis has kept it from common use in the West.
by Dr. Edward Group

Globe-Trotting GMO Bananas Arrive For Their First Test In Iowa
The bananas required special permits from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to enter the country..
by Dan Charles
Junk Food Gets Encoded in DNA of Future Children, Scientists Discover
Harmful effects of an unhealthy diet can “actually stretch across generations,” researchers say.