17 Scientists Speak Out: Monsanto’s Roundup is Causing Cancer
Monsanto desperate to conceal pesticide dangers.
by Mike Barrett
Mosquitoes 'could bring exotic diseases to UK'
More rainfall and warmer temperatures could provide ideal conditions for the Asian tiger mosquito in the UK…
by BBC News

Roll over Ebola: measles is the deadly new threat
“Most of the people are saying that the government is trying to bring Ebola back and that is why they are talking about a measles vaccine…”
by Zoom Dosso
Cancer Concerns Raised Over Artificial Turf Fields
“There is probably no doubt that there is exposure to some of the chemicals that may cause cancer, respiratory or skin sensitization…”
by Ryan Kath

Orange County Family Says Hospital Wants To Pull The Plug On Woman
“Pretty much they’re trying to kill her to reduce them from having to pay the bill that it would cost to keep her alive…”
by CBS Los Angeles
CBO: Obamacare to Hit Only 65% of 2015 Coverage Target
Socialist health program a failure.
by Jeffrey H. Anderson

4 Ways This Food Crushes Cancer and Inflammation in Your Body
A must-have at your dinner table .
by Barbara Minton
Biotech Bans Anti-GMO Group from SXSW Food Supply Panel
Corporate-run festival shuns dissenting voices.
by Jefferey Jaxen

FDA proposes to let drug companies undermine official safety warnings
Professor at Johns Hopkins schools of medicine: “This would gut the whole regulatory process for drug safety.”
by Peter Whoriskey
24,000 Chemicals may be Tainting Your Bottled Water
While polluting our land and the oceans.
by Mike Barrett

Do Vaccines Contain Aborted Fetal Tissue?
Initial MMR experiments involved growing rubella in cell culture utilizing fibroblasts from lungs of aborted fetus.
by Dr. Edward Group
Sierra Leone Health Care Workers Being Tested For Ebola In New Zealand, UK
“Based on the patient’s symptoms, the Ebola virus needs to be ruled out.”
by Sneha Shankar

Intake of Sugar Still Soaring As WHO Changes Sugar Intake Guidelines
“…weight gain and obesity is a major public health concern for many countries, an increasing concern.”
by Dr. Eldon Dahl
Bankrupt Detroit Still Paying For Fluoride – Even During Water Shut Down
Citizens are paying for poison
by Jefferey Jackson

Big Pharma Giant Guilty of Selling Tainted Children’s Tylenol – Knowingly
Even if it meant facing a federal criminal charge.
by Mike Barrett
Doctor Admits Benefits Of Marijuana
Feds know benefits of marijuana, too.
by Infowars.com