Ebola Fighters Charge Ahead to Deal with Crisis
“It’s dangerous. Ebola’s about as bad as it gets”
by Traci Watson
Rob Schneider dropped from State Farm ads: guess why
Schneider has guts and intelligence. Which of his Hollywood buddies will come to his defense?
by Jon Rappoport

WebMD Receives Nearly $14M to Promote Obamacare
Contract amount is much higher than was previously known.
by Elizabeth Harrington
‘Organic Ready’ Corn to Replace Monsanto’s GMO Corn, Cross-Pollination
“We need corn that organic farmers can grow without fear of GMO contamination.”
by Christina Sarich

The vaccine-autism lie
Vaccines can and do cause damage.
by Jon Rappoport
10 Shocking Facts about Flame Retardants
It is almost impossible to avoid exposure to flame retardants these days.
by Dr. Edward Group

Health officials: 45 more babies exposed to TB at El Paso hospital
Health care worker exposed TB to 706 newborns in nursery area, and 43 employees between September 2013 and August 2014.
by Jesse Martinez and Crystal Price
Conflicts of Interest Rampant Among FDA Advisors, Study Shows
Financial interests affected voting behavior of 1,400 FDA advisory committee members.
by Mercola

5 Ways Soy Upsets Hormone Balance
Compounds known to disrupt endocrine system in males and females…
by Dr. Edward F. Group III
CDC tells airlines 'treat all body fluids as infectious'
Federal agency instructs airlines to combat transmission.
by Kurt Nimmo

Antidepressant can change intrinsic connectivity of brain
Adverse effects within three hours.
by Abby Smith
Vets sick from toxic Army base
Many veterans suspect they were sickened by chemicals dumped by Monsanto.
by Barnini Chakraborty

Link Found Between Food Allergies and Farm Antibiotics
Food allergies continue drastic rise.
by Mercola
Even ‘Natural’ Sodas with ‘Real Sugar’ Being Sold with GMO Sugar
Companies involved with Grocery Manufacturer’s Association…
by Christina Sarich

Mystery illness plagues girls in Colombia
Locals say HPV vaccine to blame.
by Paula Carrillo
Kiss Your Grass-Fed Beef Goodbye! GMO Grass About to Be Approved
RoundUp-Ready Kentucky Bluegrass begins field trials.
by Christina Sarich