There Is A 1000 Fold Increase In Toxic Exposure When Using Canned Products
Canned foods may be even greater concern than plastic bottles.
by April McCarthy
Flashback: Ebola Goes Airborne, Causes Outbreak in Medical Lab
Ebola mutated into an airborne virus back in 1989.
by Kit Daniels

Video: Ebola Patient Escapes Quarantine, Spreads Panic in Liberia
Man with Ebola runs through public market.
Obama to ask for $88M to boost anti-Ebola effort
Obama is due to outline his plan Tuesday during a visit to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.
by AFP

Confusion: Hurdles for Obama Health Law in 2nd Sign-Up Season
“Why should individuals be punished if they got a bump in salary?”
by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
CDC whistleblower: Behind the Media Blackout
Aside from a few bland stories about William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, the major media have maintained a forced blackout.
by Jon Rappoport

What Is Not Being Said Publicly: Ebola Virus’s Hyper-Evolution is Unprecedented… Could Go Airborne
According to officials, the concern is that it has had an opportunity to mutate and it could eventually go airborne.
by Mac Slavo
Schools Forced to Use Bottled Water After Tap Water Turns Yellow
Water supply manager says “minerals in the water” cause color…
by KRGV News

Five Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain's Chemistry
Facebook, Twitter changes the way your brain functions.
Special Report: How U.S. Government Admits Vaccines Cause Autism
In certain circumstances the federal government will pay out compensation to parents whose children have been damaged by vaccines.

Highest Guatemalan Court Refuses US-Supported Monsanto Law, Charges Fines for Growing GMO
Backlash against Monsanto grows in South America.
by Christina Sarich
3 Crazy Myths About Soy
The best way to avoid soy, even organic soy, is to make sure your diet is as whole and raw as possible.
by Dr. Edward Group

How These 2 Drinks Could Spark Winning Creativity
Both offer benefits and dangers depending on how they are consumed.
by Mike Barrett
Obesity Rates Reach Historic Highs in More U.S. States
2013 adult obesity rate exceeds 20 percent in every state.
by NBC News

Guatemala defies ‘Monsanto Law’ pushed by US as part of trade agreement
The highest court in Guatemala has suspended the controversial ‘Monsanto Law,’ a provision of a US-Central American trade agreement, that would insulate transnational seed corporations considered to have “discovered” new plant varieties. The Constitutional Court suspended on Friday the law – passed in June and due to go into effect on Sept. 26 – after […]
Hacker Breached Insurance Site
“We have taken measures to further strengthen security.”
by Danny Yadron