Fox News | Nuns sue over birth control requirement.

John R. Graham | When people complain about the cost of private coverage, they likely don’t know that many of the guilty parties are government employees.

Thomas Lifson | When the government is in charge of health care, rationing happens. | Field trials of the first GM crops to produce high yields of omega-3 fatty acids could start in Britain in just three months.

Elizabeth Renter | Activists in Argentina are working to halt Monsanto’s take over of the country with GMO crops, but Monsanto is fighting back.

WV Gazette | 300,000 residents’ water was contaminated. | Flu season is underway, and vaccines are being pushed as the only safe choice. | Did you know that you’re not just one living thing?

The Weekly Standard | Doctors say they can no longer use certain insurance companies.

CNS News | is as unsecure as plain text e-mail.

Washington Post | Negative emotions have been shown to have a detrimental effect on the body.

My Fox New York | Organic and cage free eggs are becoming popular to the point that some major grocery chains are reporting shortages.

Elizabeth Renter | Switching to non-GMO was merely a smart marketing move. | The hits just keep on coming for ObamaCare.

Michael Lotfi | Legislatures of Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana have taken steps to nullify Obamacare.

Adan Salazar | So desperate are the powers that be to sell their “product,” it matters not whose memory they desecrate.

Food Revolution Network | Obama administration announced last week it expects to approve corn and soybeans that have been genetically engineered by Dow.

NBC News | Here’s why sunbathing feels so good: It may lower your blood pressure.

Fox News | Top executives will still be allowed to receive better health benefits than those being offered to regular employees.

The Fix | Ambien is becoming better known for triggering bizarre behavior than it is for treating insomnia.

CBS News | Flu activity continues to climb in the U.S., with 40 states now reporting widespread disease.

Wynton Hall | Startling congressional testimony revealed Obama administration does not know how many people have Obamacare coverage.

VOA News | ..can also cause conditions such as liver and colorectal cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and even erectile dysfunction. | It’s déjà vu all over again.

Fox News | State spent hundreds of millions for low enrollment. | Pressure on Whole Foods to come clean about a fertilizer method among their conventional produce suppliers. | Biotech titan Monsanto has made significant advances in the development of herbicide-tolerant wheat. | The reality of vaccines is that they are a far greater risk to human health than benefit and always have been. | There are 18 other governors running for re-election this year who oppose abortion rights. | Just over a third of U.S. adults ages 18 to 65 got the flu shot during the 2012-2013 flu season.

Reuters | Youths refuse to subsidize health costs for older Americans.

The Weekly Standard | Surprise, surprise: taxpayers to pay for insurance companies’ losses. | Three House Republicans have proposed legislation that would end federal subsidies to members of Congress. | Pentagon “gay bomb” was only part of the plan to destroy the sexes.

Breitbart | Expert says Accenture is no better than CGI.

Linda Searing | Preventing or delaying its symptoms and progression has become the focus.

Martin Hill | People have no right to refuse vaccines, since, as Bailey contends, they are endangering others.

Life News | Companion case of the legal challenge presented by Hobby Lobby. | “Before leaving nursing, I could sense how the atmosphere was turning against those that chose to not have the flu shot.”

CNN | First case reported of infection imported by a traveler.

RT | Activists have blocked construction for 113 days. | Biotech proponents routinely denigrate opponents as flatworlders, Luddites, and against science.

Anthony Gucciardi | As radiation levels spike and mutated wildlife washes ashore, government and media promote delusion.

NPR | Evidence also suggest it helps with pain as well.

Elizabeth Renter | Monsanto would have you believe that their seeds cause no risk to modern agriculture.

Biz Pac Review | White House press secretary confronted with the administration’s lie.

Breitbart | 30,000 Ill. residents told to redo their Obamacare applicants. | 15-year-old developed the sleeping disorder narcolepsy. | The belief that vaccines are extremely safe and effective comes from mass marketing and media.

Kit Daniels | Rebar wasn’t even used to reinforce the concrete foundation under water tanks, says worker.

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