The Truth About Vaccines & Blue Foot Syndrome
A true tale of vaccine injury.
by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
State Rep Jokes about Brain Damaging Vaccines
Legislator laughs at vaccine damage before supporting legislation to remove parental rights.

Processed Foods Indisputably Linked to Auto-Immune Disease
American junk food society destroying health.
by Christina Sarich
Thousands of Polish farmers in GMOs, land rights protest
Protests have been taking place across the country over the last three weeks.
by GM Watch sent out 800,000 bad tax forms
It’s what happens when government exceeds its competence.
by Ed Morrissey
CDC Vaccine Hoaxes Exposed
Propaganda surrounds vaccine campaign.
by Rob Dew

US Government Proposes "Sugary-Food Tax" To Curb Obesity
Impose a tax of 1 cent per ounce on soft drinks
by Zero Hedge
Smoking In Cars With Children Banned In England
“The police won’t be able to enforce the law on their own so the government will need a small army of snoopers…”
by April McCarthy

Coffee consumption linked to a decrease in DNA breakage
Coffee consumption can decrease the instances of oxidative damage.
by Science Alert
Sorry Monsanto: Organic Food Demand is Absolutely Exploding
Organic food sales set to reach a startling $35 billion this year.
by Christina Sarich

New, More Aggressive HIV Mutation Discovered in Cuba
New strain progresses so rapidly that victims won’t have time to seek antiretroviral treatment.
by Ana Verayo
Pollution and Toxins: The Threat to Our Troops
Over 600 military men & women have reported possible exposure to chemical warfare agents while in Iraq.
by Dr. Edward Group

Researchers Discover Glyphosate Herbicide in Honey, Soy Sauce
59 percent of honey samples tested had glyphosate concentrations above the recommended levels.
by Mike Barrett
Doublespeak: Rejecting Parental Consent Called “New Flexibility” by L.A. Times
Cali. governor ready to remove parental consent for vaccinations.
by David Knight

The End of Medical Ethics
“Informed consent” is in critical condition.
by David Knight
Federal Bill Announced to Eliminate All Vaccine Exemptions for Head Start
There are over 200 new vaccines in the pipeline.
by Heather Callaghan