U.S. agency offers legal immunity to Ebola vaccine makers
Move aimed at encouraging the development and availability of experimental Ebola vaccines.
by Reuters
Foundation of medical reality explodes
Time and time again, in these pages, I’ve illustrated the fact that reality is being created for us—and that reality is false. It’s a façade.
by Jon Rappoport

Trade Agreement Brings Frankenfoods to Europe
U.S. officials say European fears “misguided” as EU moves to allow states to “opt out” of GM crop cultivation.
by Dan Taylor
Vitamin E Deficiency Widespread And A Significant Risk To Brain Health and Pregnant Women
Vitamin E believed to reduce aminotransferases, fatty denegration and inflammation.
by Dr. Marianna Pochelli

New ‘Harmless Herbicide’ to Compete with Monsanto’s RoundUp
Weeding Tech’s new products is said to kill weeds in 24 hours with no pesticides or herbicides.
by Christina Sarich
New Law Blocks Anti-GMO Scientists from Advising EPA
Yet Another Layer of Bureaucracy to Protect Big Biotech.
by Christina Sarich

Prescription Vending Machines Coming to Arizona State University
Is this the path we are heading?
by Dr. Eldon Dahl
New Harvard Study Discovers Concerning Information About Antibiotics
“Some bacteria develop the ability to neutralize the antibiotic before it can do harm…”
by Christina Sarich

GMOs Causing Deadly Bacteria to Flourish in Digestive System
Weak intestinal health linked to endless disease.
by Christina Sarich
Anti-Fluoride Activists Rally to 'Get the F out of Dallas'
Major ad campaign aims to remove poison from public drinking water.
by Infowars.com

84% of Vegetarians and Vegans Return to Meat
Only 2% of Americans do not eat any animal products.
by Hal Herzog, Ph.D.
Shocking: Obesity Found to Spark 500,000 Cancer Cases Annually
People must engage in an overall active and healthy lifestyle.
by Mike Barrett

6 Herbs to Help Boost Your Brain Power
6 plants to get those brain cells charged up and ready to fire.
by Christina Sarich
NYC Launches Massive ‘Curbside Garden’ Campaign
Little oases of flowers, grasses, and small trees have been popping up all over NYC.
by Christina Sarich

The Hidden Culprit Behind Wheat Sensitivity
New information reveals drastic problem with food supply.
by Dr. Edward Group