Why Won't California Release Innocent Men from Prison?
It’s hard to understand why Gov. Brown hasn’t pursued his prison-reduction efforts..
by Steve Greenhut
Indiana cop assaults wheelchair-bound man, keeps job, faces no charges
Incident was captured on dash-cam video, which has finally been released after 9 months.
by Police State USA

Video: Cop Repeatedly Beats Woman in the Head
“She could have died out there.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Family Calls 911 As Son Threatens Suicide, Cops Show Up And Kill Him
Mother thought police would “save him, not finish him off”.
by Steve Watson

TSA Plans “Enhanced Security” for Fourth of July Travelers
U.S. worried about terrorists it created in Syria coming home.
by Kurt Nimmo
Impeach Obama Protester Charged for Flying Infowars, Gadsden Flag
Overpass protest deemed criminal nuisance, disorderly conduct.
by Mikael Thalen

George Orwell: A Final Warning
From TV docudrama: George Orwell – A Life in Pictures.
by Infowars.com
6 in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Convicted in Federal Jail Probe
Charges carry potential maximum sentence of 15 years in prison..
by Elizabeth Marcellino

 Ex-cop arrested after bodies found in suitcases
Met his victims online, bound and killed them and kept their bodies for months..
by Dinesh Ramde and Steve Karnowski
Oregon Celebrates Independence Day... With ‘No Refusal’ Blood Checkpoints
Police rename Fourth of July weekend “No Refusal Weekend”.
by Steve Watson

TSA to Raise Groping Fees Charged to Passengers
Americans to pay more for abuse at airports while feds give illegals free handouts for crossing unguarded borders.
by Kit Daniels
Law Enforcement Firm: Nobody Will Complain About Militarized Police When ISIS Attacks
Company suggests outrage over toddler critically injured by police flashbang grenade will subside when terror group “comes a calling.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

SWAT Team Refuses Public Records Request, Says 'We're Not a Government Agency'
“Either it is a public entity subject to public records laws, or what it is doing is illegal.”
by Mikael Thalen
10 Facts About The SWATification Of America That Everyone Should Know
SWAT team raids more than 25 times higher than in 1980.
by Michael Snyder

Salt Lake man wants police officer who killed his dog fired
Dog was shot in the head by a police officer.
by Harry Stevens
Cop Accused of Stealing From Drivers During Traffic Stops
Sergeant stole from 26 Hispanic motorists during traffic stops.
by Yahoo News