Shock Video: Cop Calls Dog Over Before Point Blank Execution
“I lived beside these people, the dogs were never, never, aggressive.”
by Mikael Thalen
New Zealand Police Raid Home Of Reporter Who Embarrassed Gov't Officials & Was Working On Snowden Documents
Independent journalist has been a thorn in the current leadership’s side for some time now.
by Mike Masnick

How Chicago's red light ticketing turned yellow lights into cash
City got nearly $8 million from 77,000 tickets issued with yellow lights shorter than the city standard.
by David Kidwell
Tennessee Courts Crack Down On Cops Taking Blood From Drivers
“…we hold that the privilege of driving does not alone create consent for a forcible blood draw.”
by The

Police Departments Using Private Foundations To Obtain Controversial Surveillance Technology
From the what-the-public-doesn’t-know-will-probably-irritate-them-to-no-end dept
by Tim Cushing
Video Captures Police Tasering Suspected Shoplifter Near Lakeside Wal-Mart
Officers accused of using too much force to subdue 60-year-old man.
by CBS Denver

Miami Beach cops to overhaul vehicle shooting rules
Officers won’t be allowed to shoot at moving cars unless someone inside displays a weapon or opens fire first.
by Charles Rabin and Joey Flechas-Crabin
Caught On Tape: Six Hong Kong Cops Maul Protester
Cops seen repeatedly kicking and punching alleged victim Ken Tsang Kin-Chiu.
by Zero Hedge

Sergeant Found with Dead Man's Watch, Police Say
Dead man’s watch replaced with less expensive version.
by Associated Press
Police Online Child Sex Sting: County Corrections Officer, Navy Sailor Among Suspects
“We want parents to know what is going on so they can monitor better.”
by Hana Kim

Seattle Police Officers Challenge New Use-of-Force Policies in Court
Police say limits on force endangers officers.
by C. R. Douglas
Cop Accused of Stealing $1,300 During Search
“The cops thought they could just go in his pockets, take his money, Mace him and leave”
by Josh Saul

Police Pepper Spray Wake County Teen Inside His Home After He's Mistaken For Burglar
The parents of a Wake County high school student are outraged that police pepper-sprayed him inside their home after a neighbor mistook him for an intruder. It happened Monday afternoon on England Avenue in Fuquay-Varina. Ricky and Stacy Tyler have fostered 18-year-old DeShawn Currie for about a year. The Tylers, their three young children and […]
by Andrea Blanford
Warrantless Raid on the Wrong People Costs Denver Cops $1.8 Million
Trumped up charges against the family.
by Kirk Mitchell

Off-duty cop arrested for brandishing Glock at family in minivan
Cop pointed Glock at minivan.
by Detroit Free Press
School Sics Cops, K-9 Unit on Old Man Looking for Dandelions
65-year-old prompts school lockdown.
by Lenore Skenazy