3 officers suspected of sharing nude photos from arrested driver's phone
Officer says act of sharing suspects’ nude common.
by Associated Press
Idaho Police Harass Cyclists, Ordering Them to Stop Recording
“You don’t have any legal rights now because right now you just broke the law.”
by Christian Medina Beltz

Activist Stops Another Cop for Driving Unmarked Car
Nationwide conversation forcing law enforcement to mark vehicles.
by Infowars.com
Reporter Detained for Photographing Courthouse, Accused of Being 'Possible Terrorist'
First Amendment audit produces negative result.
by Andrew Meyer

Overzealous NYPD Officer Mistakes Fellow Cop for Suspect, Proceeds to Kick Him in the Head
Boot and head meet with a resounding “thud.”
by Julian Kimble

Land of the Free – 1 in 3 Americans Are on File with the FBI in the U.S. Police State
Zero-tolerance attitude toward small crimes has led authorities to make more than a quarter of a billion arrests.
by Michael Krieger
Protesters Who Planned To Smash "Police Brutality" Pumpkins Arrested For Littering, Assault
Missouri cops squash First Amendment rights as residents attempt Ferguson inspired demonstration.
by Steve Watson

Family sues police for brutality
Cop pulls out gun over seat belt violation.
by Francesca Amiker
Shock Video: Cop Calls Dog Over Before Point Blank Execution
“I lived beside these people, the dogs were never, never, aggressive.”
by Mikael Thalen

New Zealand Police Raid Home Of Reporter Who Embarrassed Gov't Officials & Was Working On Snowden Documents
Independent journalist has been a thorn in the current leadership’s side for some time now.
by Mike Masnick
How Chicago's red light ticketing turned yellow lights into cash
City got nearly $8 million from 77,000 tickets issued with yellow lights shorter than the city standard.
by David Kidwell

Tennessee Courts Crack Down On Cops Taking Blood From Drivers
“…we hold that the privilege of driving does not alone create consent for a forcible blood draw.”
by The Newspaper.com
Police Departments Using Private Foundations To Obtain Controversial Surveillance Technology
From the what-the-public-doesn’t-know-will-probably-irritate-them-to-no-end dept
by Tim Cushing

Video Captures Police Tasering Suspected Shoplifter Near Lakeside Wal-Mart
Officers accused of using too much force to subdue 60-year-old man.
by CBS Denver
Miami Beach cops to overhaul vehicle shooting rules
Officers won’t be allowed to shoot at moving cars unless someone inside displays a weapon or opens fire first.
by Charles Rabin and Joey Flechas-Crabin