America's Legal System: Writing Speeding Tickets While Rapists Go Free
More emphasis placed on revenue generation than fighting crime.
by David Knight
Cops Want to Block Tracking App
Cops don’t want the public warned about their presence.

Feds: Fear Patriots, Not Murdering Terrorists
Feds focus on those resisting unrestrained government.
Cops Demand Silence While Stripping Your Rights
No warrants necessary.
by Lee Ann McAdoo

Solving the Bad Cop Problem (And Creating Jobs)
States should pass laws requiring termination law enforcement employee who brings civil liability upon the state.
by My Random Thought Dump
Prosecutor: No charges for Officers who Tased Man with Autism
Man was on the ground “crying for his mother” before being shocked.
by Associated Press

Video: Veteran Pepper-Sprayed, Cuffed, Beaten And Dragged Through Dirt By Cop
Officers Wearing Body Cams Turned Away To Hide Evidence.
by Steve Watson

Ban on Government License Plate Cameras Nears in Montana
Big Sky Country, now with less creepiness.
by J.D. Tuccille
This Mom Lost Custody After She Left Her Kid Alone at Home for 90 Minutes
A Canadian court is set to decide whether to criminalize latchkey kids—or at least their parents.
by Lenore Skenazy & Paul Best

Video: Cops Turn Off Camera Before Beating Man
“Hold up, we’re red right now, so if you guys are worried about cameras, just wait”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Police Have the Power to Seize Your Property. See Why the Issue Is Uniting Democrats and Republicans.
Through civil forfeiture, law enforcement agencies have made 55,000 seizures of cash and property worth $3 billion since 2008.
by Melissa Quinn

$25M claim filed by family of man killed in police firing
“Antonio Zambrano-Montes was not armed with a gun or knife.”
by Andrea Keller