Video Shows Cop Choking Woman in Custody
Cop caught on film choking detained suspect.
by CBS Boston
Homan Square: politicians push DoJ to investigate 'CIA or Gestapo tactics' at secret police site
US congressman and Cook County commissioner hand-deliver letter to Eric Holder and demand an ‘immediate investigation’ into secretive police facility.
by Zach Stafford

Students, governor want U.Va. student violent arrest investigated
Cops beat up honor student over fake ID.
by Heidi Brown
No charges for police officers who killed Florida man with hail of 130 bullets
Decision hinged on Florida’s “fleeing felon” law…
by Reuters

Man Alleges He Was Tortured by FBI to Become Informant
FBI threatens torture, “no-fly list” designation if man refuses to become snitch.
Obscure California Committee Moves to Expand How Police Access and Use DMV Photos
Would connect statewide law-enforcement system for accessing driver license photos and mugshots with national network of other states’ photo systems, and also employ facial recognition.
by Dave Maass

This Cop’s Department said he “Acted Admirably” When he Strangled Non-Violent Handcuffed Woman
“Shut the f**k up!” yells the Seargent as he attempts to strangle a handcuffed woman into silence.
by Matt Agorist
Criminal Violence as Political Theater: Standard Operating Procedure for the FBI
Quite similar to the “Fast and Furious” operation.
by William N. Grigg

New DPD Body Cam Video Shows Excessive Force
“I’m trying to breathe … trying to live … trying to breathe…”
by Brian Maass
Cops: "Protect And Serve" Is Now "Ticket And Fine"
Police fill up coffers for local politicians.

Michigan Sheriff's Deputy Admits To Issuing Ticket Quotas
Lieutenant punishes cops for not writing enough tickets.
10,000 troops to continue guarding France streets after attacks
Statement released after a special meeting of top ministers.
by Press TV

Florida prisons riddled with corruption, staffers tell senators
Inmate abuse, medical neglect, gang violence and organized crime…
by Mary Ellen Klas, Julie K. Brown
Police K9s Worth More Than Your Family Members
Cops take care of their own before community they supposedly serve.
by Joe Biggs

Woman Who also Filmed the Death of Eric Garner, Says NYPD Targeted and Beat Her
“The officer said, ‘you are that little girl from the Eric Garner case.’”
by Cassandra Rules
Police Inject Detainees with Heroin: Chicago Blacksite Exposed
Cops threaten to inject drugs into detainee if he won’t talk.
by Joe Biggs