Baltimore County Cops Kill Man for Pointing His Fingers Like a Gun
“It’s a shame. The violence is unbelievable. Over what?”
by Sputnik
NYPD Cop Infamous for Protester Intimidation Was Prison Guard at Abu Ghraib
Internal report from Abu Ghraib references an NYPD captain by the name of “Andrew J. Lombardo.”
by Sputnik

Man Jailed for Ticket Dies in Custody
Died in high observation unit.
Guy Who Wrote 'F**k the F**king Cops' on Facebook Wins $35,000 From Cops
“A settlement in this man’s case is a no brainer and he deserves every penny he got”
by Jason Koebler

Once Cops Realized Who this Man Was, they Turned Dashcams Off and Savagely Attacked Him
“What are you going to tell me next, ‘you can’t breathe?’”
by Matt Agorist
Police Investigator: Cops Beat Me Up
The dash cam went dark as soon as officers saw his ID. Then an officer allegedly taunted him, “What are you going to tell me next? You can’t breathe?”
by Justin Glawe

Florida ‘Officer Of The Year’ Arrested On Child Porn Charges
27-year-old married father of three, had posted the child porn while inside his police cruiser – while on patrol.
NYPD Chief Gives More Freedom to New York Cops to Break the Rules
Top cop orders internal affairs to stop attending traffic court to investigate officers’ errors among other changes.
by Sputnik

Connecticut Homeowners Fight to Prevent City From Taking Their Homes for Redevelopment
“We’ve endured so many things in this house. Bad things have happened to us, but this is our house.”
by Melissa Quinn
Report: Illinois Police Investigating if Officer Thought to Be Killed Actually Committed Suicide
Possibly made it look like someone killed him…
by Polly Mosendz

Seattle Police Officer Fired Over Arrest of Elderly Black Man with Golf Club
Arrest was motivated by racial bias and marked by “abuse of police discretion,” Seattle police chief said.
by Victoria Cavaliere
DOJ Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Fight Back Against Asset Forfeiture Reform
By partnering with federal agencies, local law enforcement often saw bigger payouts than with strictly local forfeitures.
by Tim Cushing

Obama and Allies Seek to Nationalize Local Police
Efforts to further nationalize and federalize law enforcement are in line with Obama’s campaign rhetoric about building a “civilian national security force.”
by Alex Newman, William F. Jasper
Public School Students Are the New Inmates in the American Police State
In the American police state, you’re either a prisoner or a prison bureaucrat.
by John W. Whitehead

‘The police are supposed to be the good guys,’ Man Claims he was Beaten by Purcell Officer
“By the time he threw me on the ground and hit me a couple times with his elbow, at that point, I was like this isn’t a police officer, this is just some guy here to kill me…”
by Abby Broyles
Who, What, Why: What is Skunk Water?
“Like a mixture of excrement, noxious gas and a decomposing donkey”
by BBC