Cleveland to Pay $3 Million Over Police Shooting
Thirteen Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots into a car after a high-speed chase.
by Mark Gillispie

AUDIO: Missouri Governor Goes Silent When Asked Who’s In Charge in Ferguson
When asked where the buck stops in Ferguson, Missouri, Gov. Jay Nixon literally went silent.
by Curtis Kalin
Unannounced Shooter Drill Terrifies Students: “I Thought He Was Going to Shoot Me”
The Real Terrorists: Who Watches the Watchers?
by Mac Slavo

Loud Door Prompts Outrageous Police Response
Cops perceive loud noise to be shotgun blast.
by Adan Salazar
Cop recovering after shooting himself in foot
Police say criminal charges are not pending.
by Linda Trischitta

Man, 79, Charged in Pot Bust Challenges Search
Dion’s lawyer is arguing that the police stop and search of his truck were illegal.
by Denise Lavoie
A raid, multiple tasings, two arrests, and a home 'ripped apart': Can you guess the suspected crime?
Police carry out rampage after illegally entering home.
by Radley Balko

Missouri national guard on standby for Ferguson grand jury decision
Governor announces policing plans for protests.
by Jon Swaine
Cop Thrashes Mother In Front of 8-year-old Son After 'Yelling' Incident
Child ‘traumatized’ after watching cop brutalize mother.
by Adan Salazar

When Cops Get Arrested, Florida Sheriff's Office Conceals Information From Public
Cop charged with rape is treated better than the public.
by Ray Downs
Ferguson Resident: ‘We are Getting Prepared for War’
People are afraid of what could happen.
by CBS News St. Louis

Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize
The seminars offered police officers some useful tips on seizing property from suspected criminals.
by Shaila Dewan

Snohomish County to Pay $600,000 to Family of Man Tased by Sheriff’s Deputy
Man suffered fatal heart attack in 2010.
by Beth Kaiman
Police Tell Wisconsin Protesters to Leave 'Rented' Public Square
Residents protesting dog murder by SWAT team told not to protest.
by Mike Paczesny