Norway House man shot by RCMP to be released from hospital
Released from hospital and taken into custody.
by CBC
EMS on Modified Duty, Cop Stripped of Badge in Chokehold Arrest Death
Victim said “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” as he was brought to the ground by an officer using a chokehold.
by NBC New York

City Block Evacuated After Bus Passenger Finds Police Training Pipe Bomb
“It appears they must not have double checked that all the fake devices were off the bus…”
by Mikael Thalen
'I can't breathe': Death spotlights police use of chokeholds
Police reportedly kill man for selling untaxed cigarettes.
by Jolie Lee

Ku Klux Klan Ties To Small Town Police Department Shocks Residents In Florida
Two city police officers linked with the Ku Klux Klan.
by Fox News Latino
Fake TSA clerk gropes women at SFO; but hey, no harm, no foul
Succeeded in directing at least two women to a private booth where he could grope them.
by Lisa Simeone

No, the Police Don't Work for You
Law enforcement is a “product” we are forced to buy.
by William N. Grigg
US terrorist database growing at rapid rate
Ruling finds no adequate method for people to challenge their placement on the list
by Matthew Barakat

Mother Jailed, Kid Taken By Social Services After Playing At Park Unsupervised
Busy body neighbor offers no support for working mom, calls police instead.
by Steve Watson
What I Don’t Like About Life in the American Police State
I don’t like being treated as if my only value to the government is as a source of labor and funds..
by John W. Whitehead

Homeland Security officer under scrutiny for firing gun during L.A. protest
No one was hit by gunfire or otherwise injured.
by Steve Gorman
Target Security Officer Fired After Reporting Shoplifting
Deputy caught stealing retired after incident.
by Tom Jackman

DHS Agent Opens Fire During Pro-Israel Rally
Sheriff’s department “not sure” why DHS agent left federal property.
by Mikael Thalen
Pentagon’s Self-guided Bullets Leave Enemies Nowhere to Hide
New video confirms DARPA has perfected the technology..
by Douglas Ernst

Claim: Feds Detain, Threaten to Cavity Search Journalist At Border
New Mexico ICE agents say photography creates “national security issue.”
by Mikael Thalen
Man Arrested For Asking Cops a Question
Sheriff’s Deputy: “Are you a badass, is that what you’re saying?”
by Paul Joseph Watson