Ex-cop Johnnie Riley sentenced for shooting handcuffed suspect
During original sentencing, cop attempted to attack prosecutors.
by WUSA9
'You filthy, abnormal animal’: graphic contents of anonymous letter sent by FBI to Martin Luther King
Written by a deputy of FBI chief J Edgar Hoover posing as disillusioned civil rights activist,
by Rosa Prince

NYC 'Cannibal Cop' Sentenced to Time Served
“I want her to experience being cooked alive. She’ll be trussed up like a turkey… She’ll be terrified, screaming and crying.”
by Associated Press
Police killings highest in two decades
At least seven police departments have been the subjects of federal reviews in the wake of fatal police shootings since 2010.
by Kevin Johnson

Study: Brazilian cops killed more than 11,000 people in 5 years
An average of six killings a day…
by Associated Press
Missouri national guard on standby for Ferguson grand jury decision
Governor announces policing plans for protests.
by Jon Swaine

Cop Thrashes Mother In Front of 8-year-old Son After 'Yelling' Incident
Child ‘traumatized’ after watching cop brutalize mother.
by Adan Salazar
When Cops Get Arrested, Florida Sheriff's Office Conceals Information From Public
Cop charged with rape is treated better than the public.
by Ray Downs

Cop Caught on Video Attacking Defenseless Handcuffed Girl is Suing the City for Lost Pay
“You’re going to find out what a world of hurt really is.”
by Matt Agorist
Mother Calls Police to Help Her Son Take His Medicine, Cop Shows Up and Shoots Him
“I heard my baby say, I want my mama after he shot him, and then I didn’t hear anything else.”
by Cassius Methyl

School Hires FBI Agent to Monitor Student Social Media Activity
“You can identify a student, and you can jump into their activity logs and see exactly what they’ve typed.”
by Victor Skinner
LAPD overtime for Made in America festival exceeds $475,000
Increased police presence costs taxpayers.
by Adolfo Flores

Cop Hits Judge With Taser Attempting To Subdue Defendant In Court
Judge was caught in the crossfire and was hit with one of the taser’s prongs.
by John Vibes

Florida police threaten arrest under new ‘homeless hate law’
Recently passed city ordinance makes sharing food a citable offense.
by RT.com
Defending Searches, Security Director Says ‘Every School Has Drugs In It’
“We want kids to be successful here and we want them to feel that being safe and secure in their environment is very important.”
by Victor Skinner