Louisiana 14-year-old shot dead by police after altercation
Weapon found “in close proximity” to victim’s body.
by Dave Minsky
School District Institutes Drug Testing Policy for Seventh Graders – But Not Employees
“To work just about anywhere, you have to pass a pre-employment drug screening. How it passes over a teacher, I don’t know.”
by Victor Skinner

Tulsa Police Obtain MRAPs
Cops receive war equipment from Pentagon.
by Enid News
St. Paul to offer $95,000 to settle police brutality claim
Police leave man with a fractured skull and eye socket and a broken nose.
by Mara H. Gottfried

Time For Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws To Meet The Same Fate As Jim Crow
Police forces across the country exploit civil asset forfeiture laws to deprive hapless, innocent people of cash and other property.
by George Leef
Disturbing Discovery Leads To Re-Arrest Of Retired Cop
Detectives say they found computer files this week allegedly showing him molesting a little girl.
by CBS Miami

Former Cop, Infamous for Killing Family's Dog, Has Epiphany About Broken Police System
“I don’t believe I can put the badge and uniform back on, and go out and fight for something I really wholeheartedly don’t believe in at this time.”
by John Vibes
Innocent grandmother shot during violent DEA drug raid in New Hampshire
“She went to pick up the baby. They thought she was reaching for something, and they shot her.”
by Police State USA

New Radar Gun to Catch Texting Drivers
A text message, phone call and data transfer emit different frequencies that can be distinguished by the device.
by Dave Forster
Cops Beat Up Bronx Teen Who Noted Scent Of Dog Poop In Their Presence
“I thought I was going to die.”
by Christopher Robbins

Cameras Ain't Illegal, Observer Tells Cops
“Seeks damages for First Amendment retaliation and unlawful use of force.”
by Andrew Thompson
The War on Drugs Simply Doesn’t Work
U.S. has spent roughly $1 trillion on drug prohibition since 1971.
by Casey Given

Retrial Begins for Detroit Cop who Killed 7-Year-Old in ‘Reality Show Shooting’
“I replay this every day in my head… There’s nothing else I could have done differently.”
by RT
How Cops Became Robbers
Three features of civil forfeiture law and five Supreme Court decisions make it easy for police to take money from motorists.
by Jacob Sullum

Police seizures of cash rise, fueled by private training firms
Thousands of people have been forced to fight legal battles that can last more than a year to get their money back
by Michael Sallah and Robert O’Harrow Jr.
Detroit cop faces 2nd trial in 7-year-old's death
Attorney concerned “media frenzy” following police shooting in Missouri could harm client’s right to impartial jury.
by Associated Press