Man Arrested For Filming Militarized Police Raid
“You go inside right now….it’s a lawful order….go inside right now.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Pentagon Is Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police
Campus police forces have been vigorously trained in paramilitary tactics.
by Hannah K. Gold

Civilian Head of Sheriff Oversight Quits; Neck Restraints ‘Last Straw’
“That was the last straw.”
by Jennifer Sullivan
Cop arrested in Queens after allegedly getting into fight with mechanic
Cop gets into fist fight at mechanic shop.
by Ryan Sit

Hackers used police spy tool to steal nude celebrity pictures
Use password breaker to download data from iCloud storage backups.
by RT
Exclusive: Mystery of Rogue Cell Towers Discovered
Feds attempt to downplay growing spy grid.
by Mikael Thalen

School Bans ‘Unsupervised Cartwheels’ on Playground
“It would be appreciated if you could remind your children about the safety issues involved…”
by Victor Skinner
Journalist Arrested For Photographing NATO Security Barriers
“Open air prison” installed for global summit in Wales.
by Paul Joseph Watson

"Ferguson five" sue police
Five people claiming they were brutalized by police during recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri file $40-million lawsuit.
Reddit documents how often police shoot people's dogs
Effort to document instances of police fatally shooting people’s pet dogs.
by Aaron Sankin

Nebraska Cops Receive no Jail Time for Stealing Camera Memory Card
Cop receives year probation after charge reduced from felony to misdemeanor.
by Carlos Miller
Hoboken Cracking Down on Uber Car Services
Police pull Uber passenger from vehicle.
by Tamara Laine

Atlanta Cop to Appear in Court on Murder Charges
Woman shot multiple times, set on fire.
by CBS News
Cop Points Gun, Threatens to Kill Citizen in Response to Cell Phone Recording
“I’ll f***ing put a round in your ass so quick.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obama's DOJ Sues Minnesota City for Rejecting Islamic Center
“An injustice has been done.”
by Warner Todd Huston
Suspect Charged with Murder after Stray Police Bullet Kills Innocent Woman
Kody Roach, 23, now faces a first-degree felony murder charge in Vixen Bar shooting.
by Jeff Weiner