Land of the Free – 1 in 3 Americans Are on File with the FBI in the U.S. Police State
Zero-tolerance attitude toward small crimes has led authorities to make more than a quarter of a billion arrests.
by Michael Krieger
Protesters Who Planned To Smash "Police Brutality" Pumpkins Arrested For Littering, Assault
Missouri cops squash First Amendment rights as residents attempt Ferguson inspired demonstration.
by Steve Watson

Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline — Get Killed by a SWAT Team
Eyewitness Ron Smith told the Standard-Examiner that he heard “one shot, and then a pause, and then four or five shots after that, that were very rapid.”
by William Norman Grigg
How Asset Forfeiture Allows Cops to Steal from Citizens
Police repeatedly caught stealing property.
by A. Barton Hinkle

Video: Busker's Unlawful Arrest Prompts Protests On NY Subway
“There are crack dealers in New York City, and you’re arresting this man for playing guitar!”
by Steve Watson
Firefighter, soon-to-be cop arrested in Miami Beach robbery
Another victim said she was punched in the face.
by Amanda Batchelor

Video: Cop Reads Law Permitting Subway Busking, Arrests Singer Anyway
Cop takes down man who dared to express his rights.
by Gothamist
Man Dies While In Police Custody
“He was screaming, ‘no get off me. It hurts. It hurts. Get off me,’ and then a second later it was just quiet.”
by Carey Codd

Video Captures Police Tasering Suspected Shoplifter Near Lakeside Wal-Mart
Officers accused of using too much force to subdue 60-year-old man.
by CBS Denver
Miami Beach cops to overhaul vehicle shooting rules
Officers won’t be allowed to shoot at moving cars unless someone inside displays a weapon or opens fire first.
by Charles Rabin and Joey Flechas-Crabin

Caught On Tape: Six Hong Kong Cops Maul Protester
Cops seen repeatedly kicking and punching alleged victim Ken Tsang Kin-Chiu.
by Zero Hedge
Violent Police 'Home Invasion' Leads to $66K Bill for Victims
Halifax officer keeps his job, isn’t charged after illegal entry and assault on resident.
by Kathy Tomlinson

Snowden: NSA carrying out 'human intel' ops in China
NSA has been operating a project known as Sentry Eagle.
by Want China Times
NSA agents may have infiltrated the global communications industry
Part of the SENTRY EAGLE effort involves infiltrating “commercial entities” with undercover agents.
by Cory Doctorow

More than 1,000 marchers confront Missouri police over fatal shootings
Marchers chanted, “Indict, convict, put the killer cops in jail.”
by Fiona Ortiz and Kenny Bahr
Asset seizures fuel police spending
Hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law…
by Robert O'Harrow Jr., Steven Rich