Tear gas & ‘flaming barricade’: Protesters confront St. Louis cops over fatal shooting
St. Louis police have been confronted by residents after officers fatally shot a black suspect.
by RT
Paranoid Cop Shoots at “Darkened Figure” in Stairwell, It was his Backup Officer
“He saw a darkened figure at the base of the stairwell who he believed was holding a weapon…”
by Matt Agorist

The Number of Cops Indicted for Murder Spikes Upward
In the past five months, at least 14 police officers have been charged for on-duty killings—more than five times the normal rate.
by Conor Friedersdorf
We Are The Government: Tactics For Taking Down The Police State
Americans often feel as if they have no voice, no authority and no recourse when it comes to holding government officials accountable.
by John W. Whitehead

APD Officers Will Stand Trial for Murder in Shooting of James Boyd
Will face charges of 2nd-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and battery in court.
by KOB.com
600 Police Gunshots During Stockton Bank Robbery Were 'excessive,' Report Says
32 officers unloaded 600+ rounds during hour-long gun battle, which spanned three counties, 63 miles of highway and reached speeds of 120 mph.
by Joseph Serna

Ohio Trooper Advertised 'traffic stop sex' on Craigslist
Sentenced to five years in prison in April.
by AP
Prosecutors: Officer knew about killing, lied to police
Cop accused of covering up murder of witness.
by Detroit Free Press

Cop Caught Aiming Gun at a Crowd of Hundreds of Innocent People
“I just took a few pictures, and I couldn’t believe that he did it.”
by Matt Agorist

Study Shows Deaths from Dangerous Painkillers Plummet in States with Legal Weed
“At least 38 million adults suffer from chronic pain, and at least 12 million have used cannabis as a treatment.”
by Justin Gardner
Racial Group most likely to be Killed by Police? Native Americans
Native Americans comprise 1.9% of police killings but only 0.8% of population.
by Steve Straehley

Armored Vehicle Request Documents Show Local Law Enforcement Still Looking To Bring The (Drug) War To Your Doorstep
If you give law enforcement the option, they’ll take the most intimidating thing they can acquire…
by Tim Cushing
Probe Leads to 560 Drug Convictions Being Overturned
An example of drug fraud?
by Christina Sarich

Ferguson Forced To Return Humvees To Defense Department As Protests Swell
The Humvees were initially distributed as part of a national program to provide surplus military equipment.
by Eben Blake
Black South Carolina man was armed when officers shot him, police say
Police reported someone in an SUV had fired a shot at them.
by Harriet McLeod