Pope Francis Helps Normalize Security & Police State in the U.S.
Largest security operation in U.S. history unlikely to hold that record for too long.
by Ed Krayewski
Los Angeles Police Fatally Shoot Woman Armed With Knife
During the incident, two officers fired their weapons.
by Reuters

Police Officer Arrested, Accused of Murdering 2-Month-Old Son
“The cause of these injuries were intentionally committed.”
by Sputnik
Philly On Lockdown for The Pope
Miles of blockades follow pope on visit across the US.
by Jakari Jackson

Military Blimps Floating Over Baltimore Area Labeled A 'Failure'
Blimp system costs over two billion.
by CBS Baltimore
'Cop of the Year' Busted for Child Porn
Florida cop charged with distributing and receiving pornography while on duty.
by NBC News

Baltimore County Cops Kill Man for Pointing His Fingers Like a Gun
“It’s a shame. The violence is unbelievable. Over what?”
by Sputnik
NYPD Cop Infamous for Protester Intimidation Was Prison Guard at Abu Ghraib
Internal report from Abu Ghraib references an NYPD captain by the name of “Andrew J. Lombardo.”
by Sputnik

US Police Arrest Five at Anti-Drone Protest in New York
“They are committing war crimes!”
by Sputnik
Police Harass, Detain Man For Eating Hamburger
“Get out of the car!!”
by Kit Daniels

Cops Caught on Video Breaking into Family’s Backyard, Killing Dog in Front of 2-Year-Old Girl
“One of the officers kicked the dog, then drew his weapon and fired several times…”
by Matt Agorist
Federal Air Marshals Under Investigation for Filming Sex With a Prostitute While On Duty
“TSA demands the highest standards of integrity and professionalism…”
by Jana Winter

NYPD Union Prez Patrick Lynch: Only Police Are Qualified To Judge The Actions Of Police
Citizens increasingly removed from decision making.
by Timothy Geigner
Illinois Trooper Guilty of Assault After Roadside Strip Search of Motorist
“I had never been treated like that by a police officer.”
by Sputnik

Connecticut Homeowners Fight to Prevent City From Taking Their Homes for Redevelopment
“We’ve endured so many things in this house. Bad things have happened to us, but this is our house.”
by Melissa Quinn
Report: Illinois Police Investigating if Officer Thought to Be Killed Actually Committed Suicide
Possibly made it look like someone killed him…
by Polly Mosendz