Protesters vow to 'shut down' Baltimore over Freddie Gray killing
The unrest in Baltimore comes amid a string of incidents nationwide where police have been videotaped physically abusing prone or handcuffed subjects, not to mention a series of controversial police killings of unarmed black men.
by Patrick Jonsson
Mentally Ill Homeless Man Severely Beaten By Police Because His Beach Umbrella was Too Big
“To me, what they did in full view of every person on Venice Beach was to strip a homeless man, someone mentally ill, of their last shred of humanity.”
by Cassandra Fairbanks

Marchers scuffle with Baltimore police over death of man in custody
Protesters called for officers suspended in connection with the case to be charged with murder.
by Ian Simpson
No indictment of Dallas officers in shooting of mentally ill man
A grand jury decided that two Dallas officers who killed a mentally ill man holding a screwdriver will not be indicted.
by Al Jazeera

Cell Phone Video Captures Police Officer Killing a Man as He Tried to Hide in a Stack of Lumber
“He was shot and murdered in broad daylight by the police.
by Matt Agorist
Connellsville Cop Charged With Accepting Sexual Favors From Girl, 16
“From what I understand, it happened in various locations – his vehicle was one of the location.”
by Ross Guidotti

Caught On Tape: Cop Jumpkicks Suspect After Shooting Him
Crime was running a stop sign while driving a motorcycle on a suspended license and carrying two percocets in his pocket.
by Zero Hedge
Puppycide Police Shootings: Texas Lawmakers Consider Officer Training Mandate To Decrease Dog Killings
“Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot by law enforcement.”
by Aaron Morrison

Chicago prosecutor will stop busting people for small amounts of weed
Possession of small amounts of the drug will be dismissed for those with less than three arrests or citations…
by Mary Wisniewski
Officer on leave in drug case
Officer’s involvement in drug trafficking, if any, is unclear.
by Cathy Locke

NSA, FBI Scramble as Post-9/11 Patriot Act Surveillance Authorization Set to Expire
Bill introduced last month that would repeal the Patriot Act entirely.
by Asa Jay

Police Department Spokesperson Arrested for Child Pornography
Also worked in a patrol capacity and held a position as a school resource officer…
by Lauren DeMarco
Chicago Will Pay $5.5 Million in "Reparations" to Victims of Police Torture
Officers accused of torturing suspects between 1972 and 1991…
by Nick Gillespie

Laquon McDonald Death: Chicago Refuses To Release Dash-Cam Video Of Officer-Involved Shooting
FBI leading criminal probe into death of Laquon McDonald, who was shot 16 times by a police officer in October 2014.
by Suman Varandani
The Script You Need To Stay Out of Jail
How to keep from getting arrested during a traffic stop.