Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior
“The average score for the English section of the standardized entrance exam was 93.1 (out of 200), but the AI scored 95.”
by Jun Hongo
Vampire-Fanged Deer Found In Afghanistan Is A ‘Living Treasure,’ Rare Species Not Seen For Over 66 Years
“Gram for gram, musk is one of the most valuable products in the natural kingdom and can be worth three times more than its weight in gold”
by Phillip Ross

Brazil Builds Internet Cable To Portugal To Avoid NSA Surveillance
3,500-mile fiber-optic cable will stretch from Fortaleza to Portugal.
by Kathleen Caulderwood
Ebola crisis: Vaccine 'too late' for outbreak
Health workers are struggling to contain the spread of the virus.
by BBC

Study: Genetic factors behind surviving or dying from Ebola
Some completely resist the disease, others suffer moderate to severe illness.
by Science Daily
Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice
As you read this, your neurons are firing – that brain activity can now be decoded to reveal the silent words in your head
by New Scientist

Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?
U. S., Canada, France, and U. K. implicated in Ebola tests.
by Dr. Cyril Broderick

Comet makes close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch: ‘This is a really rare event’
Comet from outer reaches of solar system studied by robots as it passes close to Mars.
by Irene Klotz
Creepy, crawly: Black widow numbers way up
Black widow venom is “Fifteen times more concentrated than rattlesnake venom.”
by Caleb James

Transhumanism: Nine technologies that could be implanted inside you
Implantable smartphones, implantable birth control…
by Mike Edelhart
Computers could achieve superhuman levels of intelligence in this century
Could they pose a threat to humanity?
by The Week

Secretive X-37B space plane returns to Earth, two years on
Military weapon or benign aircraft?
by John Skillings
To Pluto... and Beyond
The solar system hardly ends at Pluto.
by Phil Plait

Polar vortex will likely make a return this winter, says Accuweather
Culprit responsible for several days of below-zero temperatures last year
by AngelFritz