ANOTHER volcanic eruption. The signs of global seismic unrest are showing everywhere
Large blast caught nearby hikers on Nicaragua’s Telica volcano off guard.
by Investment Watch

Dwarf Planet 'Ceres' Animation Showcases Bright Spots
As of now, their exact nature remains unknown.
Curiosity rover snaps first color pictures of red planet’s blue sunset
Images taken on the rover’s 956th Martian day.
by Andrew Griffin

Dutch solar road makes enough energy to power household
Engineers in the Netherlands say energy-generating road surface is more successful than expected, six months into trial.
by Tarek Bazley
Are Flying Cars For Real This Time?
6 companies determined to come to market.
by Cindy Drukier

Patents for technology to read people’s minds hugely increasing
Patents include technology to artificially alter people’s mood, control video games.
by Andrew Griffin
Farming Drones Approved By FAA After Testing In California’s Wine Country
“We can avoid problems with pests, we can treat a smaller area, and we can do it in an economical way.”
by Derek Shore

Tiny robot pulls 2,000 times its own weight
“This is the equivalent of a human adult dragging a blue whale around on land.”
by Natalie Crofts
NASA plans to use spy telescopes in dark-energy mission - report
Project aims to study dark energy, thought to be accelerating expansion of universe and search for exoplanets.

Researchers locate huge magma reservoir beneath Yellowstone
Scientists were able to create 3-D images of the volcano’s deep-earth plumbing.
by Brooks Hays
Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile forces evacuation of 4,000 people from region
Evacuation radius of 20 kilometres had been established.
by CBC

Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos
Rumours of germline modification prove true — and look set to reignite an ethical debate.
by David Cyranoski, Sara Reardon
Boston Police Set Up 'Drone Shields' Along the 2015 Marathon Route
Ten DroneShield sensors installed on lampposts along the 26.2-mile race route.
by Shawn Musgrave

Japan Plans Moon Landing
Another space race in the making.
by Elaine Kurtenbach
Japan robot receptionist welcomes shoppers
Android with lifelike skin and almost (but not quite) natural-looking movements…
by AFP