Europe's Rosetta Probe Goes Into Orbit Around Comet 67P
“After 10 years, five months and four days..”
by BBC
Paedophile Snared as Google Scans Gmail for Images of Child Abuse
Hundreds of millions of email accounts are now being routinely scanned for illegal images, thanks to spophisicated new Google software.
by Martin Evans

 NASA Announces Mars 2020 Rover Payload to Explore the Red Planet as Never Before
New rover upgraded to determine potential habitability of the environment, and directly search for signs of ancient Martian life..
Study: Rain of Asteroids Melted Early Earth, Boiled Its Oceans
When you look up at the moon’s pockmarked face, you’re actually staring at Earth’s early history. The rain of asteroids that pummeled the lunar surface hit our planet too — it’s just that erosion and plate tectonics blotted out the evidence. In fact, no rocks anywhere in the world survived to tell the story of […]
by Julia Rosen

Mars 2020 rover will carry weather instruments to research future manned missions
Exploratory technology hopes to produce breathable oxygen from carbon dioxide in Mars’ atmosphere.
by Angela Fritz
The Gulf of Mexico Is Still Dying: Pathogenic Micro-organisms Proliferate Due To Polluted And Poisoned ‘Bioterrain’
Multitude of oil spills require extraordinary remediation measures.
by Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Cyber-Conference

Scientists: Earth May Be Entering Early Stages of Mass Extinction Event
More than 320 land vertebrates have gone extinct since the year 1500.
by CBS Charlotte
Cool-Burning Flames In Space Might Enhance Engines On Earth
UC professor: “We observed something that we didn’t think could exist..”
by Kamal Nayan

NASA Rover's Images Show Laser Flash on Martian Rock
First images of sparks produced by the rover’s laser being shot at a rock on Mars.
Almost everyone involved in developing Tor was (or is) funded by the US government
Tor was developed, built and financed by the US military-surveillance complex.
by Yasha Levine

FBI Warns Driverless Cars Could be Used as 'lethal weapons'
Internal report sees benefits for road safety, but warns that autonomy will create greater potential for criminal ‘multitasking’
by Mark Harris
Scientists Baffled by Gigantic 262ft Hole that has Appeared at Siberia's 'End of The World'
Enormous crater appears suddenly in part of Russia whose name translates as ‘the end of the world’
by Daily

80% of Universe’s Light “Missing”
Physicist says space is not electrically neutral and electricity has played a massive roll in the structure of the universe.
by Michael Suede
Novartis and Google to Develop 'smart' Contact Lens
Would help diabetics track their blood glucose levels or restore the eye’s ability to focus..
by Caroline Copley

Message to all Americans from the medical cartel
The US medical system kills 2.25 million Americans per decade.
by Jon Rappoport
"Global Warming:" Coldest Antarctic June ever recorded
Temperature was 11.9F degrees lower than normal.
by Eric Worrall