Centipede Genome Mapped For the First Time
Scientists discover centipedes lack a biological clock.
by Jim Algar
Antarctic ice thicker than thought, drone submarine finds
“Our surveys indicate that the floes are much thicker and more deformed than reported…”
by RT

Scientists urge governments to turn old TV frequencies into free “super WiFi”
New “super WiFi” would have a far wider range than existing WiFi networks.
by Paul French
Here come the autonomous robot security guards: What could possibly go wrong?
They’ll eventually be equipped with weapons.
by Sebastian Anthony

How the Pentagon’s Skynet Would Automate War
The Pentagon plans to monopolize imminent “transformational advances” in nanotechnology, robotics, and energy.
by Nafeez Ahmed
Kickstarter to drill the moon's south pole is raising crazy cash
Lunar Mission One wants to bury a time capsule deep below the surface of the bottom of the moon, and it’s asking the public to foot the bill. So far, humanity seems willing to chip in.
by Eric Mack

Now e-cigarettes can give you malware
Better for your lungs, worse for your hard drives, e-cigarettes can potentially infect a computer if plugged in to charge.
by Alex Hern
Geckos inspire 'Spider-Man' gloves
Gloves allow humans to climb like geckos.
by BBC

Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered
Microorganisms we carry can affect behavior and cognition.
by Ben Tufft
Arctic Blast via Polar Vortex to Chill 42 US States
Rockies and Plains will experience a 20 to 40-degree drop in high temperatures.
by Kristina Pydynowski

Weak Sun Poses Radiation Risk for Mars-Bound Astronauts
“While these conditions are not necessarily a showstopper… galactic cosmic ray radiation in particular remains a significant and worsening factor.”
by Space.com
Storm Stronger Than Sandy Heads for Alaska
40- to 50-foot waves crashing into Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.
by Associated Press

Half of All Stars May Lie Outside Galaxies
Together they create a hazy background of fluctuating near-infrared light.
by Marcia Dunn
Virgin Galactic looks to resume tests in 2015
“There was no question it was a tragic setback, but it’s one from which we can recover.”
by Susan Montoya Bryan

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior
“The average score for the English section of the standardized entrance exam was 93.1 (out of 200), but the AI scored 95.”
by Jun Hongo
Vampire-Fanged Deer Found In Afghanistan Is A ‘Living Treasure,’ Rare Species Not Seen For Over 66 Years
“Gram for gram, musk is one of the most valuable products in the natural kingdom and can be worth three times more than its weight in gold”
by Phillip Ross