Mars 2020 rover will carry weather instruments to research future manned missions
Exploratory technology hopes to produce breathable oxygen from carbon dioxide in Mars’ atmosphere.
by Angela Fritz
The Gulf of Mexico Is Still Dying: Pathogenic Micro-organisms Proliferate Due To Polluted And Poisoned ‘Bioterrain’
Multitude of oil spills require extraordinary remediation measures.
by Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Cyber-Conference

Scientists: Earth May Be Entering Early Stages of Mass Extinction Event
More than 320 land vertebrates have gone extinct since the year 1500.
by CBS Charlotte
Cool-Burning Flames In Space Might Enhance Engines On Earth
UC professor: “We observed something that we didn’t think could exist..”
by Kamal Nayan

NASA Preparing For Jupiter Moon Europa With Ice Drilling Robot
NASA has released a video test of its laser-powered drill that is expected to be used by a robot during future voyages on ice-covered Jupiter moon Europa. Testing took place at Matanuska Glacier, Alaska. New Scientist described what is spurring the mission, and gave a first-hand account of the VALKYRIE robot which could be searching […]
by TechSwarm
Mysterious Brief Pulse Detected From Outer Space Baffles Astronomers
Was it a message from far beyond our own galaxy?
by Rida Ahmed

River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight
Residents reported strange smell wafting through air…
by Yazhou Sun
US Military’s ‘air optical fiber’ Increases the Power of Laser Weapons, Networks, Science
Allows for much better transmission of lasers through free space..
by Sebastian Anthony

80% of Universe’s Light “Missing”
Physicist says space is not electrically neutral and electricity has played a massive roll in the structure of the universe.
by Michael Suede
Novartis and Google to Develop 'smart' Contact Lens
Would help diabetics track their blood glucose levels or restore the eye’s ability to focus..
by Caroline Copley

Message to all Americans from the medical cartel
The US medical system kills 2.25 million Americans per decade.
by Jon Rappoport
"Global Warming:" Coldest Antarctic June ever recorded
Temperature was 11.9F degrees lower than normal.
by Eric Worrall

Amazon seeks US exemption to test delivery drones
Amazon said it will conduct its operations in a confined area over isolated Amazon private property.
by John Ribeiro
Found! Most Distant Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy
Boundaries of our home galaxy may have to be redrawn.
by Mike Wall

Dozens More Military Programs To Control Social Media Revealed
Controversial Facebook study is just tip of an iceberg.
by Steve Watson
Drones Banned from All US National Parks
National Park Service has outlawed launching, landing or operating drones over federal parks.
by Denise Chow