African Experts Reject Monsanto’s Drought-Resistant GM Maize
Due to potential adverse effects of GM crops.
by Christina Sarich
Watch a Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot Wander Around Outside
“Out in the world is just a totally different challenge than in the lab.”

Astronomers spot young, 'Jupiter-like' planet
Young planet roughly twice the size of Jupiter.
by USA Today
Google is Testing Drones in US Airspace by Piggybacking on Nasa Exemption
Documents show the tech company has skirted regulations for private firms for a year by flying its Project Wing aircraft over private land as part of a deal with Nasa.
by Mark Harris

Gas Stations Are Hackable Too, It Turns Out
Is there a back door in the snake charger too?
by Richard Read
Falling Energy Levels In Galaxies Mean Universe Slowly Dying, Say Astronomers
‘The universe has basically sat down on the sofa, pulled up a blanket and is about to nod off for an eternal doze’
by Steve Connor

Self-sustaining: Astronauts Ate Space Salad Grown on International Space Station
First people to eat food grown in space…
Cannabis discovered in tobacco pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden
Forensic testing of 400-year-old pipes suggest playwright might have smoked more than just tobacco.
by Bonnie Malkin

Futurist Says Citizens Should Have Precrime Implants
Trauma alert implant should be in the brain of citizens
by Darwin Malicdem
Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm
Worst case scenario is a ‘coronal mass ejection’ – huge eruptions on the sun which cause parts of its corona to detach…
by Yahoo! News

British spaceship engine like 'Star Trek impulse drive'
The drive converts electrical energy into thrust without the need for rocket fuel.
by Alex Wellman
NASA tells lawmakers to brace for more Pluto secrets revealed by mission
New measurements also reveal that Pluto is slightly larger than expected.
by Mary Ann Toman-Miller

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak Say No To Skynet, Call For AI Weapons Ban
“We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”
by Luke Villapaz
Sowerby's beaked whale: Reclusive deep-water whale washes up on US beach
Biologists are investigating how rarely-seen whale washed up on Massachusetts beach.
by David Trayner

Human Skull Discovered In Kentucky Is Up To 3,000 Years Old, Coroner Finds
Thought to belong to a person indigenous to the eastern United States.
by Maria Gallucci
Pluto’s Breathtaking Farewell to New Horizons
“We’ve only seen surfaces like this on active worlds like Earth and Mars,” scientist says.