Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered
Microorganisms we carry can affect behavior and cognition.
by Ben Tufft
Arctic Blast via Polar Vortex to Chill 42 US States
Rockies and Plains will experience a 20 to 40-degree drop in high temperatures.
by Kristina Pydynowski

Weak Sun Poses Radiation Risk for Mars-Bound Astronauts
“While these conditions are not necessarily a showstopper… galactic cosmic ray radiation in particular remains a significant and worsening factor.”
Storm Stronger Than Sandy Heads for Alaska
40- to 50-foot waves crashing into Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.
by Associated Press

Half of All Stars May Lie Outside Galaxies
Together they create a hazy background of fluctuating near-infrared light.
by Marcia Dunn
Virgin Galactic looks to resume tests in 2015
“There was no question it was a tragic setback, but it’s one from which we can recover.”
by Susan Montoya Bryan

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior
“The average score for the English section of the standardized entrance exam was 93.1 (out of 200), but the AI scored 95.”
by Jun Hongo
Vampire-Fanged Deer Found In Afghanistan Is A ‘Living Treasure,’ Rare Species Not Seen For Over 66 Years
“Gram for gram, musk is one of the most valuable products in the natural kingdom and can be worth three times more than its weight in gold”
by Phillip Ross

Global Warming Debate Over: We’re Doomed
Should we terminate industrial civilization?
by Ryan McMaken
A Real Hoverboard You Can Pre-Order Today... For $10,000
Magnets levitate hoverboard over metal surface.
by Steven Tweedie

NASA Prepares 6 Member Team For Mars Mission in Hawaii
Astronauts aim for 2030 landing.
by Chelsea Alves
Earth’s magnetic field ‘could flip in the space of 100 years’, scientists warn
Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than normal at present.
by Rob Waugh

Scientists Working On Zapping Bad Memories
The future is here – at least for mice.
by CBS Miami
Earth at risk after cuts close comet-spotting program, scientists warn
Astronomers sound alarm after closure of the Australian early-warning program that spotted the Siding Spring comet.
by Michael Safi

Comet makes close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch: ‘This is a really rare event’
Comet from outer reaches of solar system studied by robots as it passes close to Mars.
by Irene Klotz
Creepy, crawly: Black widow numbers way up
Black widow venom is “Fifteen times more concentrated than rattlesnake venom.”
by Caleb James