Colonizing Mars Won't Be As Easy
Mars can’t serve as a “backup planet.”
by Charlie Jane Anders
Why I Don't Want an Apple Watch (and it's not the battery life)
Collapse of productivity is the inevitable consequence of being constantly distracted and interrupted.
by Charles Hugh Smith

Will We Find Alien Lifeforms on Earth-Like Exoplanet GJ581d?
Researchers previously dismissed existence of the planet as a “stellar activity.”
by Rhodi Lee
New Snowden Documents: CIA Has Spent 10 Years Hacking iPhones, iPads
Spooks bragged at secret meeting about planting backdoors and key stroke loggers.
by Steve Watson

Solar plane takes off on 1st ever round-the-world trip without fuel (VIDEO)
Pilots plan to make a total of 15 landings for every five days of continuous flight.
Soon You’ll Be Able to Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue for $5,000
Procedure not approved in U.S… yet.
by Susie Poppick

NASA Research Suggests Mars Once Had More Water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean
Water would have formed an ocean occupying almost half of Mars’ northern hemisphere…
Mars had a huge ocean billions of years ago
Most experts agree that the planet had some liquid water at some point.
by Joseph Stromberg

Black Death now blamed on giant gerbils from Asia, not rats
Rats, long believed to be the scourge that brought the Black Death to 14th-century Europe, may not be the disease-bearing scoundrels we thought they were. Scientists have shifted blame for the medieval pandemic responsible for millions of deaths to a new furry menace: giant gerbils from Asia. “Climate-driven outbreaks of Yersinia petis in Asian rodent […]
by CBC
Mummified Monk Sits Inside Ancient Buddha Statue
Internal organs had been removed and replaced with scripts covered in Chinese writing.
by Rossella Lorenzi

Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs?
Phenomena could be linked to mass extinction events.
by Chuck Bednar
SIM card maker Gemalto investigates spy agencies' hack attack
NSA and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters kicked off a subtle cyberattack against Gemalto.
by Chris Velazco

Google says it acknowledges some people want 'right to be forgotten'
Corporation says it is trying to see thing from ‘a more European perspective.’
by Julia Powles
China To Require Real-Name Registration For Online Services And Bans On Parody Accounts
Since the appointment of China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, the situation has deteriorated.
by Glyn Moody

Alien star system buzzed the Sun 70,000 years ago
Sumerians mentioned similar astronomical events in ancient texts.
by Paul Rincon
Bill Nye Tells MSNBC To Say Climate Change, Not Global Warming, When It’s Cold Out
Science Guy’s statement conflicts with other climate alarmists.
by Michael Bastasch