Two Massive Black Holes to Eventually Collide
Two black holes orbiting each other every five years.
by Josh Clinton
New Computer Learns How to Play Expert-Level Chess in Just 72 Hours
Researchers at the Imperial College London have built an algorithm that can learn how to play chess by itself.
by Jonathan Zhou

World’s Longest Continental Volcano Chain Discovered in Australia
The 2000km-long chain, which started forming 33m years ago, runs along the country’s east from the Whitsundays in Queensland to near Melbourne.
by Oliver Milman
Prosthetic Limb Used to Restore 'near-natural' Sense of Touch, Claims DARPA
“The feelings he was perceiving through the robotic hand were near-natural.”
by James Vincent

Astronaut Takes the Record for Longest Time Ever in Space
Russian astronaut breaks record for longest time spent in space.
by Nicola Harley
There WAS life on Mars but 'catastrophic' Event Wiped It Out, Scientist Says
LIFE probably did start on Mars, but a catastrophic event must have completely wiped it out, a scientist has claimed.
by Jon Austin

Hitachi Hires Artificially Intelligent Bosses for their Warehouses
In addition to artificially intelligent bosses, Hitachi also recently announced a robotic warehouse worker that can handle goods with two arms.
by David Gershgorn

New Horizons Probe Gets Its Next Flyby Target After Pluto
NASA has selected a potential new target for New Horizons to fly past.
by ABC News
NASA-funded recruits begin a year-long isolation mission to simulate conditions on Mars
The longest of the trials to date—a full year—began this weekend.
by Cassie Werber

Video: Boeing Debuts Laser System That Shoots Down Drones
System designed to disable UAVs in seconds.
by Jonathan Zhou
Deep Web Director: Silk Road Only The Beginning
Director explains the film documenting the underground Silk Road.
by Jakari Jackson & Kit Daniels

Check Out Hubble's Latest Image: A Shimmering Space Butterfly
The new image from NASA and the ESA is the most detailed image of the Twin Jet Nebula yet.
by Evan Dashevsky
Black Holes Are Passage to Another Universe, Says Stephen Hawking
New theory is an answer to a paradox that has puzzled physicists for decades.
by Andrew Griffin

U.S. to Witness Total Solar Eclipse in 2017
Americans from Oregon to South Carolina will be able to see the spectacular show.
by NY City Today