Electrifying: Giant Futuristic 'Tesla Tower' in Abandoned Woods Near Moscow (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Soviet-era “lightning machine” has capacity arguably equal to Russia’s entire electricity output..
by RT.com
U.S. Plans for Power-Grid Crippling Sun Storm
Corporations and the federal government may not be prepared for a severe geomagnetic storm..
by Stephanie Stoughton

What Are Machines Thinking?
Forget it. What are humans thinking?
by Jon Rappoport
3D Printer Drones Will Take to Skies by 2040, Claim BAE Scientists
Futurists technologies could allow aircraft to heal itself, divide into smaller ones or knock out missiles with direct energy.
by The Guardian

Russian Scientists Raising Funds to Rebuild Tesla Tower, Satisfy World Energy Hunger
Tesla came very close to unprecedented scientific discovery that could be brought to fruition.
by RT.com
Scientists Developing Artificial Milk, No Cows Involved
Start-up company Muufri is planning to produce cow-free milk soon.
by Jonathan O'Callaghan

Hurricane Arthur weakens to Category 1
It is projected to travel northeast to Nova Scotia.
by Jeff Lawson and Craig Moeller
Evacuation ordered for island on NC's Outer Banks
Mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island would begin at 5 a.m.
by Bruce Smith

Over 300,000 Servers Still Exposed To Hackers Through Heartbleed Bug
309,197 servers have yet to be patched to protect against the bug..
by Josh Evans
Is The Hoverbike About to Become Reality?
Those childhood dreams of doing the commute on a Star Wars Speeder Bike might be possible if a revolutionary hoverbike design takes off.
by Jack Stewart

White House Orders Creation of 'Pollinator Health Task Force' to 'Protect Bees'
Barack Obama has created a team to study ways of preserving bee populations, amid mounting concern over the insect’s decline
by Harriet Alexander
Great white shark numbers are surging
Scientists behind the study attribute the resurgence to conservation efforts.

Salamanders May Hold the Key to Regrowing Human Limbs, Study Finds
For a salamander, the loss of a limb isn’t a terrible event.
by Loren Grush
U.S. Military Blocks Infowars.com
Website censored for over 700,000 active duty servicemembers worldwide.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Elon Musk: I'm Worried About A 'Terminator'-Like Scenario Erupting From Artificial Intelligence
Elon Musk believes it is feasible a ‘Terminator’ like scenario could erupt out of an artificial intelligence.
by Rob Wile
DARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memories
Technology has the potential to create “fearless monsters.”
by Paul Joseph Watson