To Pluto... and Beyond
The solar system hardly ends at Pluto.
by Phil Plait
Polar vortex will likely make a return this winter, says Accuweather
Culprit responsible for several days of below-zero temperatures last year
by AngelFritz

Epstein–Barr Virus Wears Chain Mail
Meshlike protective layer in the viruses that cause herpes and mononucleosis.
by Diana Crow

Mysterious giant megaliths discovered in Russia puzzle scientists
Walls in a polygonal masonry technique.
by English Russia
Google chief on NSA: 'We're going to end up breaking the Internet'
The integrity of the Internet could be at risk if Congress does not act to rein in the National Security Agency, Google head Eric Schmidt warned on Wednesday.
by Julian Hattem

Blood Moon' Amazes Skywatchers
Millions catch rare phenomenon.
by Ed Payne & Ben Brumfield
Blue-light Special: Three Scientists Share Nobel for Physics for Work on LEDs
Trio’s collective breakthroughs spawn light bulbs that last for a decade.
by Pete Spotts

Shellshock: A deadly new vulnerability that could lay waste to the internet
Shellshock really could be one of the worst bugs to ever hit the internet.
by Sebastian Anthony
Researcher Suggests Black Holes Do Not Exist
As a star collapses under its own gravity, it shrinks to where it cannot become a black hole, researcher says.
by Thania Benios

Water Vapor Seen on Distant World
Discovery offers new hope in the search for planets that could sustain life.
by Michael D. Lemonick
India triumphs in maiden Mars mission, sets record in space race
Mars Orbiter Mission achieved on $74 million budget.
by Aditya Kalra

Jaguars Remembering Your Anniversary Signal Smarter Cars
Car becoming “much more alive…”
by Elisabeth Behrmann
Watch This Crazy Drone With Arms Fly and Turn a Wheel in Mid-Air
I, for one, welcome our new armed-drone overlords.
by Ryan Sager

Spacecraft Investigates What Happened to Mars’ Atmosphere
Red planet appears to have lost most of its atmosphere ages ago.
by Clara Moskowitz
Video: The Singularity (Featuring 'Ray Kurzweil' & 'Alex Jones')
Satirical rap battle breaks down whether the blistering pace of technological progress is benign or dangerous.
by RT