MATT DRUDGE Goes Off on Twitter Rampage: ‘It’s the Night of the Republican Suicide’
Conservative internet mogul Matt Drudge unleashed on the Republican Party Friday after the GOP Congress gave Barack Obama sweeping new powers.
by Gateway Pundit
New Issue of ISIS Magazine: We Can Buy a Nuclear Weapon from Pakistan
The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) claims it has access to nuclear weapons through the nation of Pakistan.
by Breitbart

Clinton Email Shows Amb. Stevens Was Worried About Libyan Security
Clinton’s unsecured emails “definitely increased risk.”
by Truth Revolt
40 Percent Honeybee Die Off In One Year
Dropping bee population spells famine for humanity.

Video: US-Backed Ukrainian Militants Hang Pregnant Woman
US Army currently training pro-Kiev neo-nazi fighters.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Two NYPD Cops Seen Shooting… Hoops!
Caught on camera: anonymous NYPD cops beat kids… at basketball!
by Adan Salazar

EU dropped pesticide laws due to US pressure over TTIP, documents reveal
US trade officials pushed EU to shelve action on endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to cancer and male infertility to facilitate TTIP free trade deal.
by Arthur Nelsen
Leftist Logic: Protesting Black Genocide is Racist
Communist group attacks pro-life protesters for defending black lives.
by Mikael Thalen

A Young Woman's Shocking Encounter With Drug Warriors Disguised As Immigration Agents
Police may not extend a traffic stop to facilitate a canine inspection in the absence of “reasonable suspicion”.
by Jacob Sullum
Shock Video: Militant Communists Attack Pro-Life Protest
Red Guards agitators assault Alex Jones, steal equipment, censor free speech while yelling their love for Satan.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The ISIS Ramadi Victory and the Break-up of Iraq
Order out of chaos through Sunni-Shia conflict.
by Kurt Nimmo
Racist Anti-Human Hate Group Caught on Tape!
Commies get violent at protest.
by Infowars Nightly News

New Pope Is A Pure Marxist
Pope advocates for global government.
by The Alex Jones Show
Richard Haass: Depending on Iraqi Government Against ISIS Isn't Working
Says inaction will only result in ISIS continuing to gain territory.
by Sandy Fitzgerald