The War on Drugs Born 100 Years Ago
Prohibition encourages drug abuse and creates massive profits for dealers.
by Mark Thornton
EU Sets Up New Banking Authority
Single European Mechanism (SRM) will be launched over the next three months.
by Euractiv

Richmond officer found with marijuana in home won't face charges
Evidence not strong enough to produce a conviction.
by Rick Hurd
Report: U.S. Ground Troops Clash with Islamic State Fighters
Battle allegedly occurred near base where U.S. troops are stationed.
by Kurt Nimmo

EU court removes Hamas from terror blacklist
Netanyahu called on the EU to keep Hamas on its list of terrorist organizations.
by RT

Pentagon Announces Increased Military Activity On Russia's Border
NATO tactical flights more than doubled in 2014.
by Kurt Nimmo
State Rep Slams Sheriff For Defending Controversial MRAP Comments
Sheriff’s deputy said armored vehicles were necessary to deal with “constitutionalists”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The Engineered Fall of the Russian Ruble
Financial elite are trying to destroy Russia and foment a color revolution.
by Kurt Nimmo
Another Victory: Poultry Industry Giant Goes GMO-Free
More changes due to popular demand.
by Mike Barrett

PBS Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Gun Rights Over Restrictions
Attempt to use Newtown as poster child for gun control backfires.
by Adan Salazar
Romney, Bush 1-2 in Latest GOP Presidential Poll
Another establishment election in the making.
by Kit Daniels

Arizona Sheriff: Obama Amnesty Will Apply To 20 MILLION Illegals
DHS memo will allow President to bypass his own dictates.
by Steve Watson
Black Helicopters Descend on Dallas For Special Forces Drill
Choppers rattle windows, drown out sound of TVs.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Meet Your Newest Legislator: Citigroup
Citigroup was key participant in 1929 collapse under moniker National City Bank.
by Pam Martens