Ohio, Texas schools close amid Ebola scare
Both buildings to be disinfected after student traveled on flight to Cleveland.
by USA Today
911 Emergency Dispatchers Instructed Not To Say 'Ebola' Over Radio
Dispatchers instead must use the code letters “F/T,” as in Fever/Travel.
by New York Post

CDC Pushes Preparedness For Zombies Over Ebola
“…If you’re prepared for a zombie, you’re really prepared for…an infectious disease,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said.
by Kit Daniels
'Nurses are not protected, they're not prepared for Ebola'
Nurses “not prepared to handle Ebola or any other pandemics.”
by Ashley Collman

Second Nurse with Ebola on Airline Day Before Diagnosis
Flight carried 132 passengers.
10 Shocking Facts about Flame Retardants
10 facts you need to know to protect you and your loved ones from these dangerous, pervasive toxins.
by Dr. Edward F. Group III

Mia Farrow Likens Obama to Jesus
Obama implicitly compared himself to Jesus earlier this year.
by Kit Daniels
US Army drafts blueprint for World War III
There will be boots and plenty of them.
by Bill Van Auken and David North

CDC Says More Cases of Ebola Possible In US
Texas Department of State Health Services commissioner: “We knew a second case could be a reality…”
by Sarah Rumpf
New Jersey Enforces Isolation Order for NBC Crew
Crew remains symptom-free…
by AP

Nephew of Dead Ebola Victim: Uncle is Dead Because of Skin Color
“Had that been another name or another color, he would probably be living today…”
by Breitbart TV
Wendy Davis Ad Uses Empty Wheelchair to Attack Paraplegic Greg Abbott
“…represents a historic low for someone seeking to represent Texans.”
by John Nolte

Another Possible Ebola Scare In NYC As New Screenings Start At JFK
14-year-old boy suffering from flu-like symptoms after returning from a two-week trip to Sudan.
by CBS New York
CDC Ignoring Half of Potential Ebola Cases
Doctors concerned by CDC’s lack of response to Ebola.
by Kit Daniels

St. Louis Attorney: ‘This Is A Racial Powder Keg’
Organizers say thousands of protesters are expected to come to the St. Louis area.
by CBS St. Louis
Former DHS Official Announces Plan To Sell Cyberattack Insurance
Former top DHS official Tom Ridge is getting into the cybersecurity business.
by Tim Cushing