Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill to Cut Off Funding to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Passed the Republican controlled House with a vote of 70-8…
by Sarah Zagorski
Combat veterans face ‘cruel’ struggle to prove their service to VA, amid missing records
Veterans of all wars fighting to prove their service and obtain benefits, and finding out the VA’s records are woefully incomplete.
by Ruth Ravve

The Bergdahl Swap: What They Aren't Telling You!
Bergdahl charged with desertion after months with Taliban.
by Joe Biggs
First Class TSA Perks For A Legendary Domestic Terrorist
TSA treats terrorists better than American public.
by Jon Bowne

Covert Warfare Coming to Texas
Military to see if soldiers can infiltrate without being noticed.
Nevada Senator Harry Reid To Retire
But first: ‘Have to make sure that the Democrats take control.’
by WND

Indiana's governor signs bill allowing businesses to reject gay customers
Gamers, church groups and businesses threatening to pull conventions out of Indianapolis.
by Eric Bradner
Students find worms in Michelle O’s ‘healthy’ lunches
School food services director called the issue an “isolated incident.”
by Victor Skinner

Psyop Counteroffensive Begins As Army Training Questioned
Special forces training for asymmetric warfare in the continental United States.
by David Knight
Clinton Jokes About ‘No More Secrecy’ with the Press: ‘What Good Did it Do Me?’
Clinton was speaking at the ceremony for the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting.
by Evan McMurry

Campaign call rises: Abolish Virginia income taxes
Other states, including neighboring North Carolina, are moving to ratchet down income taxes.
by Kenric Ward
Infowars Beats ESPN in Total Reader Comments
News on Infowars fueling more discussion than sports on ESPN, according to analytics.
by Kit Daniels

'Black Brunch' Protesters Meet Resistance From Diners
“You’re stirring up conflict – go home!”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Hollywood Making Major Gun Control Movie
Drama about anti-gun lobbyist who pushes through federal gun control bill.
by Kit Daniels

Starbucks Ends #RaceTogether Cup Campaign... After One Week
The plan to write “Race Together” on cups lasted less than a week, but Starbuck’s plans to continue its campaign with forums and hiring more diverse employees for stores in urban communities.
by Nicole Hensley, Reuven Blau