Ron Paul Interview Refutes Washington Post's "Secessionist" Claim
In an interview with Infowars, Ron Paul disproves Washington Post article.
by Kit Daniels
Video: Americans Want Obama to Repeal the Bill of Rights
Respondents blithely agree that liberties should be completely eviscerated in the name of fighting ISIS.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Are Ron Paul’s hard-core stands a problem for son’s presidential bid?
“The America we thought we knew, ladies and gentlemen, is a mirage.”
by David A. Fahrenthold
Union Membership Rate Falls to 100-Year Low
Membership rate fell to 11.1%.
by Melissa Quinn

Secret Service recovers small drone on White House grounds
“immediate alert and lockdown of the complex until the device was examined and cleared.”
by Roberta Rampton
Ex-spies infiltrate Hollywood as espionage TV shows and movies multiply
“Hollywood tends to be a destination spot for a lot of Washingtonians.”
by Ian Shapira

Colorado woman who tried to join IS terrorists gets 4 years
Conley converted to Islam three years ago.
by Amy R. Connolly
MSM: Care About Football, Not SOTU #DeflateGate
Media wants you focused on football, not the government.
by Joe Biggs

Snowden Confirms Chinese Hackers Stole F-35 Plans, Used to Build Superior Fighter J-31
“this is billions of dollars of combat advantage for China. They’ve just saved themselves 25 years of research and development. It’s nuts.”
by Reid Schram
SOTU '15: Politicians Still Win When America Loses
Average politician is not remotely similar to the typical American in terms of wealth.
by Jon Bowne

Anonymous - State of The Union Warning to Obama
Obama is a lie machine.
Obama calls for civility, then immediately taunts Republicans
Most divisive president in history.
by Stephen Dinan

White House issues veto threat on pipeline and abortion bills ahead of SOTU
White House calls abortion bill an “assault on a woman’s right to choose.”
by RT
Obama’s Gallup approval rating is lowest yet in year six
Obama’s ratings as low as the winter temperatures.
by Kendall Breitman

Keystone XL owner files eminent domain proceedings for Nebraska land
TransCanada files eminent domain proceedings against 90 Nebraska landowners.
by Maria L. La Ganga
Obama to Deliver State of Union Address
Obama invites illegal to address.
by Sputnik