GOP May Subvert Early Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries in War Against Trump
Early primaries have produced upsets and unexpected gains for candidates.
by Kurt Nimmo

Planned Parenthood President Says PP Never Stated They Provided Mammograms. She Forgot About This Video
During testimony, she falsely asserted that, “we’ve never stated that we did” provide mammograms.
by Shoshana Weissmann
Planned Parenthood Admits Over 86% of Revenues From Abortions
P.P. president makes $520,000 a year from organization.
by Kit Daniels

Lawmakers: U.S. plan for Internet may be unconstitutional
The lawmakers point out that the Constitution says “Congress has the exclusive power…”
by Washington Examiner
Obama Deifies American Hegemony
Today is the 70th anniversary of the UN.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Pelosi: Investigate Group Behind Planned Parenthood Videos, Not Organ Harvesting Allegations
“I don’t stipulate that these videos are real.”
by Adan Salazar
School Asks Students For Number of Guns, Political Views Held by Family
“What are your parents’ political views?” gun survey asks.
by Kit Daniels

Immigration group planned girl's pope encounter for a year
Pulled off a similar public-relations coup a year ago in Rome.
by AP
US Senator Demands Ukraine "Walk Away" From Debt Payments To Russia
One can only wonder how US’s creditors will feel about this perspective
by Zero Hedge

Boehner to Resign From Congress
Boehner has been a congressman for three decades.
by Tom McCarthy
Pope Kid: What They Don't Want You To Know
The truth about the little girl who ‘asked’ Pope to push amnesty.
by Darrin McBreen & Kit Daniels

FBI mulling whether Hillary aides broke the law by sending her classified material on private server
Investigators still have not targeted Hillary herself in the probe.
by Wd Morrissey
Carly Fiorina: Hillary Donor?
How do you trust Carly Fiorina?
by Jeffrey Lord

Pope Kid: Amnesty Activists Stage PR Stunt to Promote Illegal Immigration
Little girl coached by illegal alien parents to ‘ask’ Pope to push amnesty.
by Kit Daniels
Religious Groups Clash Outside Pope Event
The most controversial pope in decades.
by Jakari Jackson