Starbucks Ends #RaceTogether Cup Campaign... After One Week
The plan to write “Race Together” on cups lasted less than a week, but Starbuck’s plans to continue its campaign with forums and hiring more diverse employees for stores in urban communities.
by Nicole Hensley, Reuven Blau

Huge Missing Nuke Update!
Woman brings up military purge at Santorum event.
Washington just dipped into retirement savings to fund itself
Our government is insolvent and can only stay afloat through further debt.
by Filip Karinja

A Libertarian Giant on Voting
You cannot clean up a brothel and yet leave the business intact.
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
WATCH: Infowars Confronts Starbucks Over Racist #RaceTogether Campaign
Are you racist? Starbucks is about to tell you
by Anthony Gucciardi

The New American Order
A new kind of governance is being born right before our eyes.
by Tom Engelhardt
On Mandatory Voting
Don’t hold your breath waiting for any proposal that would give the electorate any genuine influence in the selection of their rulers.
by Butler Shaffer

Leftist Media Claims If You Support Second Amendment, You Support Rape
Legal concealed carry “more pro-rape than anti-rape,” claims anti-gun media.
by Kit Daniels
Epic Race War Fail
A massive psy-op to create racial tension in America.
by Jon Bowne

Letter Sent To White House Tests Tentatively For Cyanide
Enveloped wrapped in a plastic bag and sent to the White House Screening Facility…
by Cheryl K. Chumley
How Do We Tell TSA from Sex Offenders & IRS from Thieves?
Crimes are crimes, regardless of who commits them.

​White House exempts itself from FOIA requests
As of Tuesday, the Office of Administration will no longer have to heed FOIA requests…
'Donald McRonald' to Hold GMO Press Conference Outside SXSW McDonald's
Clown exposes McDonald’s GMO garbage food.

Rapper Azealia Banks: I Hate White Americans
“I hate everything about this country,” she said. “Like, I hate fat, white Americans.”
by Kit Daniels
SXSW "Brain Hacking" Experts Promote DIY Mind Control
Using parts from Radio Shack!
by Kit Daniels