Video: People Will Sign Anything You Ask Them To If You Wear An Obama T-Shirt
“I don’t know what it is I’m signing, but it’s all good.”
by Steve Watson
Resembling A Rapist Can Ruin Your Education
Man targeted because he “looked like” a rapist woman encountered in another state.
by Jakari Jackson

Republican Governors Raise Taxes
Say perennially precarious budgets have reached the breaking point.
by Mark Niquette
Survey Finds Many Americans ‘on the Edge of Financial Disaster’
Average credit card debt for U.S. households is more than $15,000.
by Richard Davies

Kagan + Nuland: Liberal Interventionists
Kagan and Nuland advocate U.S. activism and intervention throughout the world.
by Michael S. Rozeff

Report: Obama hustling 'full-throttle' to set up amnesty contracts
Source says White House ignoring judge’s order to stop.
by Bob Unruh
Feminist: Allowing Women to Carry on Campus "Devalues Sexual Assault"
Women are not individuals with inalienable rights but are merely statistics, according to her argument.
by Kit Daniels

Former Breitbart Reporter Receiving Death Threats Over Revealing Obama’s ‘Fake’ Past
“Ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama?”
by Mac Slavo
MKULTRA: The CIA's Hunt On Humanity
CIA develops techniques to control the human mind.
by Jon Bowne

Hey millennials, this Super PAC really wants you to vote for Jeb Bush
Millennials want to rewrite the Constitution’s preamble to be short, sweet, and bipartisan.
by William Turton
Elderly Man Facing 10 Years Over Unloaded, Flintlock Pistol
Prosecutors want retired teacher to serve at least 3.5 years for possessing 250-year-old pistol.
by Kit Daniels

83% of Vaccines Are Made in China
…And Americans are expected to take them without question.
Federal judge stalls Obama's executive action on immigration
Major victory for constitution.
by Juan A. Lozano

Just like Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton lied about taking fire in a war zone
CBS news exposes the real story of Hillary Clintons 1996 trip to Bosnia.
by Investment Warch
Cult of Personality: #ILoveObama Trends on Twitter
Conservatives attempt to hijack creepy hashtag.
by Paul Joseph Watson