Feminists Ignore Woman Violently Gang Raped During Home Invasion
Feminists don’t care about real rape victims.
by Kit Daniels
Obama’s Extremism Summit Promoted Big Government Extremism
Stopping extremism begins with stopping government extremism… that will probably not be happening as long as Big Government extremists remain in charge.
by Alex Newman

Montana House Judiciary Committee pushes back against "Agenda 21"
“An act prohibiting the state and political subdivisions from adopting Agenda 21…”
by KXLF.com
'Foreign donors sponsor Clinton to influence her if she wins presidency'
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman included.
by RT

Dozens of Cities Host "Welcoming Committees" For Illegals
Austin, Texas, and other cities showering illegals with free goodies.
by Kit Daniels
"Global Warming:" Snow on the ground in 48 states
Globalists still continue to push “global warming,” “climate change.”
by Doyle Rice

Video: People Will Sign Anything You Ask Them To If You Wear An Obama T-Shirt
“I don’t know what it is I’m signing, but it’s all good.”
by Steve Watson
Resembling A Rapist Can Ruin Your Education
Man targeted because he “looked like” a rapist woman encountered in another state.
by Jakari Jackson

After Blizzard Closes Campus, Harvard Spends $800,000 to Combat "Global Warming"
School concerned about “global warming” and, in contrast, students falling behind due to snow.
by Kit Daniels
BREAKING: Whistleblower Reveals Deadly Nerve Agent Spill At Kentucky Army Base
Military hasn’t publicly announced alleged spill as of this morning.
by Joe Biggs

Wal-Mart to increase hourly wages for thousands of store associates
U.S. store associates to more than $9 per hour, or higher, beginning in April.
by John Kell
The Reason Obama Won't Use 'Islamic Extremist'
Feds more concerned about gun owners than terrorists.
by Infowars.com

Obama Suggests Islamic Extremists Have "Legitimate Grievances"
President claims radical groups can be stopped if governments listen to them.
by Kit Daniels
Americans Are Slaves
Citizens are routinely screwed over to make life easier for illegals.
by Infowars.com

Former Breitbart Reporter Receiving Death Threats Over Revealing Obama’s ‘Fake’ Past
“Ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama?”
by Mac Slavo
MKULTRA: The CIA's Hunt On Humanity
CIA develops techniques to control the human mind.
by Jon Bowne