FBI: 19-year-old Colorado Woman Charged with Aiding ISIS
Allegedly wanted to marry a Tunisian militant, who had joined the ISIL, and then train ISIL militants “in U.S. military tactics.”
by Press TV
Quinnipiac Poll: Most Americans Disapprove of Obama's Iraq Actions
55 percent of American voters are disappointed with the president’s actions in Iraq.
by Drew MacKenzie

Faith Leaders Request Exemption from LGBT Order After Hobby Lobby Ruling
Congress-stalled bill includes carve out for religious institutions.
by Evan McMurry
Media Characterizes Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters as Racist
Protesters block three Homeland Security buses in California.
by Infowars.com

Poll Finds More Voters See Obama as Worst President in Modern Times
Most voters said Reagan was the best president..
by Reuters
Obama: My Highway Plan Is 'Not Crazy, It's Not Socialism, It's Not The Imperial Presidency'
Obama administration has proposed a four-year, $302 billion solution to the highway crisis.
by Brett Logiurato

Texas man who sought to blow up pipeline, wrote to Unabomber in plea deal
Began writing letters in July 2011 to serial bomber Kaczynski.
by Jana J. Pruet
Obama Promises Unconstitutional Executive Action to Fix “Broken” Immigration System
Says he will skirt Congress and the American people in bid to legalize millions of illegal immigrants.
by Infowars.com

In Mississippi, did Democratic voters beat back the Tea Party?
“Policy differences are about different donors.”
by Anthony Zurcher
73-Year-Old Veteran Threatened With Foreclosure For Displaying American Flag
HOA slaps Florida man with $8,000 fine for “barely noticeable” flag in plant pot.
by Paul Joseph Watson

UC Professor: Immigration Influx is About 'Re-Education' of Society
Hamamoto warns amnesty will lead to creation of subservient underclass.
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Obama administration’s latest financial issue: climate change
Obama says initiatives to help combat global warming will save consumers more than $60 billion on energy bills.
by Katie Zezima

Boehner plans to file suit against Obama over alleged abuse of executive power
Speaker alleged president not only has ignored law but “brags about it.”
by Fox News
United Nations Seeks US-based Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Specialists
It’s no secret that the United Nations has been actively working to reduce Americans’ accessibility to firearms.
by Mac Slavo

Ex-IRS Lawyer: Agency in Disarray
The woman who directed the IRS’s response to congressional investigators from May to November in 2013 described an agency under the kind of disarray and duress that taxpayers feel when audited by the tax-collecting department. Testifying Tuesday morning was White House Counsel Jennifer O’Connor, who was counsel to former Acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. O’Connor […]
by Garth Kant
VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle-blower says
“Deceased” notes on files were removed to make statistics look better.
by CNN