Keystone XL owner files eminent domain proceedings for Nebraska land
TransCanada files eminent domain proceedings against 90 Nebraska landowners.
by Maria L. La Ganga
Obama to Deliver State of Union Address
Obama invites illegal to address.
by Sputnik

American Sniper Exposed As Giant Hoax
Movie brainwashes the public into accepting war.
H&R Block: ‘No One Can Understand’ New Obamacare Tax Code
“Now that the Affordable Care Act has made health care a tax issue, no one can understand it…”
by Richard Pollock

Harry Reid Named 2016′s ‘Most Endangered Democrat’
UVA’s Larry Sabato said on Fox & Friends that Harry Reid is the most vulnerable Democrat in 2016.
by Washington Free Beacon
HHS secretary uses MLK Day speech to shill Obamacare at Al Sharpton event
“thanks to the Affordable Care Act,” she said, “7.8 million African-Americans… now have access to expanded preventative services with no cost sharing.”
by Jessica Chasmar

Oil spills in Yellowstone River after pipeline leak
Company did not provide the amount of oil spilled into the river.
by Reuters
Poll: Americans Concerned About Jobs & Finances — Not 'Terrorism'
Americans struggling to survive in the Obama regime.
by Ned Resnikoff

New bill could mark the beginning of the end of the Common Core
Common Core might turn into a history lesson.
by Max Ehrenfreund
Boston area highway blocked by protesters
Protests cause miles-long traffic backups.
by Mark Pratt

Senators could be forced to state their views on climate change
United States senators may soon have to state, for the congressional record, whether they think climate change is real, thanks to an amendment from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., that will be included in this week’s Senate debate on the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Sanders’ “sense of Congress” amendment will ask members for their opinion on five statements: […]
by Aljazeera
U.S. loosens embargo on Cuba
Obama touts one-sided deal that benefits the Castro regime.
by Fox News

Father of Man Arrested in Alleged ISIS Plot Says His Son Didn’t Have Money to Buy Weapons
Speculation money for M-15 semi-automatics came from FBI.
Rand Paul hires campaign manager for 2016
This is Paul’s second senior-level hire this week.
by Ellen Uchimiya

FBI says John Boehner's West Chester bartender planned to poison him
Man started to hear the devil’s voice from speakers in his car and radio at home…
by Maxim Alter, Jason Law
Ex-NYPD Detective: Muslim-Only 'No Go Zones' Could Come to US
“Those people should be kicked out immediately.”
by Sean Piccoli