Pentagon and CIA Want to Keep ISIS Tweeting
Endless stream of brutal imagery required for war on terror propaganda.
by Kurt Nimmo
Sept. 11 Cleanup Workers Get New Shot to Sue
Claims arose from exposure to toxic or harmful substances during 9/11 cleanup efforts, where EPA said air was safe to breathe.
by Adam Klasfeld

NYPD: Terrorists Looking at Drone Attacks
“..can do a myriad of different types of damages including bringing the plane down,” says aviation lawyer.
by My Fox NY
Terror Plot Targeting Eiffel Tower, Louvre Foiled, French Police Claim
French authorities found coded messages from a high-ranking Al Qaeda member.
by Fox News

ISIS Leader Preaches Holy War
Persecution of the Shia as apostates is central to al-Baghdadi’s ideology.
by Patrick Cockburn
Islamist terror threat to west blown out of proportion - former MI6 chief
Extremists are now focused on Middle East and giving them publicity in west counter-productive.
by Richard Norton-Taylor

Could Obama Be Supporting The Rise Of ISIS?
Shocking claim Obama behind newly formed Islamic State.
by Kris Kane

ISIS’ five-year expansion plan map branded a fake
An old image put out by fans of the group.
by Al Arabiya News
Chechen in Syria a rising star in extremist group
Illustrating the international nature of the movement.
by AP

ISIS Is Hiring Judges, Doctors And Engineers As Al-Qaeda Prepares For War Against Caliphate
“Judges and those who have military and managerial and service skills, and doctors and engineers in all fields.”
by Zero Hedge
Rise Of ISIS Creates Fear Of Terror Attack Against US
Obama administration has begun focusing on increasing airport security
by Aldana Fourcade

Benghazi attack suspect has been talking to U.S. interrogators
Has pleaded not guilty to a terrorism conspiracy charge related to the Benghazi attack.
by Reuters
Rand Paul Schools Hannity on ISIS and Iraq
Says ISIS supported by U.S. in Syria.
by Kurt Nimmo

ISIS Terror Threat to US Targets 'High,' Say Officials
Number of potential U.S. targets in the region –- meaning U.S. military personnel — has increased.
by NBC News
International meeting for ISIL in France
Rejoiced progress achieved by the Islamic Emirate in Iraq.
by Voltarie Network