Islamic State training pilots to fly in three jets
Planes appear to be MiG 21 or MiG 23 models captured from the Syrian military.
by Sylvia Westall
Britain warns of 'exceptionally high' level of anti-terrorism activity
British police work to “disrupt potentially deadly plots directed from abroad, notably Syria,” according to Reuters.
by Michael Holden

Canadian Feds to give spy agency more powers to track terror suspects
‘…strong action to address threat of individuals who become radicalized.. and growing problem of extremist travellers.’
ISIS Besieges Iraqi Town 25 Miles From Baghdad
Seizing the town would be a strategic victory for ISIS because of its proximity to the capital.
by NBC News

Yemeni man sues Germany over US drone attack that killed his relatives
Man says Germany liable as they allowed Washington to use the Ramstein airbase.
CIA Study: Arming Syrian Rebels Won't Work; Obama Does It Anyway
CIA study found that arming rebels hardly ever results in toppling governments.
by Thomas R. Eddlem

DHS: No evidence of ISIS Ebola threat
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday dismissed suggestions that fighters with the Islamic State in Iraqi and Syria (ISIS) are planning to use biological weapons, including the Ebola virus, to attack the United States. “We’ve seen no specific credible intelligence that [ISIS] is attempting to use any sort of disease or virus to attack […]
by Martin Matishak
Khorasan Group: Anatomy of Propaganda
Terrifying Obama Administration tales about the Khorasan Group worked.
by Daniel McAdams

Bahrain Joins US Air Strikes, but Still Tortures Americans and Silences ISIS Critics
Bahrain is now in the third year of its crackdown on a popular uprising
by Global Voices
Iran warns Turkey over military presence in Syria
Turkish government stationed some 15 tanks that took position in the border town of Mursitpinar
by Press TV

Urgent: Right-Left Alliance Needed to Stop This War!
Endless war must be opposed by people across the political spectrum who put peace ahead of party.
by David Swanson
Could terrorists turn themselves into Ebola suicide 'bombs'?
It wouldn’t be difficult for fanatics to contract it then travel to countries they want to wreak havoc in.
by Ted Thornhill

America’s “Terrorist Academy” in Iraq Produced ISIS Leaders
US foreign policy is tailored to meet US strategic objectives.
by Mike Whitney
ISIS downs Iraqi military helicopter
Pilot and co-pilot were both killed in the attack.
by Associated Press

Leon Panetta, Head of Pentagon and C.I.A. Under Obama, Says Brace for 30 Year War with ISIS
Leon Panetta is pretty much the epitome of a status quo insider.
by Michael Krieger
FBI Asks Public to Help Identify Homegrown Terrorists
FBI warns of impending attack.
by Jason Meisner