ISIS executes more Christians in Libya, video shows
Group is beheaded on a beach along the Mediterranean Sea.
by Eliott C. McLaughlin
Red Crescent: Tens of Yemeni Children Killed by Saudi Poison Gas
Saudi Arabia has used internationally banned weapons in its aerial bombardment.
by Fars News Agency

FBI arrests six in Minnesota, California terrorism investigation: reports
“Several of those arrested were members of Minneapolis’ sizable Somali population…”
by Marty Graham
France wants to fight terrorism by spying on everyone
Prime minister says proposed surveillance law ‘is not a French Patriot Act,’ but civil liberties groups say it goes too far.
by Amar Toor

Australian model dies fighting for ISIS in Syria
Man’s parents reportedly “very shocked and very disappointed…”
by Tim Hume, Chieu Luu
ISIS claims blast near US Consulate in Iraq
At least four people dead and 18 injured.
by Hamdi Alkhshali

NBC News admits blaming wrong Syrian group for capturing its journalists
Kidnapped crew was taken “by a criminal gang for money and released for propaganda purposes.”
by RT
Ohio man accused of training with Islamic State
Charges of attempting to provide and providing material support to terrorists.
by John Bacon

ISIS Video Shows Apparent Destruction of Nimrud Archaeological Site
Video purportedly shows terrorist group destroying ancient Nimrud archaeological site.
by NBC News
IS supporters post cartoon depicting Obama beheading
‘Mom! Dad! Jihadi John is going to slaughter me!’ president says before he is killed in animated video
by Justin Jalil

Gunmen attack South Korea embassy in Tripoli, two guards killed
Militants claiming loyalty to Islamic State take credit for the attack.
by Reuters
ISIS: Islamists Kidnap 120 Schoolchildren In Iraqi City Of Mosul
Residents, including children, are desperately fighting off Islamic State jihadists.
by International Business Times

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Badie Sentenced To Death
13 other senior members of the organization sentenced to death for inciting chaos and violence.
by Aditya Tejas
Jabhat Al-Nusra And ISIS Alliance Could Spread Beyond Damascus
U.S.-backed jihadists grow and spread throughout region.
by Eric Banco

Islamic State threat to Russia is real – FSB
Russia’s State Security Council called on international community to abandon double standards on terrorism.
by RT
ISIS-Inspired Kansas Man Accused of Plotting Another Ft. Hood-Type Attack
Charged with attempted use of WMD in attempt to provide material support to ISIS.
by ABC News