Report: Turkey's Prime Minister Caught Arming al-Qaeda, ISIS
NATO ally shipping missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria.
by Kit Daniels
Generals Conclude Obama Backed al-Qaeda
Obama runs guns to terrorists.
by Jerome Corsi

ISIS poised at Lebanon border threatening an attack from Syria
Hundreds of rebel fighters join terrorist group.
by The Independent
Teasers for ‘ISIS TV Channel’ Taken Down Before First Broadcast
One program called “Time to Recruit.”
by Damien Sharkov

Ceasefire reached in Yemen after day of heavy fighting
Power grab by Shiite rebels known as Houthis.
by CNN
French terrorists were primed for trouble from the start, analysts say
‘In 2011, U.S. intelligence tipped off French counterparts that Kouachi might have gone to Yemen for training with Al Qaeda’s local affiliate…’
by Alexandra Zavis

Freed Gitmo Captive Opens ISIS Base in Afghanistan
Gitmo alum who once led a Taliban unit has established the first Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) base in Afghanistan.
by Judicial Watch
Islamic State targeted in 29 airstrikes in Syria, Iraq
11 airstrikes carried out in Syria…

Robo-wings: Military drones that mimic hawks and insects
A defense agency is working on a surveillance robotic hawk that could fly through an urban combat jungle at 45mph.
by Peter Shadbolt
ISIS release new footage claiming to show a child executing two Russian 'spies'
Lack of evidence of injuries shown in the video suggests the execution may be staged.
by Sara Malm

Radical cleric Choudary calls Charlie Hebdo cover ‘act of war’
Cleric says Muslims do “not believe in freedom of speech.”
by RT
"Boots On The Ground"? Obama To Seek Authorization For Military Force Against ISIS
Boehner’s office said Republicans would work with Obama to build support.
by Zero Hedge

US Central Command Twitter feed hacked by ISIS supporters
“Centcom is taking appropriate measure to address the matter.”
by Everett Rosenfeld
Nine days later, bodies still litter bushes from Boko Haram's 'deadliest' massacre
Some sought refuge in their homes. They were burned alive.
by Faith Karimi and Aminu Abubakar

Canadians told to prepare for lengthy battle against terrorism
“We must look evil in the eye and call it by its name – jihadist terrorism,” said federal Finance Minister.
by Sean Fine
Feinstein: Terrorist Sleeper Cells Are in U.S.
Feds will use them to justify police state.
by The Washington Times