Blackwater Guard Found Guilty of Murder in Iraq Shooting
Four former security guards charged in the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis in Baghdad.
by Andrew Zajac
How General Dynamics Just Got A $600 Million Check From Uncle Sam, Courtesy Of ISIS
Obama administration is about to give its latest puppet government in Iraq some $600 million
by Zero Hedge

American Teenage Girls Detained in Germany, Apparently on Way to Syria to Join ISIS
Two sisters are 17 and 15, and the third is a 16-year-old from another family…
by Aruna Viswanatha and Mark Hosenball
Saudis sentence 13 in al-Qaeda plot to attack US forces
Alleged plot by al-Qaeda to attack US forces.
by AFP

McCain blames Assad for ISIS?
US helped train ISIS fighters.
by Ground Report
Murder of Canadian Soldier Sparks Terror Fear
Rouleau converted to Islam a little over a year ago.
by Sky News

Obama considers allowing torture overseas
Obama said before and after being elected to the White House that United States officials should never engage in torturous activity.
Militants suspected in explosions around Baghdad that kill 33
Car bombs kill 16, suicide bomber kills 17.
by Associated Press

DHS: No evidence of ISIS Ebola threat
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday dismissed suggestions that fighters with the Islamic State in Iraqi and Syria (ISIS) are planning to use biological weapons, including the Ebola virus, to attack the United States. “We’ve seen no specific credible intelligence that [ISIS] is attempting to use any sort of disease or virus to attack […]
by Martin Matishak
Khorasan Group: Anatomy of Propaganda
Terrifying Obama Administration tales about the Khorasan Group worked.
by Daniel McAdams

Kurdish fighters die stranded at Turkish border
Turkish border guards refused to let them through the frontier.
by Ayla Jean Yackley
ISIS teens risk years in jail if they return home
Teenagers believed to be pregnant and married in ISIS-controlled Raqqa.
by Yaron Steinbuch

ISIS gaining ground despite U.S. airstrikes
NATO is using ISIS to topple Assad.
by CBS News
ISIS surrounds Baghdad
At least 10,000 ISIS militants surround Baghdad.
by Joe Tacopino

ISIS Leaves Hundreds of Headless Corpses in Kurdish Town
ISIS takes control of town near Turkish border.
by James Rush
Who Makes Up the "Islamic Emirate"?
Mutation shows NATO ultimately intends to use “Islamic Emirate” in Russia and in China.
by Thierry Meyssan