ISIS gaining ground despite U.S. airstrikes
NATO is using ISIS to topple Assad.
by CBS News
ISIS surrounds Baghdad
At least 10,000 ISIS militants surround Baghdad.
by Joe Tacopino

ISIS Leaves Hundreds of Headless Corpses in Kurdish Town
ISIS takes control of town near Turkish border.
by James Rush
Who Makes Up the "Islamic Emirate"?
Mutation shows NATO ultimately intends to use “Islamic Emirate” in Russia and in China.
by Thierry Meyssan

Nobel Prize winner Malala told Obama U.S. drone attacks fuel terrorism
White House statement didn’t mention that part.
by Anita Kumar
Teenage 'posters girls for ISIS' pregnant, want to return home
Two teenage girls vanished from homes in Austrian capital Vienna in April.
by Daily

Bahrain Joins US Air Strikes, but Still Tortures Americans and Silences ISIS Critics
Bahrain is now in the third year of its crackdown on a popular uprising
by Global Voices

FBI: Al Qaeda may be working on plan to strike US
FBI director: “Given our visibility we know they’re serious people, bent on destruction.”
by AP
9/11 terrorists caught testing airport security months before attacks: secret docs
Witness: “I said, specifically, ‘These two clowns are up to something.’”
by Paul Sperry

Joe Biden Grovels Before Qatari Prince for Daring to Speak Half Truth About ISIS
U.S., Israel, Britain, Gulf Emirates, Jordan and Turkey responsible for ISIS.
by Kurt Nimmo
U.S. Alliance with FSA and ISIL in Six Photographs
By funding “moderate rebels,” the US is in effective alliance with ISIL.
by Rick Sterling

Israel Lobby Supports Jabhat Al-Nusra, Insurgents In Aleppo Surrounded
There seems to be no concern in Tel Aviv that one day Jabhat al-Nusra could turn against Israel too.
by Moon of Alabama
DHS Chatter: Suspected Terrorists Planning to Infect Themselves With Ebola
Three sources at high levels within the government.

Nervous Chinese officials search pigeon anuses for bombs
Pigeon probe comes amid heightened security concerns on China’s National Day.
by Amar Toor
Is the Khorasan Group the SpaghettiOs of terror?
Max Keiser pegs Obama’s terror group