Ex-CIA director defends rectal rehydration
“I’m not a doctor… What I am told is that this is one of the ways that the body is rehydrated.”
by Ben Kamisar
Under pressure, Lockheed opens up about secret weapons unit
Logo was kept off buildings and employees were barred from saying where they worked…
by Reuters

Not just torture: Senator says CIA stalling over bogus intelligence that led to Iraq war
“…now takes on the character of a continuing coverup,” says Sen. Carl Levin.
by Jonathan S. Landay
CIA boss says 9/11 attacks justified CIA enhanced interrogations
Says some officers acted beyond their authority but most did their duty.
by BBC

State Dept: Rebels Are Never Going to Defeat Assad Militarily
That’s a problem for the Obama administration’s Syria policy.
by John Hudson
America’s Universal Torture Regime
Prisoners were subjected to “rectal feeding,” “rectal hydration,” and similar violations.
by William Norman Grigg

The Only CIA Officer Charged for the CIA Torture Program is the Whistleblower
Kiriakou was charged with a 30-month prison sentence.
by Daily Sabah
CIA struggled to keep rationalizing brutal interrogations, report shows
U.S. interrogation program became a self-justifying venture that went beyond promised constraints, report says.
by David S. Cloud

Dog Alerted Al Qaeda to Navy Seals' Rescue of US Hostage
Seals hiked six miles and got within 100 yards of Yemen compound… before dog barked…
by Julian Robinson, Wills Robinson
Kerry Puts Brakes on CIA Torture Report
Kerry phoned Feinstein to ask for further delay.
by Josh Rogin

Defense Contractors Indicted For Bribing Military Officials With Strippers, Gifts
“We intend to enter a plea of not guilty and vigorously fight this thing .”
by BarbWire
Rand Paul's surprise move on ISIS
Congress, not President, has power to send troops to war, says senator.
by Ted Barrett

France conducts 'major raids' on ISIS in Iraq
France conducts operations independently of U.S.
by AFP
CIA torture report to be published on Monday without the word 'torture'
“This report tells a story of which no American is proud.”
by RT

Inside Kobani, scenes of devastation on every side
Syrian city reduced to concrete debris.
by Nick Paton Walsh
Bomb near Baghdad's Green Zone kills two people
Bomb struck 200 meters from the edge of zone.
by Reuters