US military considers sending combat troops to battle Isis forces in Iraq
Abandoning Obama’s pledge and send troops to fight Isis in Iraq.
by Spencer Ackerman and Raya Jalabi
Obama’s Syria strategy review focuses on ISIS, Assad govt
War in Syria was always about removing Assad to Turkey’s benefit.
by RT

Over 20k Soldiers Wounded in Afghan War Theater, 90% Under Obama
Nearly 17,339 of the wounded troops received injuries after Obama was inaugurated for his first term…
by Edwin Mora

Pentagon wants an airborne aircraft carrier to launch drones
DARPA working on aircraft that can launch and recover drones.
by Dan Lamothe
Iraqi army drives out ISIS from most of oil refinery town
No word on the fate of the refinery.
by Associated Press

Leader Of ISIS May Be Dead After United States Airstrike [Developing]
Iraqi officials said Baghdadi had been wounded.
by F. Peter Brown
CIA’s Secret ‘Devil Eyes’ Bin Laden Doll Up For Auction
Created “to scare children and parents away from embracing demon-like characterization of ‘actual’ al-Qaeda leader.”

Neocon Pundit Max Boot's Post-Election Demand: 'Start a War Now!'
Obama must set out to provoke a war with nuclear-armed Russia.
by Daniel McAdams
What Republicans Plan to Do With All That Power
“But ISIS is not going away!”
by Thomas DiLorenzo

British Troops Going Back To Iraq For IS Fight
Says no combat soldiers will be deployed to the country.
by Sky News
US strategy to defeat Isis unravelling?
Syrian resistance groups criticise Obama administration’s ‘Iraq-first’ strategy as a de facto alliance with Bashar al-Assad while Isis consolidates influence in Anbar province.
by Spencer Ackerman

Are Progressives Finking Out on Foreign Policy?
“Don’t Let Hillary Housebreak the New, New Left.”
by Steve Weissman
Was Foley Rescue Delayed? Administration had Strong Intelligence on Hostages, Location Weeks Before Raid Sign-Off
“The U.S. government had what we believed was sufficient intelligence.”
by Catherine Herridge

War on Terror Increases Number of Terrorists
Number of terrorists risen since 9/11.
by Michael S. Rozeff
VIDEO: ISIS Supporters in Australia Shoot Man in the Face, Chanting ‘ISIS Will Stay’
47-year-old shot at mosque following night of observing Shiite holiday.
by Mark Green