U.S., Turkey Sign Deal to Openly Arm ISIS-Linked Syrian Rebels
NATO countries to support rebels, many of whom have pledged allegiance to ISIS.
by Kit Daniels
Why the CIA Created ISIS
ISIS used as boogey man to justify involvement in Middle Eastern affairs.
by Infowars.com

Ron Paul: US didn't really want to catch Osama bin Laden
Paul argued that “it’s pretty hard to declare war against ISIS” because it’s not a government.
by Jesse Byrnes
Cheering for the Islamic State on Facebook can get you jailed in the UK
In the US material support for terrorism is banned. But in Britain, even social media posts and T-shirts can be foul play.
by Corinne Purtill

50 Shades of ISIS
ISIS now engaged in kinky sexual behavior.
by Lee Ann McAdoo
Obama administration to allow sales of armed drones to allies
To date, U.S. officials say, the United States has sold its armed drones only to Britain.
by Missy Ryan

ISIS Is Painting The Middle East Red With The Blood Of Christians
Every day now, there are fresh news stories about Christians being slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East.
by Michael Snyder

Refugees in Nigeria tell of Boko Haram savagery
Terror group spreads throughout region.
by BBC
Al Qaeda freed 6 inmates in Yemen prison attack, officials say
Terrorist groups make huge advancements across the Middle East.
by Jason Hanna & Hakim Almasmari

Taliban attack on Shiite mosque in Pakistan kills 20
Attack also wounds more than 45.
by CTV News
al-Baghdadi Taken by ISIS
Ramadi City Rumor Spreads, Says ‘300 Marines’ Trapped at al-Asad Air Base.
by Jack Phillips

Grandma Exposes CIA Operation
Grandmother gives ISIS hell for using arms from CIA.
by Infowars.com
Rand Paul says that Hillary Clinton deserves a lot of blame for ISIS
Clinton’s intervention in Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi created space for ISIS jihadists.
by Matt Naham

Obama, Congress Exploit the Death of Kayla Mueller to Push for War in Syria and Iraq
Praise given a day before Obama’s sought formal authorization for war.
by Kurt Nimmo
Sydney terror attack plot suspects charged
“A number of items were located, including a machete, a hunting knife, a home-made flag representing the proscribed terrorist organization ISIS…”
by Associated Press