Senior ISIS figure killed in Mosul
ISIS swept through northern Iraq in June almost unopposed by Iraq’s army.
by Reuters
Suicide car bomb kills five in Iraqi Kurdish capital
Assailant detonated himself as he tried to enter the governor’s compound.
by Reuters

FBI Tracking 150 Americans Who Traveled to Syria
“possibility they could return to the U.S. with training, expertise and connections required to launch an attack on home soil…”
by Reuters
Politics and Police Stop Terrorism 83% – Military Only 7% – of the Time
Top Military Advisor Predicted the Rise of the Islamic State 6 Years Ago.
by Washington's Blog

The Sunday Shows Are Completely Infatuated With War
“Out of a total 205 guests discussing military options in the same period, just six opposed intervention, versus 125 who spoke in favor of it.”
by Andrew Jerell Jones
Terrorism-Related Deaths Up 60% Last Year, Study Says
More than 80% of the deaths occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.
by Justin Worland

Iraq Accuses ISIS of Stealing 1 Million Tons of Grain
ISIS takes over government grain silos.
by Reuters
ISIS 7x Bigger Than West Believes
ISIS rules a third of Iraq and a third of Syria.
by Patrick Cockburn

Leader Of ISIS May Be Dead After United States Airstrike [Developing]
Iraqi officials said Baghdadi had been wounded.
by F. Peter Brown
CIA’s Secret ‘Devil Eyes’ Bin Laden Doll Up For Auction
Created “to scare children and parents away from embracing demon-like characterization of ‘actual’ al-Qaeda leader.”

Al-Qaeda, ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels Capture Key Southern Town
U.S.-armed rebels are still working hand-in-hand with Nusra.
by Jason Ditz
Rand Paul on ISIS response: 'This war is now illegal'
Paul cites the War Powers Resolution of 1973.
by Ashley Killough

Dem: Obama Doesn't Have Power to Deploy More Troops
“I think a lot of us are going to be very reluctant to support this kind of infusion of group troops…”
by Sarah Ferris
French Al Qaeda Bomb Maker Reportedly Killed by US Airstrike in Syria
American drone reportedly hit convoy transporting members of the Khorasan group.
by Virgile Dall’Armellina

Obama authorizes 1,500 more troops for Iraq
Additional troops will be in Iraq by the end of the year.
by Lolita C. Baldor
Al-Qaeda group seizes villages from Syrian rebels
Globalist-backed ISIS continues terror in Middle East.
by Diaa Hadid