Virginia Teen Gets 11 Years for Supporting Islamic State
U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton handed down a 136-month sentence.
by Reuters
Egypt Sentences 12 ISIS Members To Death For Plotting Attacks Against Security Forces
Six of those who were sentenced are currently being held in police custody, while the others are still at large.
by Aditya Tejas

Clinton Compares Pro-Lifers to Terrorists
“They are dead wrong for 21st century America. We are going forward.”
by Truth Revolt
Two special operations airmen killed in Afghanistan
“The losses of Matt and Forrest are a terrible blow to everyone who knew them.”
by Jeff Schogol

Fund That Covers 9/11 Survivors Like 'Dust Lady' Is Due to Expire
Fund runs out of money next year…
by Maggie Fox
2 Iraqi Army Generals Killed in ISIS Suicide Bombing
“We will not stop our operations and we will continue to advance.”
by Associated Press

Iran's Top Security Official: ISIL Building Security Shield for Israel
Plots against the regional nations have proved futile so far.
by FARS New Agency
Marcy Borders, 9/11's 'dust lady', Dies of Stomach Cancer
Bank worker who survived World Trade Centre terror attack dies at 42 after year-long battle with cancer.
by Nadia Khomami

France Train Shooting: Video Shows Mayhem Inside Train Carriage During 'Terrorist' Take Down
“The three of us beat him until he was unconscious.”
by London Independent
Russia supplies Syria with weapons, to put squeeze on US over Assad
Turkish mass media reported that Russia delivered MiG aircraft to Syria.
by Pravda

IS Destroys Ancient Catholic Monastery in Syria
Militants demolished monastery “on the pretext that it was used for worshipping others than God.”
by AFP
Pope's New Message Invites ISIS to US
Pope Francis supports ISIS-NWO agenda.
by Leo Lyon Zagami

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Cairo Car Bombing
Bomb was a reprisal for the execution of six of its members.
by Newsweek
Defense Secretary: We're Looking at U.S. Sites for Gitmo Detainees
Top two sites are in Kansas and South Carolina…
by Tom Vanden Brook, Ray Locker

Insouciance Rules The West
Europe is being overrun by refugees from Washington’s, and Israel’s, hegemonic policies in the Middle East and North Africa.
by Paul Craig Roberts
ISIS Beheads Leading Syrian Antiquities Scholar in Palmyra
Sunni extremist group believes ancient relics promote idolatry.
by Associated Press