FBI: About 12 Americans fighting in Syria, not 100
Figure of 100 American militants joining the fight in Syria had taken on an urban legend status.
by Associated Press

Turkey Preparing for Syria Occupation?
Carving off territory from Syria and creating “buffer zones” was part of the US agenda in Syria for years.
by Tony Cartalucci
Detention orders obtained before Austrialian anti-terrorism raids were carried out
This may be the first time that Australian anti-terrorism powers have been used in detention of suspects without charge.
by Paul Farrell

US drone strike kills 10 in NW Pakistan
Pakistan considers US assassination drone strikes as breach of sovereignty.
by Press TV
Aussie law calls for 10 years prison for sharing leaked info on Twitter
Sweeping laws to gag publication of sensitive materials are dangerous for democracy – Abbott should not let hysteria over terrorism be used to thwart the freedom agenda.
by Elaine Pearson

Bill Clinton: Obama’s Leadership Will Be Judged After ISIL Strikes
Clinton said Obama administration’s strategy would receive backlash.
by Washington Free Beacon
Concealed By U.S. Airstrikes Israel Opens Nusra Path To Lebanon
U.S. attack on the IS in Syria will, as the NYT headlines express, have as little effect as such attacks have in Iraq.
by Moon of Alabama

Video: ISIS Terrorists Openly Commute on Subway in Istanbul, Turkey
ISIS enjoys support in Turkey, a member of NATO.
by Kit Daniels
Rift Widens Between Obama, U.S. Military Over Strategy to Fight Islamic State
Chaos as President moves to arm jihadists.
by Craig Whitlock

Iranian Foreign Minister Says ‘America Helped Create ISIS’
Iran will continue to aid Iraq, upon request, in its fight against the group.
by Kathleen Miles
France makes first airstrike on Islamic State in Iraq
‘Other operations will follow in the coming days,’ says Hollande’s office, ruling out Syria strikes.
by Associated Press

Australia raids foil reported ISIS beheading plots
Islamic State militant group was planning public beheadings in two Australian cities.
by Fox News
Rand Paul on ISIS: 'Intervention Created This Chaos'
Paul criticized both the Bush and Obama administrations for interventionist tendencies.
by Rebecca Nelson

Al-Qaeda Offshoot Says It Hijacked A Pakistani Navy Ship to Attack U.S. Vessels
Islamic militants attempted to use Pakistani frigate to attack nearby U.S. vessels.
by Maria Golovnina
Why Is Obama Arming Syrian Jihadists?
Which moderate rebels will we arm?
by David French