Petraeus: The Islamic State isn’t our biggest problem in Iraq
Syria is a geopolitical Chernobyl.
by Liz Sly
Suicide bombers kill 126 in Yemen mosque attacks
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.
by Reuters

Facebook Just REVERSED Ban Against Anonymous Group That Has Been Targeting ISIS
Group was very careful not to cross any lines with Facebook’s Terms of Service.
by Zeidy David
ISIS claims responsibility for museum attack in Tunisia - reports
Gunmen called “knights of the Islamic State.”
by RT

Is ISIS Building A Drone Army?
U.S.-led coalition forces shoot down group’s unmanned aircraft.
by Nancy A. Youssef
U.S. admits Latakia drone was shot down
“As soon as it entered Syrian airspace, we considered it to be gathering security and military information on Syria’s territory.”
by Daily Star

12 Tripoli-based militias killed during clashes with ISIL
“Twelve heroes of the Libyan army have been killed treacherously at Noufliyeh.”
by PressTV
Civilians killed in suicide attack in Afghanistan
At least seven killed and 41 others wounded in a suicide bombing targeting provincial officials in Helmand province.
by AFP

Child executioner in ISIS video ‘recognized by classmates’ in France
“Children from the Vauquelin College have recognized one of their classmates, but we must remain cautious.”
by RT
Boko Haram Bomb Factory Discovered By Nigerian Troops During Assault Against Militants In Yobe State
“Troops are still evacuating the materials which include a large quantity of suicide bomber vests from the facility to their base.”
by Suman Varandani

US Carried Out Strike In Somalia Targeting Al Shabaab Leader
“We are currently assessing the results of this operation and will provide additional information as and when appropriate.”
by Reuters
CIA director blames social media for strength of ISIS
“Terrorism is greatly amplified by today’s interconnected world.”
by RT

Arab leaders call on Britain and France to clamp down on their radicals
“Too many Western countries have given refuge to extremists under the pretext of freedom of thought.”
by Nabila Ramdani
Cameroon: Nigerian Army Recaptures 36 Towns From Boko Haram
“…unfolding regional cooperation will hasten the total defeat and extermination of Boko Haram…”
by Emmanuel Kendemeh

Nigeria slams Boko Haram-ISIS pledge
National security spokesman calls pledge “an act of desperation and comes at a time when Boko Haram is suffering heavy losses.”
by Daily Star
Maine legislator apologizes for Facebook remarks about Obama and terrorists, but remains under fire
Willette says that he failed to ‘show restraint’
by Steve Mistler