U.S. Foreign Policy Created Many More Terrorists Than It Killed
ISIS Is Run By Former Iraqi Generals … Many Are Members Of Saddam Hussein’s Secular Baath Party Who Converted To Radical Islam In American Prisons.
by Washington's Blog
How Qatar is funding the rise of Islamist extremists
The fabulously wealthy Gulf state, which owns an array of London landmarks and claims to be one of our best friends in the Middle East, is a prime sponsor of violent Islamists.
by David Blair and Richard Spencer

Major Shia militia rejects US military intervention in Iraq
“Islamic State is a creation of the US and carries its agenda in the region.”
by Middle East Monitor
US, allies hit ‘militant’ targets in Syria, kill 11 civilians
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 11 people including four children were killed in the airstrikes.
by Press TV

ISIS, Turkey's tool for re-establishing caliphate
Ankara already has allowed ISIS jihadist fighters to enter Syria.
by E. Michael Maloof
130,000 Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS seek refuge in Turkey
Surge of mostly women, children and the elderly.
by Fox News

Australia Set To Overhaul Anti-Terror Laws In Response To ISIS Threat
Under proposed laws, burden would be on Australian citizens to explain why they traveled to a country designated as a “no-go zone” by the government.
by Avaneesh Pandey
Islamic State Siege on Syrian City Halted, Kurdish Forces Say
City still besieged by the extremist group on three other fronts.
by Joe Parkinson And Ayla Albayra

Who is Behind the Islamic State (ISIL) Beheadings? Probing the SITE Intelligence Group
SITE curiously surpassed the combined capacities of the entire US intelligence community
by James F. Tracy
An Unbearable and Choking Hell: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11
What a strange and harrowing road we’ve walked since September 11, 2001.
by John W. Whitehead

Bolton: Assad Is A ‘Sideshow’, Iranian Regime Is The Real Problem
“The only solution is going to be regime change in Tehran,” said Bolton.
by : Washington Free Beacon
New York Congressman Says ISIS Won't 'Be Afraid To Put A Bomb In Lower Manhattan'
“Hey, if they beheaded two Americans on television, they’re not going to be afraid to put a bomb in Lower Manhattan.”
by Hunter Walker

Two Americans Killed by Bomb Near U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
Two Americans among seven killed in car bomb near U.S. Embassy in Afghan capital.
by NBC News
Dempsey: If campaign fails, ground troops possible
“If we reach the point where I believe our advisers should accompany Iraqi troops… I will recommend that to the president.”
by Bloomberg

Assad's regime insists it should be part of anti-ISIS alliance
“The victims of terrorism should be a key partner in fighting it,” declared Assad spokeswoman.
by Middle East Monitor
Holder Launches Media Campaign Against Homegrown Terrorists
Cities “across the nation” to participate in pilot program.
by Josh Gerstein