Erdogan's Daughter Heads a Covert Hospital to Help ISIL Injured Members
Alleged role which Sümeyye Erdogan plays in providing extended medical care for ISIL.
by Fars News
U.S.-involved friendly fire kills seven Afghan soliders
“Alongside our Afghan Partners, we will complete a joint investigation in a transparent, timely and thorough manner…”
by Kyle Jahner

US-led coalition pounds ISIS-stronghold of Raqqa with leaflets
Depicted four fighters wearing insignia of the Kurdish militia.
by RT
Top U.S. Warfighting Experts: Drones INCREASE Terrorism
“When you drop a bomb from a drone … you are going to cause more damage than you are going to cause good.”
by Washington's Blog

ISIS Lost Almost 10 Percent of Territory
Capture of the Tal Abyad border crossing last month.
by Newsmax
Report: FBI Tracked Chattanooga Shooter's Family for Years
Yahoo News reports Abdulazeez’s father had been investigated several years ago for ‘possible ties to a foreign terrorist organization.’
by Tony Cartalucci

FBI Finds No Ties of Tennessee Shooting Suspect to International Terror Groups
Agency says they’re still looking for a motive behind the attack.
by Reuters
Islamic State claims bold strike on an Egyptian navy vessel
“We have a serious threat [from militants] along our coast, and this shows the urgency of it.”
by Erin Cunningham

Son of Boston Police Captain Arrested as Possible Terrorist
“This is a very bad person arrested before he could do very bad things,” federal official said.
by ABC News
Iraq Begins Operation to Oust ISIS From Anbar
Iraq’s Prime Minister vowed to “take revenge from Daesh criminals on the battlefield…”
by Associated Press

Mujahideen Valley: How a Chechen from Georgia Became a Feared Leader of ISIS
“I never thought that my son…”
by Marcin Mamon
Iraqi troops, militias repel IS attack on town in Anbar
The Sunni militants pulled back, leaving behind 12 dead fighters.
by AP

Candidates Point Fingers While ISIS Gains Strength
Politics as usual.
by Infowars Nightly News
FBI Head: Terror Panic Is The "New Normal"
Claims FBI thwarted several attacks on July 4th.
by Steve Watson

Top ISIL leader in Afghanistan 'killed in drone strike'
Shahidullah Shahid killed along with five fighters in eastern Afghanistan, intelligence official says.
by Al Jazeera
New Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen urges attacks on United States
“All of you must direct and gather your arrows and swords against it.”
by Daily Star