UK Police: up to 5 Terror Plots Foiled This Year
Metropolitan Police Commissioner: “we think four or five.”
by Danica Kirka
3-Star General Who Helped Lead War On Terror: We’ve Lost the Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan
War has bankrupted empires for 2,500 years.
by Washington's Blog

Canadian vets plan to join Kurdish fight against Islamic State
“As long as nobody’s being trained here, as long as we’re not forming any militia, it’s all in bounds.”
by Reuters
Israeli forces clash with Hebron protesters
Police clash with Palestinians in occupied West Bank, as two Israeli settlers are attacked in Mount Olives.
by Al-Jazeera

ISIS launches fierce assault on Iraq's Ramadi
At least 20 Iraqi soldiers and eight ISIS fighters had been killed in the fighting.
by Al-Jazeera
Pentagon got duped, made ransom payment for Bowe Bergdahl to con man
Money stolen by Afghan intermediary claiming to represent Haqqani terrorist network
by Bill Gertz

TSA: Ice skates OK on plane; fake saw stays home
TSA is a joke.
by Associated Press
Senior ISIS figure killed in Mosul
ISIS swept through northern Iraq in June almost unopposed by Iraq’s army.
by Reuters

Isis to introduce its own currency, the Islamic dinar
Website affiliated with Islamic State says leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has instructed his followers to start minting coins.
by Associated Press
US military considers sending combat troops to battle Isis forces in Iraq
Abandoning Obama’s pledge and send troops to fight Isis in Iraq.
by Spencer Ackerman and Raya Jalabi

Obama’s Syria strategy review focuses on ISIS, Assad govt
War in Syria was always about removing Assad to Turkey’s benefit.
by RT

Over 20k Soldiers Wounded in Afghan War Theater, 90% Under Obama
Nearly 17,339 of the wounded troops received injuries after Obama was inaugurated for his first term…
by Edwin Mora
Pentagon wants an airborne aircraft carrier to launch drones
DARPA working on aircraft that can launch and recover drones.
by Dan Lamothe

Iraqi army drives out ISIS from most of oil refinery town
No word on the fate of the refinery.
by Associated Press
Leader Of ISIS May Be Dead After United States Airstrike [Developing]
Iraqi officials said Baghdadi had been wounded.
by F. Peter Brown